Chapter 346: 346

Chapter 346: Miss Qiao Is at the Police Station Now

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Su Ze looked at the tense Chairman Chen and casually said, “Uncle Chen, aren’t you a little too uptight . The Mo Corporation is so huge, they probably have a huge extended family of relatives . He’s just another one of them . ”

No wonder he was so arrogant .

It was just because he depended on the Mo family as his backing .

What a pity that he was just a relative and not the Chairman with all the power .

Even if he offended him, the Mo family couldn’t possibly make a huge move against him just because of this one relative .

Chairman Chen frowned when he realized that Su Ze wasn’t paying much heed to his words, but he didn’t want to say more .

He’d said what he needed to .

Whether or not Su Ze took his advice was another thing .

Given his relationship with the Su family, this was all he could do .

If this Young Master Su wanted to court death, he wouldn’t stop him .

“Alright, then . I’ll be off . Let your dad know we can go fishing someday when he has the time . ”

“Sure . I’ll relay the message to my dad . See you, Uncle Chen . ”

Su Ze watched as Chairman Chen got into his car, then he headed to another area of the car park .

He got his keys out and pressed a button, unlocking a silver Porsche .

Su Ze walked over and got into the car .

He’d just taken his seat when his cell phone rang .

He saw that it was from a colleague and immediately picked it up . “Hello . ”

“Chairman Su . ” It was a polite greeting . “Could you immediately come to the police station?”

“Police station?” Su Ze frowned . “What happened?”

There was a pause before the other party said, “M-Miss Qiao is at the police station now . ”

“Anxin is at the police station?” Su Ze was confused . “What’s going on? How did she end up at the police station?”

The other person hesitated again before stammering . “Miss Qiao was having a squabble with another artiste, and then… and then, they started fighting . Someone called the police, so she and the other artiste are having their statements taken now . ”

“She fought with someone?” Su Ze couldn’t believe what he heard .

The Qiao Anxin he knew was gentle .

How could she end up fighting?

Upon thinking that she was carrying a child, Su Ze immediately went pale . “Is she hurt?”

“Miss Qiao has some scratches on her face and arms . Besides that… she seems fine . ”

Qiao Anxin’s pregnancy hadn’t been made known yet .

Besides the Su and Qiao families, nobody else knew .

Su Ze was worried about the child, but he couldn’t ask him directly . He asked, “Did she say she felt unwell anywhere?”

“… No . Miss Qiao just said she wanted to see you, and got me to call you . ”

Su Ze heaved a sigh of relief .

It seemed like Anxin was really alright . As the mother, she should be even more concerned about her child than him .

If she really did feel discomfort, she would surely let him know .

“Tell her not to worry . I’ll be right over . ”

When Su Ze arrived at the police station, Qiao Anxin had just had her statement taken .

She hurried towards him and hugged him the moment she got out .

She looked so aggrieved with teary eyes that she began weeping as if on cue . “Brother Ah Ze, you’re finally here… I’m so afraid…”

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