Hello, Mr. Major General - Chapter 1561

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Chapter 1561: Was Better To Let Go Earlier

“Qin Zhiyuan? His relationship with Young Master He is better than Qin Zhining’s.” Qin Yaoguang’s heart skipped a beat. “I think we can give it a try.”

Wen Shouyi got Qin Yaoguang’s permission and immediately sent someone to inform Qin Zhiyuan, Qin Zhining’s biological brother.

Qin Zhining’s matter was actually a secret in the military. It wasn’t a case that could be publicly tried and executed.

From the mission he had accepted to the means of carrying out the mission and the final outcome of the mission, none of it could be publicly revealed to the public.

Even the family members wouldn’t know about this matter. In the end, they would only receive news that he had died during the mission because of some kind of mistake.

If there were no mistakes, they would receive the title of “martyr.” The family members would also receive the treatment of the martyr’s family members and receive generous compensation.

But if they made a mistake, the family members would receive nothing.

This was a tacit understanding.

But Qin Zhining’s identity was more special. He was the son of the elder brother of He Chengjian’s wife, Qin Suwen. He was He Zhichu’s cousin, and they had been friends since they were young.

Therefore, Wen Shouyi took advantage of this loophole and intentionally leaked the information to a person who was familiar with Qin Zhining. That person was indeed frightened and immediately went to inform Qin Zhining’s biological brother, Qin Zhiyuan.

Qin Zhiyuan was shocked when he received the call and immediately called He Zhichu.

“Young Master He, what exactly is going on? Why is my brother Qin Zhining being executed? What exactly happened?” Qin Zhiyuan asked anxiously over the phone.

He Zhichu had been staying in the West District of C City for more than a month. He had a lot of troops in his hands and was closely monitoring the apartment complex where Gu Nianzhi lived.

He had originally been the most wary of Qin Yaoguang, but Qin Yaoguang had been caught up in the incident at the Qin family’s private hospital. She hadn’t been able to intervene, so he had been relieved of a lot of pressure.

He Zhichu didn’t respond for a long time when he received Qin Zhiyuan’s call.

Qin Zhiyuan’s heart kept sinking. “Young Master He, can you say something? Are you serious? Did my Brother really commit a crime? He’s always been loyal to uncle. How could something like this happen?”

He Zhichu thought of Gu Nianzhi, who had stopped breathing in his arms that night, and felt his heart ache. He closed his eyes and said coldly,”… When you do something wrong, you have to be punished. He’s a soldier, so he’s different from ordinary people.”

Qin Zhiyuan’s eyes instantly reddened. “… My brother doesn’t even have a girlfriend. He’s not married, and he doesn’t have children…”

“Cousin, I’m sorry for your loss.” He Zhichu hung up the phone right after he finished speaking.

His expression was extremely indifferent, and his sparkling almond-shaped eyes were completely blank.

However, Qin Zhiyuan didn’t want to give up just like that. He thought about it again and again, but he still took the bus overnight to the He family’s house and requested to see He Chengjian.

“Uncle, I just want to ask, is my brother’s mistake really unforgivable?” Qin Zhiyuan had been worrying the entire way, and his face was very haggard. He looked at He Chengjian as if he was asking for help, and he was desperate. “I just want to know, what else can I do to save my Brother’s life? As long as you don’t shoot him, you can even let him spend the rest of his life in prison!”

He Chengjian raised his head from behind the desk, took off the reading glasses on his nose bridge, and rubbed the acupoint between his eyebrows, then said regretfully, “This matter is actually a misunderstanding, but it has caused an irreparable result. Now, the victim’s family is complaining and demanding that he be shot. I can’t do anything about it.”

“Huh? Victim? !” Qin Zhiyuan’s legs went weak and he almost knelt down to He Chengjian. “He… he killed someone? ! Didn’t you say he was on a mission? !”

“As for what mission he was on, I can’t tell you.” He Chengjian sighed and shook his head. “But I can tell you that he made a big mistake during the mission and killed an innocent person. The family of this person won’t let him go.”

Qin Zhiyuan’s hands and feet were cold. He stared blankly at He Chengjian for a while, and his voice changed. “Then can you… let me see the family? I can… I can make compensation, no matter what kind of compensation.”

According to their law, even if it was a murder case, if the family understood and pleaded leniency, the murderer couldn’t be sentenced to death.

Moreover, Qin Zhining didn’t intentionally kill someone, but killed her by accident while carrying out a mission.

He Chengjian said regretfully, “It’s a pity that the family won’t accept financial compensation, because she doesn’t lack money.”

“But maybe she needs compensation from other aspects? As long as she asks, I can think of a way.” Qin Zhiyuan wiped away his tears. “I only have this one brother. My parents died young, and it was my aunt who found us later and raised us. I can’t watch my brother lose his life because of a mistake.”

