I Might Be A Fake Cultivator - Chapter 2067

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Chapter 2067: The Heavenly Gods’ Miserable Encounter

The Heavenly Mirror God and Heavenly Liquid God were both stupefied.

It was understandable that Heavenly Goddess Lan Ya was belted by Lan Xiaoni.

However, why was Heavenly God Min He pummeled by the spectating demon… no, egg-eating demon… no, Demon Lord Ling Gu?!

Was Heavenly God Min He that weak?!

Heavenly God Min He was still coughing blood when he sensed two shocked gazes staring at him. He knew that he was definitely being scorned and disparaged by the two other Heavenly Gods.

“Heavenly Mirror God, Heavenly Liquid God, be careful! This Demon Lord Ling Gu is surprisingly strong!” After sucking in a breath with much difficulty, Heavenly God Min He warned his fellow Heavenly Gods to be careful.

The Heavenly Mirror God and Heavenly Liquid God were both speechless and slightly dizzy. They felt foolish for expecting Heavenly God Min He to come over and help them.

“Heavenly God Min He, let me also give you a warning.” The Heavenly Mirror God sighed in despair. “Lan Xiaoni is even stronger than him…”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Just as he finished speaking, raging currents started to surge through the sea.

Hundreds of millions of tonnes of water furiously slammed into the three Heavenly Gods who were submerged below the sea. This was a vast and tremendous power; this was a power that made the Heavenly Gods feel a sense of infinite boundlessness.

Moreover, this was merely an unintentional Heavenly God might caused by Lan Xiaoni swishing her fishtail about as she darted toward the three Heavenly Gods.

Heavenly God Min He trembled in fear when he saw Lan Xiaoni’s overwhelming might. “This… Is this Lan Xiaoni? Since when did she become so strong?”

The Heavenly Liquid God and Heavenly Mirror God both wore anguished expressions.

How the hell are we supposed to know? Don’t you know that Heavenly Goddess Lan Ya is still trapped at the bottom of the sea as we speak?

The Heavenly Liquid God and Heavenly Mirror God started to unleash spell techniques in retaliation.

As if returning to her home field, however, Lan Xiaoni’s movements became unbelievably agile and elusive after she returned to the sea. She evaded a large majority of the Heavenly Gods’ attacks, and when she was unable to evade them, she managed to slash them apart with the Deep Sea Sword in her hand.

She charged over at an incredible speed, and the divine halo above her head erupted with a never-before-seen brilliance.

“Heavenly God Technique—Myriad Ocean Abyss!”

Countless roaring whirlpools, each measuring hundreds of kilometers in diameter, suddenly formed around the three Heavenly Gods. Their interiors were as black as ink, and their exteriors were as sharp as heavenly blades that could slice through all matter. Moreover, they all possessed an overwhelming suction power, and it was as if they were about to rip the Heavenly Gods’ bodies to shreds.

Regardless of whether it was the Heavenly Liquid God, Heavenly Mirror God, or Heavenly God Min He, the Heavenly Gods all felt an intense sense of imprisonment appear on their bodies. They tried to flee from this place, yet they found that they were completely incapable of doing so. The entire sea was under Lan Xiaoni’s control, and the entire sea was helping Lan Xiaoni keep them restrained…

“Hang on, my opponent is Demon Lord Ling Gu! Why are you targeting me…” Heavenly God Min He was utterly stupefied. He realized that Lan Xiaoni was even planning to dispose of him as well!

Demon Lord Ling Gu was also deeply astonished. He had only sensed the barrier to the God of Creation Stage after swallowing one billion Heavenly Human Eggs. Moreover, he was only able to pummel Heavenly God Min He thanks to his outstanding understanding of the Heaven Crushing Techniques—which saw his power reach the level of heavenly disciple candidates—as well as the buff provided by the Heaven Crushing Spell Formation.

However, what was with Lan Xiaoni? This female who possessed the heavenly water power was completely ignoring his presence at this moment and targeting all three of the Heavenly Gods by herself. Was she planning on crushing all three of them by herself?!

Was she being a bit too arrogant?

However, Demon Lord Ling Gu’s worries were quickly proven to be extra.

Lan Xiaoni charged toward the Heavenly Mirror God.

“Boundless Reflection Mirror!” The Heavenly Mirror God hastily used another trump card.

