I Might Be A Fake Cultivator - Chapter 2066

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Chapter 2066: Pinnacle of Water

An acute pain shot through Lan Xiaoni’s body. This was a pain that pierced deep into one’s body and soul.

Lan Xiaoni hadn’t screamed in pain when she was crushed by the Gravitational Stomp. When she experienced the excruciating pain caused by the Soul Engulfing Demonic Liquid, however, she couldn’t help but groan in agony.

“She’s been hit by my Soul Engulfing Demonic Liquid,” the Heavenly Liquid God said calmly. “In three seconds, her divine sense will become weak and frail. In ten seconds, her divine sense will be completely engulfed.”

“Don’t kill her by accident,” the Heavenly Mirror God warned.

“Rest assured… I’ll only leave this technique active for nine seconds. When the time comes, she’ll enter a state of dullness. She definitely won’t be able to resist our powers anymore…” The Heavenly Liquid God was brimming with confidence.

However, right after he said this, the Soul Engulfing Demonic Liquid that had pierced into Lan Xiaoni’s body started trembling violently.

“What’s going on?” The Heavenly Liquid God’s expression changed slightly.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The squirming Soul Engulfing Demonic Liquid burst apart in the sea.

A deep-blue liquid barrier shrouded Lan Xiaoni’s body and blocked out all of the Heavenly Liquid God’s attacks. Moreover, strands of blue patterns that pulsated with divine light appeared all over her body. These pulsating patterns formed a stark contrast with her pale skin, yet they appeared incredibly beautiful in their juxtaposition.

“I have a nagging feeling that she’s become… different.” The Heavenly Liquid God frowned.

“It… it can’t be, right?” the Heavenly Mirror God stammered. “She can still become stronger?” The eyes on his prism-shaped body bulged larger than watermelons.

“Do you hear that?” The Heavenly Liquid God’s expression became increasingly grim.

The Heavenly Mirror God exclaimed in shock as he listened to the turbulent currents and gazed at the boundless sea. “This… this is the sound of one forming a mutual bond with the sea? Lan Xiaoni is resonating in homology with the entire West Sea?!”

“That’s impossible! Once one resonates with the sea, they’ll be able to wield the power of the sea to the greatest extent possible! Isn’t the Heavenly Sea God the only being capable of doing this?” There was a look of disbelief etched on Heavenly Goddess Lan Ya’s face.

The Heavenly Liquid God spoke in a somber voice as he looked at Lan Xiaoni, whose slender body was covered in divine patterns and shrouded in a deep-blue liquid. “Being a living being from the Tai Chu Continent and having a Heavenly God Power… it’s only natural that she’s an extremely unique individual. It’s impossible for us to predict what peculiar events might take place. We can’t let this drag on any longer. Continue attacking her!”

The Heavenly Gods were just about to re-engage in battle.

However, Heavenly Goddess Lan Ya’s expression suddenly froze as she kept her feet firmly planted on the void. “Crap, she’s used the power of the sea to counteract my Gravitational Stomp…” she said in a panicked voice.

The expressions of the Heavenly Mirror God and Heavenly Liquid God both changed slightly.

At this moment, Lan Xiaoni was already speeding around the sea like the most nimble of fish. Eventually, she made a sudden stop and leaped out from beneath the Heavenly Mirror God.

The Heavenly Mirror God was given a fright, and he immediately tossed a mirror before him. “Reflect!”

Meanwhile, Lan Xiaoni raised a sword by her side as her porcelain-like fist struck toward the Heavenly Mirror God. Within the mirror that the Heavenly Mirror God had tossed out, the reflection of Lan Xiaoni also lashed out with an equivalently powerful fist.

This was supposed to be an evenly-matched exchange.

However, following an explosion of waves, the real Lan Xiaoni’s fist destroyed the Lan Xiaoni within the mirror before viciously shattering the mirror!

“How is this possible…” The Heavenly Mirror God’s eyes widened in shock.

At this moment, the Deep Sea Sword that had been hovering by Lan Xiaoni’s side had already torn through the void and ferociously slashed toward the Heavenly Mirror God in the sky. The Heavenly Mirror God’s transparent pyramid body was ruthlessly ripped into two halves!

A wretched wail echoed through the sky.

“Heavenly Mirror God!”

The Heavenly Liquid God and Heavenly Goddess Lan Ya both lunged toward Lan Xiaoni upon seeing this.

Lan Xiaoni made a swatting motion toward the two nearing figures, and the sea surged upward and formed into two gigantic palms.