He Chengjian’s wife, Qin Suwen, was Qin Zhiyuan and Qin Zhining’s aunt.

He Chengjian’s heart softened when he heard Qin Zhiyuan mention his wife. He nodded. “Okay, then go find Qin Yaoguang. If she can let this go, your brother won’t have to be shot. Do you still know Qin Yaoguang?”

Qin Zhiyuan was stunned. “Qin Yaoguang? ! It’s your stepwife, Qin Yaoguang? ! What does this have to do with her? !”

“Because the person your brother accidentally killed was her daughter, Gu Nianzhi.” He Chengjian lowered his head and said expressionlessly, “Qin Yaoguang wants revenge for her daughter and wants your brother to pay with his life.”

Qin Zhiyuan’s heart sank. “Gu Nianzhi? ! She… She’s been missing for many years, hasn’t she? !”

“Yes, we just found her recently, so Qin Yaoguang is very angry. You understand, right? To you, it’s your brother. To her, it’s her daughter.” He Chengjian placed his hands on the desk and looked up at Qin Zhiyuan. “Do you still want to try?”

“… Try.” Qin Zhiyuan gritted his teeth. He would never be satisfied if he didn’t try once.


Early the next morning, it was Christmas Eve.

Qin Zhiyuan came to the Qin family’s private hospital and asked to see Qin Yaoguang.

Qin Yaoguang was waiting for him. As soon as she heard that he asked to see her, she immediately asked someone to bring him in.

“Dean Qin.” Qin Zhiyuan used to call her Aunt Qin. However, ever since Qin Yaoguang moved out of the He family’s mansion, Qin Zhiyuan only called her “Dean Qin”.

“Zhiyuan, why are you looking for me?” Qin Yaoguang, who was wearing a white lab coat, just came out of the lab and said curtly, “I still have something to do. I only have five minutes, so make it short.”

Qin Zhiyuan quickly said, “Sorry to bother you. I want to ask about my brother, Qin Zhining. I’m sorry for the pain and trouble he caused you…”

“You’re here to plead on behalf of your brother?!” Qin Yaoguang’s face turned serious. “A life for a life! What reason do you have to plead on behalf of a murderer? !”

“… But…” Qin Zhiyuan’s lips opened and closed. “He didn’t mean it. It was an accident. I know that you suffered an immeasurable loss, and I know that you don’t lack money, but I still hope that I can make it up to you. As long as I can do it, I will do my best!”

Qin Yaoguang still refused to budge.

Qin Zhiyuan begged until he knelt down, but she still had a frosty look on her face. She was so angry that she even planned to leave with a flick of her sleeve.

Just then, Wen Shouyi pushed the door open and came in. Seeing Qin Zhiyuan kneeling on the ground, she quickly went forward to help him up and said in surprise, “Brother Xiaoyuan, what are you doing?”

Qin Zhiyuan choked on his sobs and pulled her arm. “Shouyi, can you help me persuade Dean Qin? Zhining has a special liking for you. He’s in jail now. Can you help him? !”

“Huh? What happened to Brother Little Ning?” Wen Shouyi looked confused and turned to look at Qin Yaoguang. “Aunt Qin, what’s going on?”

Qin Yaoguang turned her head uncomfortably and said coldly, “Shouyi, this has nothing to do with you. Don’t meddle.”

Qin Zhiyuan was slightly startled. “Shouyi, you don’t know?”

“I don’t know what?” Wen Shouyi was anxious and her expression appeared sincere. “Aunt Qin, what are you talking about? What happened to Brother Ning Little Ning? !”

“I didn’t want Shouyi to know, but Qin Zhining killed my daughter and I can’t even find her body. I really can’t take this lying down! Qin Zhining must pay for my daughter’s life!”

Qin Yaoguang was adamant about not letting go.

Wen Shouyi widened her eyes in shock, as if this was the first time she had heard this news. “What? ! Little Ning killed Nianzhi by mistake? ! Little Ning is going to be shot? ! But he killed her by mistake! I’m a lawyer, and I know that accidental manslaughter doesn’t warrant the death sentence!”

“I don’t care! My daughter’s body is missing. If I don’t let Qin Zhining pay for her death, I’ll die with my eyes open!” Qin Yaoguang pretended to be very angry and glared at Wen Shouyi.

Wen Shouyi stood in front of Qin Zhiyuan and argued with Qin Yaoguang, “Auntie Qin, don’t be agitated. Can we discuss this again? Not only for Nian Nian’s sake, but also for my sake, can you give brother Little Ning a chance? !”

Although Qin Zhiyuan was upset, he was very touched when he saw Wen Shouyi going against Qin Yaoguang for Qin Zhining’s sake.

