I’m Cultivating Immortality While Everyone Else Practices Martial Arts - Chapter 98

“As expected .

“The ranking list isn’t reliable . It doesn’t even have my name . It’s too exaggerated . ”

Thinking of this, Andrew shook his head .

He began to browse through the ranking list of the seventh grade .

Compared to last month, there were three more people on the ranking list of the seventh grade .

But the total number was only one more person, 898 people .

Although the names of two grandmasters were on the list, they were still in bright red .

This was a symbol of death .

The newly added rank 7 grandmasters were…

Rank 7 Grandmaster 170th: Scott, a junior at New York Martial Arts University, 23 years old, specializing in strength attacks, promoted to Grandmaster on May 8th .

Rank 7 Grandmaster 293rd: Charina, 22 years old, a junior at Houston Martial Arts University . The eldest daughter of a large family, promoted to Grandmaster on May 11th . Rank seven demon beast “wind chasing wolf” killed on May 23rd .

Rank 897 on the seventh-grade list: Andrew, 18 years old .


When Andrew saw his name, he immediately cursed angrily .

He almost smashed his computer .

Sure enough, it was a random ranking .

With his strength, he was actually ranked last?

Actually, he was ranked second from the bottom of the seventh grade . However, what was the difference between this and being ranked last?

The first from the bottom of the seventh grade was a 58-year-old grandmaster . Because he resisted the beast tide, he was heavily injured, and his legs were now crippled .

“Where are my battle results?

“I killed a total of nine seventh-grade demon beasts, two eighth-grade demon beasts, and countless evil martial artists . I killed the eighth grade Venerable Wuji of the Heavenly God Sect…”

Andrew was so angry that he immediately called Charles .

“Chief Charles, who prepares this list of grandmasters?”

Charles had also seen the latest list of grandmasters . Of course, he knew what Andrew meant .

“Andrew, don’t get excited . Let’s talk slowly . ”

“The people above said that an eighteen-year-old grandmaster is already an extremely strong honor . If they rank you according to your true strength, I reckon you will be in big trouble . ”

In the Martial Arts Administration, Charles was sweating profusely .

This kid could do anything .

He was afraid that once he got angry, he would directly beat up the person who made the list .

He quickly explained .

When Andrew heard this, his mood eased a little, but…

He was still angry . “Oh right, the customer service of the fighter’s forum offended me . Deal with it!”

Charles could not help but let out a long breath when he heard that Andrew stopped talking about the seventh-rank master list .

His mood relaxed .

But, he only reacted the next second .

The customer service of the forum had offended him?

What was going on?

This fighter’s forum was created by a big shot of an online novel website in the country .

After the spiritual energy recovered, this big shot also began to practice martial arts .

He seemed to be called “Cloud Man . ”

This person was now the person in charge of the martial artist’s forum . Although his strength was only at the sixth grade, his connections were extensive .

“Did he offend you?”

“Yes, give me his address . ”

“He should be living in Houston city . As for the specific details… I’ll help you find out first, okay?”

He hung up the phone .

Not long after, Charles sent a message .

There was a detailed message from Cloud Man .

He also sent a voice message, “Andrew, Chris was delayed on the road . He will arrive in Boston at around 6 pm . Let’s have dinner together then . ”


Andrew replied .

Then, he looked at his phone . It was 11 am, and it was still early .

It was a good time to buy a train ticket to Houston and return to Boston before 5 o’clock in the afternoon .

Even if he was delayed and did not get on the train, it did not matter . He could fly directly on his sword and return in a few minutes .

Boston was not far from Houston .

Senior Custer was the head of the martial arts bureau in Houston .

He had supported Boston several times, but he could only arrive in a few hours .

Andrew was faster than him . With his own speed, he could fly up in less than an hour .

However, he still took the train .

Flying on a sword in broad daylight was too ostentatious . It was hard to explain if someone saw him .

He entered the train station and got on the train .

At this time, in a hundred-story office building in Houston .

One of the floors belonged to the National Information Department .

And Locke was the highest-ranking person in charge of the National Information Department in Boston .

In fact, this position was very idle .

Locke had a large group of employees who engaged in information engineering .

Although it was now the era of martial arts practice for all people, it did not mean that anyone could become a martial artist .

It was not difficult to reach the level of a prospective martial artist when one’s qi had been trained to 150 . Even if one’s training aptitude was poor, one could always reach this level by eating more pills to increase one’s strength and more health supplements .

However, the level of a quasi-martial artist stuck most people in their cultivation .

In this luxuriously decorated office .


“There are three new evolved seventh-grade grandmasters this month?”

As a late-stage sixth grade, he yearned for the realm of seventh-grade grandmasters very much .

When he saw that the three new seventh-grade grandmasters were all young people, Locke was even a little depressed .


When he saw that Andrew, who was ranked second from the bottom of the seventh-grade grandmasters’ list, was 18 years old…

This made Locke have the urge to smash his computer .

Holy shit!

How did young people nowadays cultivate?

Only 18 years old, and he had already cultivated to the grandmaster realm?

Thus, when an employee received a complaint call from the “House of Fighters” forum, Locke could not help but personally answer the call .

Just as he was about to vent his anger and scold the other party, the other party directly cursed a few times and hung up the phone first .

This made him feel even more depressed .

He unceremoniously banned the other party’s account permanently .

After playing on the computer for a few hours, the employees had already gone out for dinner . He also got up and prepared to go out .

At this time, the receptionist on duty at the company rushed over . “Boss, someone is looking for you . ”

“Who is it?”

“It’s a young man . He seems to be very angry . I heard that you were the one who blocked his forum account…”


Locke stood rooted to the ground in shock .

He was actually able to find the company?

For the sake of a forum account? He was really a talent .

He had blocked only one account today .

Needless to say, it was definitely that person who was scolding him .

However, just as well . Before he could vent his anger, he had been scolded by the other party .

Now was the time to scold him back . He had nothing to do anyway .

On the sofa in the lobby of the floor, Andrew ignored the water that the receptionist had poured for him .

At this moment, a burst of laughter was heard .

A middle-aged man in a suit walked over together with the receptionist from before .

He looked at Andrew .

The corners of his mouth curled up, and he said disdainfully, “You wanted to see me?”

His disdainful smile made Andrew uncomfortable .