Chapter 386

'Host . . . . the system has a few new missions for the host!'



Landon Let out a long sigh . . . and quickly checked out this mission from his boss .

At this point, what was the point of continuously grumbling about it?

If he did so, then wouldn't he die out of anger, or have a heart attack sooner or later?

He quickly looked at his mission tab and sighed again .

Dammit! . . . there were 3 new missions waiting for him there .


[Side-Mission 8: Within the empire of Terique, the current ruler . . . . . King Michael Parcely is being held captive and poisoned continuously by one of his Concubines .

Her name is Queen Kamara . . . . . and she is also the little sister of Nopline .

Right now, even though Kamara doesn't plan on killing Micheal . . . . . unbeknownst to her, the toxic drug that she keeps giving him will take his life in 2 month's time if he isn't rescued immediately .

And that's where the host comes in .

For this mission, the host has 3 main jobs:

▪Rescue and hide King Micheal away from Kamara and her minions .

▪\u0026 Treat King Micheal within Baymard .

Mission Deadline: October 7th, 1026 . . . (1 \u0026 half month from now) .

Punishment for Failure: 3% of the host soul pool will be devoured by the system .

P . S . . . Host needs to rescue and begin treatment on him immediately .

Because if Micheal dies, then the future plans that the heavens had projected out for Terique . . . . will be all for naught .

And if that happens . . . . then the host will get some of his Soul Pool sucked out him instead .

So the host should take note . ]


Landon looked at the first mission and nodded while reading .

Ever since he had transmigrated here, he had realized that in planets or universes that didn't have any sort of magic mystical beings, or heavenly powers to them . . . . the heavens couldn't directly affect the humans of these regions .

Humans had the right to turn good or turn bad . . . . . and that was the freedom that was given to them by the heavens .


So how do the Gods punish, humble or bless the humans in these non-magical worlds?


By sending or directing someone to do so . . . . it could be subconsciously, or unconsciously .

But either way, the job would get done just like how the heavens wanted it to be .

If one wanted a million dollars, it wasn't going to drop down from the sky just like that . . . .

Rather, someone would probably offer a job or position that could allow one to make that sort of money . . . . . or one could get it through donations .


Again even at that, it was the individual's choice to use that chance and make money . . . . or mishandle the opportunity given to him/her .

The heavens generally always sent helping hands and even punishments to several humans in different intervals in their lives .

If one had a penny for how many chances one had to get better, but chose to go with the wrong option . . . .   then most people would be living somewhat comfortably by now .


And sometimes, one's karma from the bad things he or she had done in their previous lives . . . . also played a role in some of the bad things that were happening to them as well .

In this case, only by doing good and accumulating good karma, would they be able to fix these issues .


As for things like the weather, floods and so on . . . . . of course the heavens could control these ones to a certain degree as well .

But in general, living things on these planets were left alone to their own choices . . . and the Gods were the ones who usually sent them with several opportunities for change .

So whether they took the chance or not, was not the faults of the Gods . . . . but the choices of these humans .


For example, the Gods had allowed Landon to make alarm clocks here . . . . that was a blessing to them .

If an alarm clock rang out and someone chose to sleep in, and later on give a bad impression of themselves at work . . . . that was their choice .

Again . . . . if one decided to take in something toxic and harmful after they had been told about the consequences countless times . . . . . then that was their choice as well .

And when they reflect on their sick beds, they would also realize how many times people had come to them with helping hands at that time .

Humans were blessed with that freedom of choice from the heavens . . . . and the opportunities were given to them more than 10 times on a daily basis .


But in cases where one's bad decision could affect the lives of thousands and even millions . . . . . the Gods usually sent someone like Landon to specifically do these tasks .

This time, they were done giving options to these people .

It was either their way, or the highway .


'King Michael Parcely . . . '

Reading through everything, he was shocked that Kamara was Nopline's sister .

The apple really didn't fall far away from the tree .

And to make matters more interesting, Kamara's only son, Lecter Parcely . . . . was actually the son of king Michael's younger brother, Raul Parcely .

And from what he had just read, Raul had been planning Michael's downfall for more than 15 years now .

'What a patient man!', Landom thought, while also making plans on his next moves .

Sigh . . . . . It looks like very soon, he would be leaving Baymard again .


Looking at his punishment for not failing to complete this mission . . . . .   Landon was still utterly confused by it all .

'System . . . . . what exactly is my 'Soul Pool'?'

'Answering to host . . . . it's a pool filled up entirely with the host's soul, that can be strengthened and expanded infinitely .

Host should know that with every passing mission, the host soul pool will get stronger and stronger .

So the host can only advance to the next world if his soul pool gets stronger while staying here .

And only when the soul pool reaches a certain level, will the host also be able to see the Gods .

Because if the host sees the Gods now, the light and heavenly spiritual strength from them . . . . would instantly kill the host from a Galaxy away, talk less of seeing them face to face .

Of course in addition to that, the host should note that while staying in this world . . . if the host's soul force doesn't increase due to countless punishments or deductions from the system . . . then the host will be obliterated on the spot, since he won't be able to advance into the next world .

So host should take note' .


Landon listened to the system and didn't know whether to laugh or cry .

Sure enough, even though he wouldn't get destroyed for not completing this mission . . . . .   the system would still obliterate him after sucking out a certain amount of from his soul pool .

''System . . . . so why didn't you explain it to me previously?'

'This system had assumed that the host was smart enough to guess what it was .

But . . . . it looks like this system had overestimated the host's intelligence .

Sorry for my negligence host'