He originally didn’t think much of Wen Shouyi and didn’t approve of his brother’s feelings for her.

He didn’t expect Wen Shouyi to stand up for him at the critical moment.

After Qin Zhiyuan went around asking for help, he was suddenly met with Wen Shouyi’s warmth and help. His impression of her changed greatly.

Wen Shouyi saw that it was about time and gave Qin Yaoguang a look.

Qin Yaoguang understood. She walked into the small resting room and slammed the door shut.

Wen Shouyi turned to Qin Zhiyuan and said, “Brother Xiaoyuan, don’t be anxious. I’ll go talk to Auntie Qin again. Aunt Qin is hot-tempered and straightforward, but she is actually quite soft-hearted. She found out that something had happened to Nianzhi, so she was anxious. You know that Nianzhi has been missing for several years. It wasn’t easy for Young Master He to find her. It’s understandable for her to be nervous.”

Although Qin Zhiyuan didn’t know about the existence of a parallel dimension, he also knew that He Zhichu had gone out to look for Gu Nianzhi in the past few years.

He quickly nodded. “Thank you, Shouyi. I’ll wait for your news.”

Wen Shouyi sent Qin Zhiyuan off and went to the resting room to chat with Qin Yaoguang for a while.

The two of them had already discussed it beforehand and were just waiting for Qin Zhiyuan to come.

“… I really didn’t expect Young Master He to be so ruthless. For that wretched girl, he would even give up on his cousin, whom he grew up with.” Qin Yaoguang was both amused and emotional. “All the men in the He family are like that…”

Wen Shouyi’s forehead twitched as she heard this. She suppressed the discomfort in her heart and said gently, “Aunt Qin, Young Master He was being fair. If Qin Zhining didn’t take the blame, should he go against his father instead?”

“Haha…” Qin Yaoguang curled her lips and said snappily, “It’s actually very simple. As long as he hands over Nianzhi’s body, I won’t hold Qin Zhining accountable.”

Wen Shouyi nodded. “I’ll go tell Qin Zhiyuan right now. He will definitely ask Young Master He for help.”

“Yes, a dead person can be exchanged for Qin Zhining’s life. With Qin Zhiyuan’s help, Young Master He probably won’t refuse.” Qin Yaoguang analyzed calmly, then she turned on the computer and said, “I also have to prepare the secret laboratory immediately. After this, I won’t come out to deal with other things for a long time.”

“Huh? Auntie Qin, how can you not come out?” Wen Shouyi looked at Qin Yaoguang in astonishment. “You are the dean of such a big hospital!”

Qin Yaoguang turned around and looked at her. She touched her round face and said with a smile, “It’s okay, I plan to let you be the executive vice dean of the Qin family’s Private Hospital. When I’m not around, you will fully take over my position.”

“Huh? ! Really? !” Wen Shouyi was surprised and happy. “Auntie Qin has nurtured me so much, I really… really… I won’t be able to repay your great kindness even if I die!”

Qin Yaoguang could be said to be the true savior in Wen Shouyi’s life.

Seeing her so happy, Qin Yaoguang was also very happy inside. She pointed her finger at her forehead, “Silly child, you’re so capable and a lawyer. It would be a waste of talent to let you manage the hospital. In fact, you should go to the Senate and be the speaker.”

“Auntie Qin, you think too highly of me.”Wen Shouyi stuck out her tongue. In front of Qin Yaoguang, she was like a cute little girl.

“I believe in my own judgment.” Qin Yaoguang was very excited. The thought of getting Gu Nianzhi’s body to do her experiment that she had stopped for more than a decade made her heart race.

It had been more than a decade since she had published a first-rate academic article on biological genes.

“More than twenty years ago, our ‘Gu Qin’ laboratory published dozens of important academic articles every year. They practically begged our laboratory to publish articles on the topics of Cell, Science, Nature, etc.” Qin Yaoguang’s face was flushed as she recalled the grand occasion of that year, and she even looked a few years younger.

“Huh? That impressive?” Wen Shouyi hadn’t been born at that time, so she knew nothing about the grand occasion. However, she said with great yearning, “That’s such a pity! If Nianzhi hadn’t died, wouldn’t you have been able to do more experiments? !”

“… You can’t say that.” Qin Yaoguang chuckled and said sarcastically, “If she hadn’t died, how could I experiment on her again? — wouldn’t Young Master He eat me alive?”

Wen Shouyi was stumped for a moment and felt uncomfortable, but she didn’t continue the topic. “Then that’s it. I’ll go find Qin Zhiyuan and ask him to go find Young Master He to ask for Gu Nianzhi’s body.”

“Okay, just tell him that I only want to give her a funeral.”

