Chapter 345: 345

Chapter 345: We Really Can’t Afford to Offend the Mo Family

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Su Ze’s expression was distorted with shock . “You…”

Mo Yesi’s expression changed too as he took a step forward and grabbed his collar . “Su Ze, you bullied Mianmian so badly, and I haven’t even come after you for it . You should be thanking the Heavens that I’ve shown you this much mercy . Who gave you such guts to make such requests of me?

“If it wasn’t for Mianmian, do you think you’d still be standing here well and alive? It’s as easy to kill you as it is to kill an ant . I’m warning you one last time . Qiao Mianmian is my woman now . If you show her any disrespect at all, I will make sure you die a terrible death . ”

With that, he released his collar and got in the car .

The door was shut, and the Lamborghini pulled out of the lot .

Su Ze hadn’t moved from the spot, despite being clouded in car exhaust .

His whole body had stiffened .

Mo Yesi truly looked menacing when he said: “I will make sure you die a terrible death . ”

At that moment, he could tell that he meant it .

“Xiao Su, what’s going on here? What happened between you and Chairman Mo?”

Chairman Chen had witnessed the scene just now and quickly came over to ask about it once Mo Yesi left .

Su Ze turned around, his face pale with shock . It was only after a while that he asked with quivering lips, “Uncle Chen, who exactly is he?”

Initially, he’d guessed that Mo Yesi was the newly appointed Chairman . But he soon found reasons to deny it .

Then, he guessed that he held a high post in the Mo Corporation .

And now, he felt that his last guess was wrong too .

If he was just a manager or at an equivalent level, he wouldn’t act like that .

“He isn’t just anyone from a small department, right?” Su Ze asked before Chairman Chen responded to his first question . “Uncle Chen, you know who he is, right? Tell me, who exactly is he?”

Chairman Chen frowned at him and shook his head . “Xiao Su, I’ve only met Chairman Mo twice, this time included . I don’t really know him well . Neither am I sure of what his actual post is in the Mo Corporation . ”

Of course, Chairman Chen knew Mo Yesi’s actual identity .

But since Mo Yesi had put it that way, it was clear that he didn’t want Su Ze to know who he really was .

Chairman Chen dared not reveal too much on his own accord .

But seeing how angry Mo Yesi looked when he left, Chairman Chen felt a need to offer this young man a few words of advice and caution .

After all, he and his father were friends .

And their families were working together .

It would be terrible if Su Ze offended Mo Yesi .

“Xiao Su, I don’t know what post Chairman Mo holds in the Mo Corporation, but since he’s a Mo himself, he might very well be a close relative of the founder of the Mo family . And since he’s working in the firm, it shows that they recognize his ability .

“Don’t you offend him . We really can’t afford to offend the Mo family . ”

Chairman Chen was only reminding him about this because he considered the Su family a friend .

If it was someone else, he wouldn’t even bother .

But who would’ve expected that instead of being grateful for his advice, Su Ze didn’t take it too seriously?

He seemed so much more relieved to hear that .

“So, he’s just their relative . ”

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