Chapter 385
As the trial proceeded, several people felt like they should've secretly snuck in popcorn or something to watch the whole show .

Damn! . . . . it was like watching a T . V series live!

"Mr . Ceres . . . a couple of days back, you had put out a statement that said that you all hadn't met anyone else while staying in here correct?"

"Yes" Ceres answered confidently .


For Ceres, what he looked at, was the overall situation . . . . . and for him, outing Alec  was definitely a No-No .

Amd when he compared Arcadina's strength with Baymard's . . . . he quickly came up with the conclusion that even if he outed Alec and had his years reduced, Alec would still send people to kill him or hunt him the moment he left Baymard upon his release .

So why would he do that?

Plus, since there was no way that these people would know that Alec had visited them previously . . . he was even more confident about his answer .

But of course . . . this decision was something that he would soon regret sometime in the future .


"Yes . . . . we had communicated with no one about our plans since we got here .

And no one had also cpaid us any visits while we stayed in our hotel rooms . " Ceres assured confidently .

Alec who was looking at Ceres, subconsciously puffed out his chest and smirked .

It still felt good to know that he still had the power of intimidating people . . . because ever since he had gotten here, that power seemed to have magically disappeared, as these stupid Baymarfoam guards and workers didn't even do his bidding when he commanded them to .

'Smart boy!', he thought .


Lawyer Vincent who was representing Baymard, gently raised his eyebrows and smiled slightly as well .

"Alright . . . your honor, I would like to submit exhibit A, B and C to this honorary court!"

With that, Vincent moved forward and gave Judge Bowman 3 large see-through bags .

"Your honor . . . . . the first bag contains a cut out piece of carpet, from Mr . CERES' room .

You see . . . . on that carpet piece, one could easily find 2 main distinctive footprints there .

One of them is a Baymard men's size 10 . 5 . . . . . and the other is a Baymard men's size 12 .

Now . . . the issue here your honor . . . . is that when we cross checked the last shoe size with that of all 7 suspects . . . . . we realized that it didn't belong to any of them .

And while others might think that it might have been the cleaners, these men had placed a 'Do not disturb' sign on their doors for a while now . . . . preventing any of the staff from going into their rooms .

And from the pressure exerted from the unknown visitor's shoes onto the carpet floor . . . . . it was also assumed that the unknown visitor should be weighing about 197 pounds (slightly above the guy who acted superman back on earth . . Henry Cavill) .

So judging from that weight and the evenly spread exerted on the carpet . . . . we suspect that our unknown visitor could be somewhere between 6 to 6 . 4 feet tall your honor .

So Mr . Ceres . . . didn't you say that no one had visited you all there?!

Wasn't it your partner who came up there and visited you all late at night when there was almost no one around the lobby?

Who was it? Who was your backer?

Answer this honorary court Mr . Ceres!!!!!"



Ceres felt like he was sweating buckets on the stand .

His heart was racing violent, as his mind became completely swept in disarray .

His hands began to tremble slightly from nervousness, the more lawyer Vincent spoke with pressure towards him .


As for the crowd, they were in complete awe at the show before them .

From guessing the height, to bringing out hair strands  to even showing tiny pieces of ripped clothing items, and so on . . . . . everything was just jaw-dropping to them all .

So one could actually 'catch a thief' like this?

Even Alec was astounded by how much they had gotten right about his appearance .

This place was really a dangerous place with too many intelligent people within it .

One needed to be extremely careful when dealing with them .


Eli, Connor and even William . . . . all looked at the scene in awe as well .

This . . . . this was a court trial?

They had so many questions in their minds . . . . as they truly wanted to know how these men had successfully given several correct assumptions about the matter .

Try unbelievable!!!

At least now, they all knew that even without seeing one's face . . . . these Baymardians could still find the culprit to any crime, if they were given enough time for the job .

Subconsciously, they had already made up their minds to send their own men to attend this so-called law Academy in the future .


The show continued, with everyone soon seating at the edge of their seats .

One by one, all the suspects were being called to the stand .

And the more Vincent spoke and brought out the evidence . . . the more the audience gasped out loud, when they remembered how these men had just lied previously .

Of course, they were also in awe of Allkster as well . . . as his effortless tactics in defending these suspects had also caught their eyes as well .

In short . . . both lawyers spoke and 'owned' the courtroom, immediately holding everyone's rapt attention .

It was really impossible not yo admire them, as their every angle and attention to detail . . . . was well presented for the judge, the jury and even the audience to take note of . 5


For the audience, this was one of the most intense shows ever . . . . as sometimes, the suspects would rage out, burst out in anger, yell, scream and even bang their tables angrily .

Even the reporters who had sent their crewmen to write down the main highlights of the whole thing, even felt chills run down their spines the more the case proceeded .


Soon . . . everything ended with each of the men being sentenced 2 years in the maximum security prison, since they actually didn't kill anyone or manage to get into the lower region .

At this point, everything was just 'attempted' .

But for sure . . . these 2 years would definitely feel like 30 years for these men, with what Landon had arranged for them .

And from the looks of it, none of then had outed Alec for fear of his wrath too .

The court ended with everyone feeling pumped and very emotional over the whole thing .

What a show!!


Alec looked at hid men being taken away without any trace of pity on his face .

With this, he was done staying in Baymard for now .

It was time for him to go back home and plan his attack on this unfilial son of his .

"Let's go!" He said, to his sons and his men .


With the court session over, Landon and his family immediately left the room as well .

And as Landon moved . . . he soon got an alert from his own 'boss' .


'Host . . . . the system has a new mission for the host!'