I Might Be A Fake Cultivator - Chapter 1591

Chapter 1591: 1591

Chapter 1591: Destroying the Passageway Between Two Worlds .

Following a funeral that was quite simple yet not simple at the same time, everyone began to get down to business .

The extermination team was going to wipe out the entire southern front, and this mission was not as simple as just destroying the enemy army .

They had to take down the Southern Heavenly Gate!

An Lin and the others flew toward those gargantuan gates .

The Southern Heavenly Gate was over a million feet tall, and it stood between heaven and earth as if the gods had placed it there .

Aside from the Heavenly Earth God, all of their enemies were dead, so the protection formation around these gates was extremely brittle, and Chen Chen was able to break it with a single finger .

Everyone began to approach the Southern Heavenly Gate . A pure white light was emanating from within, striking them with a strong temptation to enter the gates .

Chen Chen cautioned, “Focus and concentrate . These gates between two worlds possess extremely powerful temptation, but if you go in, don’t even think about coming back anymore . ”

Everyone was given a fright upon hearing this, and they became even more cautious as they approached these gates .

There were no weaklings here, but Chen Chen was absolutely certain that no one would be able to return after entering the gates, thereby indicating just how terrifying these gates were .

“Chen Chen, what’s on the other side? Why do you say we won’t be able to come back if we go in?” An Lin asked .

Chen Chen shook his head . “I don’t know what’s in there either, but I do know that whatever is in there is giving me a very dangerous feeling . ”

An Lin’s expression shifted slightly upon hearing this .

Chen Chen was extremely calm and collected even when facing the Heavenly Earth God, but something within these gates struck him with a sense of danger? Could it be that something even more terrifying than the Heavenly Gods was in there?

Everyone else was also quite perplexed .

At this moment, Chen Chen explained, “All of the representatives of the Heavenly Dao and the Heavenly Human Tribe powerful beings are restricted by the subconsciousness of the Heavenly Dao on the Tai Chu Continent, but what if they’re outside the Tai Chu Continent? Beyond these gates in their world, they are probably far more powerful…”

Everyone was instantly enlightened upon hearing this .

An Lin recalled back to his battle against the Heavenly Time God where she was talking about how she would have been able to kill An Lin easily had her power not been restricted . Heavenly Gods did not have the habit of flexing, so it was very much possible that she was telling the truth .

That meant that if An Lin was to cross through these gates, someone of the Heavenly Time God’s caliber would be able to kill him with ease…

The joy of securing victory was washed away a little by this reality check .

However, everyone knew that they had a job to do, so they turned toward the Southern Heavenly Gate again .

It was impossible to see anything through the white light within the Southern Heavenly Gate . However, they could feel the extremely powerful spatial fluctuations that were emanated from within . It was quite clear that these were a set of gates between the two worlds .

The Celestial Thearch unleashed his Omniscient Eye to analyze these gates before delivering his findings . He said, “The passageway between the two worlds is very structurally sound and extremely massive . It has energy above God of Creation Stage maintaining it, and it’s going to be very difficult to completely destroy it…”

“Why think so much? Just attack! We’ll know how hard it’s going to be once we attack it,” An Lin offered a much more direct approach .

Everyone knew before coming here that these gates were not going to be easy to break, but they had to try!

Thus, everyone began to unleash their spell techniques upon these gates .

There was only one way to find out if their efforts were going to amount to anything .

Boom boom boom…

Spell techniques boomed, and heaven and earth tremored violently .

Even the weakest cultivators here were extremely powerful Return to Void Stage mighty figures, and there were also six or seven Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures present . Their combined attacks truly possessed the power to destroy heaven and earth . If these attacks were directed elsewhere, they would be able to lay waste to a massive area in an extremely short amount of time .

However, the boundless power was not able to put so much as a dent in the passageway between two worlds . It was like an indestructible fortress that no one could break!

The vast expanse of white light emanating from within these gates seemed to be mocking them .

“I can’t do it, Master . I can’t break this thing…” Xiao Hong wobbled her red, flowery head as she conceded in her sweet voice .

“Harder! Go harder!” An Lin panted heavily as he offered words of encouragement .

“I’m already going very hard…” Xiao Hong wiggled her green stem and spoke with a hint of strain in her sweet voice .

She summoned another few hundred friendly, half-naked, musclebound monks who unleashed a relentless barrage of attacks on the spatial gates, but even that amounted to nothing .

“Let’s all use our Heaven Crushing Techniques!” the Celestial Thearch suddenly suggested .

Everyone chimed in with agreement and began to use their spell techniques that were imbued with heaven crushing true intent .

Chen Chen looked at the Celestial Thearch with a surprised expression . It looked like the Celestial Thearch had completely been drawn to the dark side! Was he going to apply to join the Heaven Crushing Sect in a few days? Chen Chen was wondering if he should reserve a heavenly disciple position for him .

Even though Chen Chen had originally bestowed the Heaven Crushing Techniques upon the Celestial Thearch in order to strengthen their team and minimize casualties, the fact that the Celestial Thearch had made such a complete transformation made him inevitably consider some other things .

The Celestial Thearch was potentially someone he could convert…

Chen Chen joined in on everyone else’s efforts as they continued to blast the spatial gates .

It had to be said that spell techniques imbued with heaven crushing true intent did appear to be effective as many cracks had appeared on the spatial gates, making it look like a pane of glass that was about to shatter . At the same time, the white light emanating from within these gates was beginning to dim .

“Crap, the spatial gates are beginning to self-repair… Let’s make one final effort to crush these things in one fell swoop!” Bai Ling could detect an influx of spatial power using one of her devices .

Everyone unleashed their most powerful techniques!

Heaven Crushing Nirvana Flames, Heaven Crushing Void Explosion, Heaven Crushing Flying Dragon Slash, Heaven Crushing Great Sun, Heaven Crushing Chaotic Ball, Fist of the Heavenly Dao, Finger of the Heavenly Dao…

The poor spatial gates had no idea what they had done wrong to deserve so many Heaven Crushing Techniques being cast upon them .

An Lin had even unleashed his powers of the Heavenly Gods to unleash a bolt of Golden Void Lightning upon these spatial gates .

Terrifying energy exploded and blasted everyone back for several dozen kilometers .

Destructive energy tore the spatial passageway apart in a frenzy!

The passageway crumbled, and the spatial power disappeared as the white light completely fizzled out . A destructive power had engulfed the entire spatial passageway, and everything was returned to chaos!

Everyone wore excited smiles upon seeing this, and they felt like a massive load had been lifted from their shoulders .

After an arduous battle filled with twists and turns, they had finally achieved their objective, and everyone was overwhelmed by joy and elation .

A rare smile appeared on Chen Chen’s face as he spoke, “The passageway has been broken . All we need to do now is to shut the two bronze gates, throw them into the chaotic space, get rid of the coordinates, and that will completely sever the connection between this gate and the other world . ”

Everyone immediately went to push the gates shut with excitement on their faces .

They were then faced with an awkward predicament . The gates refused to budge…

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