Chapter 170: 170

Chapter 170: Chairman Mo Was Really Overboard

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“Doesn’t Chairman Mo stay away from all women? Where did she come from!”

 “Why must that be a woman? I’d rather Chairman Mo go for a man than have a normal biological inclination . ”

 “Exactly . It’d be better if he liked men . At least if he did, all women would not stand a chance at all . We wouldn’t be so upset if we knew that no other woman could get a man like him . ”

 “I always thought that Chairman Mo’s only flaw was his unusual inclination . But now that he can be normal in that way too… Gosh, my heart aches just thinking about this perfect man being someone else’s husband . ”

 “Heartache +1”

 “Heartache +2”

 “Heartache +3”


 Mo Yesi carried Qiao Mianmian into the lounge in the Chairman’s office .

 This was where he usually rested when he was too busy at work .

 There were a little bedroom and a washroom .

 He placed her on the bed gently and covered her with a blanket . He then adjusted the temperature of the air-conditioner before going out .

 There were a lot of documents piled on his desk .

 Mo Yesi sat at his desk and began flipping the documents .

 He received an internal call .

 Receiving it, he was immediately greeted with a polite “Chairman Mo” .

 Mo Yesi tapped his fingers against the desk lightly and said, “Come on in for a while . Don’t knock on the door, just enter . ”

 “Yes, Chairman Mo . ”

 A minute later .

 Wei Zheng came into his office .

 He walked towards Mo Yesi and greeted him again . “Chairman Mo . ”

 Mo Yesi looked like he was thinking hard about something .

 A moment later, he looked at Wei Zheng in the eye . “I want the revenue report of the Qiao Firm over the recent years . Send them to me in an hour . Also, find a way to acquire the Qiao family’s villa along Feng Shan . ”

 Wei Zheng was taken aback .

 Qiao Firm?

 Was Chairman Mo referring to Young Madam’s family business?

 Why was Chairman Mo suddenly interested in the Qiaos’ business all of a sudden?

 Was he trying to help the firm out on Young Madam’s account?

 Wei Zheng didn’t know much about the Qiao Firm, but based on his impression, it wasn’t very outstanding .

 A few years ago, they almost went bankrupt .

 He guessed that their revenue couldn’t be that great . Otherwise, they wouldn’t be in such a state currently .

 But Chairman Mo also mentioned something about acquiring their villa?!

 Wei Zheng suddenly felt that Chairman Mo wasn’t actually intending to help them out .

 Worried that he was misunderstanding Chairman Mo’s intentions, he had to ask, “Chairman Mo, are you saying you want to buy over Young Madam’s family villa? But the Qiao family has been living there all this while . Also, they aren’t really cash-strapped now . I doubt they will let it out . ”

 “That’s why I said to find a way . ” Mo Yesi glanced at him coldly and said, “Whether the Qiao family is willing to let it out or not, I definitely want that villa . Get someone to negotiate the price with them first . If they’re still unwilling to sell it, then do what it takes .

 “If you can’t even settle that villa, you can resign soon . ”

 Wei Zheng was left speechless .

 He was going to get it done right away!

 Chairman Mo was really overboard .

 He was always threatening him with a pink slip .

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