He swept a hand through the water, and two clear, circular objects appeared opposite each other. The reflection of a mirror appeared in one of the mirrors, and the reflection of the reflection of the mirror appeared back in the other mirror. This was a loop of infinite reflections. Just like that, the infinite mirrors within the mirrors morphed into reality and transformed into the Heavenly Mirror God’s Infinite Mirror Defense!

A limited amount of power would be unable to breach his unlimited defenses!

Lan Xiaoni slashed an incredibly sharp sword projection onto the mirrors, instantly shattering tens of thousands of mirror reflections. However, there were still layers upon layers of mirrors, and it seemed as if they stretched for as far as the eye could see.

The Heavenly Mirror God breathed a sigh of relief. “Don’t waste your energy.” He chuckled. “This is my technique of absolute defense. Not to mention you, I even dare to challenge God of Creation Stage divine beings with this Infinite Mirror Defense!”

Lan Xiaoni sheathed her sword and said calmly, “It’s fairly easy to breach your defense. Infinite Mirror Defense? All infinite matters are born from an origin… Everything will be solved once this origin is shattered…”

She suddenly closed her eyes.

The turbulent sea suddenly welcomed an instant of silence.

“Do you… hear that?”

Lan Xiaoni’s voice was gentle and soft.

“Hear what?” The Heavenly Mirror God was momentarily baffled.

“Do you hear… the sound of the sea?” Lan Xiaoni asked unhurriedly.

Heavenly Mirror God: “…”

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“It has already told me the location of your origin…” Lan Xiaoni extended a finger and tapped at someplace in the void. Like splintering glass, the void shattered into countless shards. Immediately afterward, the Infinite Mirror Defense blew apart like popping bubbles.

The Heavenly Mirror God’s eyes widened in shock. Right now, there was only one thought running through his mind—the sea can really speak?

Meanwhile, a pale and slender hand had already pressed onto his head.


A devastating power slammed down.

The Heavenly Mirror God shrieked in pain as he was crushed into the seabed by Lan Xiaoni.

“Heavenly Tomb of the Sea!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Nine hundred and ninety-nine gigantic tombstones—each measuring one thousand meters tall and radiating with a profound divine light—rose from the seabed around the Heavenly Mirror God. This formation drew on the power of the entire sea and firmly locked the Heavenly Mirror God in place, completely stripping him of the ability to move.

He was finally able to understand Heavenly Goddess Lan Ya’s feelings. This feeling of humiliation and powerlessness was truly impossible to bear. However, he was being held down by the entire West Sea, thus any thought of escape was nothing more than wishful thinking.

“Heavenly Mirror God!” The Heavenly Liquid God and Heavenly God Min He both yelped in shock upon witnessing this scene.

“Sh*t! She’s too strong! We have to retreat first. Her power suddenly climbed explosively, so there’s definitely a time limit to how long she can maintain this. Once the time limit expires, we can begin our counterattack!” The Heavenly Liquid God immediately came up with a plan.

“I agree. Let’s flee in different directions!” Heavenly God Min He felt that this analysis was spot on.

Just as they activated mystic techniques with devastating side-effects and were about to break free from the whirlpools, countless black demonic orbs suddenly crashed into the sea. These demonic orbs radiated with an overwhelming might as they cut off all paths of escape.

“Did you ask for my approval before attempting to escape?” Demon Lord Ling Gu bore down upon them with a formidable might.

The two Heavenly Gods ignored his question and chose to force their way through his black demonic orbs.


The demonic orbs started to burst apart, causing ink-black energy to proliferate outward in a spherical shape.

The fearsome energy of the demonic orbs caused the entire sea to simmer.

The Heavenly Liquid God and Heavenly God Min He both unleashed a wide array of spell techniques as they forced their way through the countless exploding demonic orbs and fled into the distance. They were extremely disheveled, and they also felt extremely frustrated.

It could be said that they were extremely experienced when it came to trying to kill Lan Xiaoni. Although it ended up with them being pummeled by An Lin every single time, this didn’t leave them feeling too dejected or discouraged. After all, An Lin’s strength was far above them. After confirming that An Lin wouldn’t come to help this time, they were filled with a sense of enthusiasm as they planned to wash away all of their past shames. However, what the hell happened? As expected, An Lin hadn’t come to crush them into the ground. However, it became Lan Xiaoni who belted them to her heart’s content?

Disastrous… This turn of events was far too disastrous!

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