The speed of her attack was far too quick, and the tremendous sizes of the palms blotted out heaven and earth.

The Heavenly Liquid God couldn’t dodge in time, and he was sent flying once again.

Heavenly Goddess Lan Ya gritted her teeth and imbued the power of eight divine halos onto her ferocious sword strike. Eventually, she managed to slice the terrifying palm into two.

However, before she could even breathe a sigh of relief, she saw Lan Xiaoni dash before her with a frosty look on her delicate and ethereal face.

“You… stomped me into the sea just then?”

Lan Xiaoni extended a hand and grabbed onto Heavenly Goddess Lan Ya’s long hair.

Heavenly Goddess Lan Ya’s expression changed drastically as she tried to break free from Lan Xiaoni’s grip. However, she discovered that a tremendously vast power had already flowed onto her head through her hair!

Under the shocked expressions of the Heavenly Mirror God and Heavenly Liquid God, the noble and proud Heavenly Goddess Lan Ya was dragged along by her hair and mercilessly slammed into the sea.

The devastating collision sent angry waves surging tens of thousands of feet into the air.

Heavenly Goddess Lan Ya felt as if the power of the entire sea was crushing down upon her. This was a power that was tremendous beyond her imagination. In fact, the boundless and profound nature of the power gave her the illusion that she was facing off against the Heavenly Sea God. This power was simply undefeatable for ordinary Heavenly Gods.

“Stay right where you are!” Lan Xiaoni sensed an attack creeping up from behind her, and she immediately threw a fist at Heavenly Goddess Lan Ya’s head. “Heavenly Tomb of the Sea!”


Heavenly Goddess Lan Ya was smashed into the seabed.

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Nine hundred and ninety-nine tombstones, each measuring one thousand meters tall and radiating with a brilliant blue divine light, rose from the seabed. They formed into a peculiar West Sea Spell Formation that drew on the power of the sea and unleashed a devastating restrictive power that rendered Heavenly Goddess Lan Ya immobile.

“Come here!

“Lan Xiaoni, get the f*ck back over here!”

There was a look of humiliation on Heavenly Goddess Lan Ya’s face as she screamed at Lan Xiaoni. She was a supremely powerful Heavenly Goddess, yet she was trapped and rendered immobile at the bottom of the sea. This was the most humiliating moment in her life!

However, that slender figure ignored her shouts and gradually disappeared into the distance as she charged toward the Heavenly Liquid God and the Heavenly Mirror God.

Lan Xiaoni couldn’t be bothered replying to her shouts. After all, she was pressed for time.

The mystic technique that she was using was called the Frosty Water Reversal. Upon activation, this technique would allow her power to soar drastically for a short period of time in exchange for draining all of her Heavenly God Power. Her heavenly water power would reach a pinnacle level for a short amount of time, meaning that she would be able to fight against three, or even four, Heavenly Gods.

However, there was one glaring drawback. That was, this mystic technique only lasted a very short time!

Killing all of the Heavenly Gods in such a short amount of time was clearly unrealistic. The Heavenly Gods possessed the attribute of immortality, and they would regenerate even if their bodies were hacked into two halves. As such, it was extremely difficult to deal with them.

However, Lan Xiaoni could choose to trap her enemies if she couldn’t kill them!

That’s right, Lan Xiaoni planned on sealing the Heavenly Gods away using the boundless and profound power of the sea!

The Heavenly Mirror God and Heavenly Liquid God had both been charging toward Lan Xiaoni with fury emanating from their bodies. After seeing Heavenly Goddess Lan Ya being immobilized by Lan Xiaoni, however, they instantly cowered back again.

“We can’t beat her three on one,” the Heavenly Mirror God exclaimed in a shaky voice. “We have to fight against her four on one!”

“Heavenly God Min He, are you still not ready?” the Heavenly Liquid God shouted.


Countless jets of water shot up from the sea.

Heavenly God Min He crashed into the sea, landing close to where the other two Heavenly Gods were located.

However, the spirits of the Heavenly Mirror God and Heavenly Liquid God weren’t lifted at all. Blood was dribbling from Heavenly God Min He’s mouth, and there was also a massive crater smashed into his skull. He looked incredibly miserable.

“Divine Heaven Stage Heavenly Human? Pathetic!”

Demonic flames raged through the sky.

Demon Lord Ling Gu wore a haughty expression as he crossed his arms across his chest and flew over on a crimson cloud.

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