I Might Be A Fake Cultivator - Chapter 1592

Chapter 1592: 1592

Chapter 1592: Closing the Bronze Gates

The bronze gates were over a million feet tall and presented an extremely imposing sight, as if they were two small continents standing between heaven and earth, striking everyone with a sense of insignificance .

An Lin and the others looked like a bunch of ants trying to shut the gate . No, not even ants, they were like microscopic organisms pushing on a gate .

However, that was not the issue .

An Lin was confident that he could even slice a divine mountain over a million feet tall in half, so even though pushing a bronze gate over a million feet tall would present some difficulty, it should be achievable .

However, everyone discovered just how naive they were after actually trying to push the bronze gates . This was definitely no ordinary bronze gate!

The entire extermination team had combined their strength to push one of the bronze gates, but it refused to budge even a single inch . This didn’t make sense! If this were a normal bronze gate over a million feet tall, any Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure should have been able to push it by themselves!

“There’s something wrong with this gate . ” Xu Xiaolan was confused .

“How about we make it explode?” Xuanyuan Cheng suggested .

Everyone felt like this was a feasible course of action .

Xuanyuan Cheng did not expect his suggestion to actually be taken seriously, and a sense of satisfaction welled up in his heart, as if his dao had been acknowledged by everyone .

Thus, everyone began their gate-detonation journey .

Boom boom boom…

Rumble, rumble, rumble…

Bam bam bam, bang bang bang, clang clang clang…

After a series of extremely violent explosions, the bronze gate still did not budge and remained unscathed .

Everyone was in despair now .

“What the hell are these things? A bronze gate can’t be this hard!” Xuanyuan Cheng placed his hands on his head and looked at the gargantuan bronze gate with a defeated expression .

“So we destroyed the enemy but can’t close their gates? How tragic . ” Cassidy was finding it difficult to accept this reality .

“These bronze gates seemed to have fused together with heaven and earth and have been fortified and protected by the absolute laws, which is why normal power can’t move or break it…” The Celestial Thearch unleashed his Omniscient Eye again .

After that, he turned toward another direction where there were two colorful pillars of energy extending all the way up into the sky . “Perhaps breaking those two pillars is the key here . ”

“We have tried to blast the pillars, but it didn’t work…” Su Qianyun spoke in her mellow voice .

“Theoretically speaking, even if those pillars have been fortified by a power of the same caliber as the Heavenly Earth God’s, Chen Chen should still have no problem with it . So why can’t we break this thing?” An Lin was a little confused .

Chen Chen was also a little perplexed .

He flew toward the energy pillars before laying a hand upon one of them, upon which a mysterious power immediately began to suck energy from his body at an alarming rate!

Chen Chen immediately withdrew his hand with an extremely grave expression on his face .

“There really is something wrong with these pillars!” he mused to himself .

He paused momentarily as if he was thinking about something before suddenly turning toward An Lin . “An Lin, come and touch this pillar . ”

“Huh? I have to touch it too?” An Lin was given a fright .

From Chen Chen’s vehement reaction, it looked like there was definitely something strange about those pillars . So why was he calling him over to touch those pillars as well?

This was like a man accidentally falling into a ditch before telling their companions to jump down and join them .

What a joke!

An Lin wanted to refuse .

However, Chen Chen’s eyes were extremely clear and earnest, so he flew over in the end after hesitating momentarily .

It was just a pillar . What was the worst that could happen?

An Lin took a deep breath before slapping his palm onto the pillar .

A burst of energy quickly converged toward An Lin before dispersing just as quickly .

An Lin blinked with confusion as he felt like he was touching an ordinary pillar . He then turned to Chen Chen with his head cocked to the side and an expression that seemed to be saying: And then what?

Chen Chen felt ecstatic . “You’re ok! This is great!”

An Lin’s expression darkened . “So you didn’t even know if I was going to be ok or not?”

Chen Chen calmed himself down before turning to An Lin with a scorching light in his eyes .

“An Lin, try unleash a dark-type spell technique to attack the energy pillar,” Chen Chen instructed .

An Lin didn’t go along with his instruction this time . “What did you discover? Tell me or I’m not doing it . ”


A violent rumble began to erupt throughout heaven and earth .

Chaotic power began to surge violently within the destroyed passageway between two worlds .

The self-preservation mechanism between heaven and earth made the cracked space gradually begin to close .

Chen Chen urged in an urgent voice, “Hurry! The spatial passageway is beginning to close! Our top priority now is to push the gates into the chaotic turbulence . I’ll explain everything to you after that!”

If these gates were not completely destroyed, the Heavenly Human Tribe would potentially be able to use its coordinates to establish another passageway between the two worlds . If these gates were destroyed and the coordinates disappeared, their enemies would have to pay a far heavier price to open a new set of gates, and it could even take them over ten thousand years to do so .

An Lin knew his priorities as well . Chen Chen had proven himself to be a trustworthy ally, so if he was instructing him to unleash a dark-type spell technique, then he would just have to trust him and do it .

“Little Xie . ”

An Lin called and the Evil-Slaying Sword flew out from its scabbard and arced through the air in a glorious trajectory before landing in his hand, upon which a boundless black sword intent soared into the sky .

“Evil Sword Technique, Royal Divine Monarch!”

An Lin slashed his Evil-Slaying Sword toward the massive energy pillar .

The inky-black sword intent instantly obscured the heavens as the aura of a paramount god erupted from his sword, manifesting into a black, crescent sword projection .


The pillar, which seemed to have stood for countless years, was struck by the black sword intent .

The sword intent continued to grate against the massive pillar, drawing an anguished screech before the pillar began to crack .


The black sword intent finally sliced through the energy pillar!

Everyone’s eyes widened as they looked on with dazed incredulity .

“He really did it…”

“My God, we couldn’t even achieve this with our combined powers before!”

“Master is so powerful…”

“God An is bad*ss!”

Everyone was gasping in amazement as they looked on with excitement and elation .

An Lin swung his sword through the air toward the other energy pillar .

The other energy pillar also collapsed violently from An Lin’s sword strike .

The two bronze gates began to creak following the collapse of the pillars .

“Everyone, push the bronze gates into the passageway!” Chen Chen instructed in an animated voice .

The extermination team members combined their efforts again to push the bronze gates with renewed vigor . The very same gates that refused to budge so much as a single inch not long ago were finally pushed into the shattered space!

The shattered space began to slowly close over .

The Southern Heavenly Gate now ceased to exist!

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