Qin Yaoguang began to draft the equipment, medicine, and manpower needed for the newly established laboratory.

Wen Shouyi went to Qin Zhiyuan’s house and relayed Qin Yaoguang’s request. She said regretfully, “Brother Yuan, I can only help you and brother Little Ning here. I’ve been trying to persuade Auntie Qin for a long time, and Auntie Qin reluctantly agreed. As long as you give Nianzhi’s body to her and let her give her a funeral, she won’t pursue brother Little Ning’s responsibility anymore.”

“Huh? ! Really? ! Dean Qin really only wants Nianzhi’s body? !” Qin Zhiyuan didn’t expect Qin Yaoguang to only make such a request. He couldn’t help but have a much better impression of her. He could even empathize with her pain and hardship as a mother. “It’s all my brother’s fault. It’s all my brother’s fault. I’ll help her find Nianzhi’s body now!”

“Okay, you can go to the prison and ask brother Little Ning where Nianzhi’s body is.”

Qin Zhiyuan immediately asked He Chengjian for help. He wanted to go to the military prison to visit Qin Zhining. At the same time, he said that Qin Yaoguang had softened. As long as Gu Nianzhi’s body was given to her for her funeral, she wouldn’t pursue the matter any further.

He Chengjian was stunned for a moment, and his eyes narrowed. “She really asked for that? !”

“Yes, Shouyi helped Little Ning plead for leniency.” Qin Zhiyuan had already planned to allow him to marry Wen Shouyi after Qin Zhining was released.

He chengjian’s expression turned cold. “You can go. It’s good to see Qin Zhining.”

Qin Zhiyuan couldn’t care less about He Chengjian’s expression. He packed his things and hurried to the military prison to see Qin Zhining.

When Qin Zhining heard that he wouldn’t have to be shot, he let out a long sigh and leaned back in his seat. He smiled bitterly and said,”… I don’t know where Nianzhi’s body is, but I know that it was Young Master He who took her away in the end.”

Qin Zhiyuan thought of He Zhichu’s attitude and his heart sank. But he had already reached this point. Even if he had to kowtow to He Zhichu, he would still have to beg him.

Gu Nianzhi was already dead. Was he going to Watch Qin Zhining die as well?

He didn’t mean to kill her. It was just an accident!

Therefore, after going around in circles, Qin Zhiyuan arrived at He Zhichu’s official residence in the afternoon.

“Young Master He, Dean Qin has already agreed. As long as we hand over Nianzhi’s body, she won’t pursue Zhining’s responsibility.” Qin Zhiyuan looked at He Zhichu hopefully, “Young Master He, I know this is Zhining’s fault. If you want to hit him and scold him, when he comes out, you can hit and scold him all you want! But he doesn’t deserve to die. Even if he wasn’t my brother, I would still think so!”

He Zhichu obviously knew that Qin Zhining didn’t deserve to die, and that Qin Yaoguang was the one who had requested for Qin Zhining to be shot dead. He Zhichu just didn’t interfere.

However, when he heard that Qin Yaoguang’s request was for them to hand over Gu Nianzhi’s body, He Zhichu’s lips curled up, and he showed a derisive smile.”… this is her so-called maternal love? How cheap. As long as you hand over the body, she can spare the life of the person who killed her daughter… haha… whether you believe it or not, I don’t believe it.”

Qin Zhiyuan: “…”

He also felt that this request was too easy, but even if he didn’t believe it, he had to believe it. Because his only goal was to save his younger brother from the fate of being shot to death.

“Young Master He, I beg you…”Qin Zhiyuan had no choice. His knees finally gave way and he kneeled down to He Zhichu.

Feeling extremely sad, he kneeled beside He Zhichu’s feet. “Young Master He, please, for the sake of us being cousins, give Zhining a way out!”

He Zhichu looked at Qin Zhiyuan, who was kneeling at his feet, and sighed.

This was what brothers should be like.

His younger brother was in trouble, so the older brother went to great lengths to save him, no matter what the cost.

But Nianzhi?

She had almost lost her life, and as her fiancé, he couldn’t even get justice for her.

If he had known that he couldn’t do anything, he would have let her go sooner, and she wouldn’t have suffered such an undeserved disaster.

He Zhichu, thinking about the call he had just received from Gu Nianzhi, closed his eyes. She had smiled and saying that she was already recovering, she thanked him on the phone. He Zhichu’s eyes felt dry and bitter. He was in so much pain and despair that he couldn’t even shed a tear.

He clenched his fists and coldly rejected Qin Zhiyuan, “No! Who does Qin Yaoguang think she is? ! She can shoot whoever she wants to shoot, and she can let go whoever she wants to let go?! —— From the beginning to the end, she had no right to interfere in this matter!”

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