Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 542

Chapter 542: 542

Chapter 542: Lurking Halfway

Ou Yangming raised his eyebrows . Just as Wu Yuanwei shouted at the top of his lungs, he sensed an unusually forceful power entering the formation map .

The power was so mighty that it was 1,000 times greater than the energies contained in the formation on this side . If the incoming power was left unrestrained, even if the formation could be saved from damage, the people that provided energies for it would suffer backlashes and would likely fall .

Nonetheless, the moment the two enormous powers merged, there was no resistance at all as they quickly became one in harmony .

Ou Yangming and the little red bird exchanged glances . They could both sense the power, which had the same origin as the one in the formation map beneath them .

“Those people aren’t that idiotic, after all; they finally found this place . ” The little red bird did not hold back as it remarked, “If they can’t locate this map, I’m not going to wait any longer!”

The young fellow grinned and curbed his thought . He began to feel the power and compared it with the one he studied earlier .

He was rather interested in the Interspatial Formation Map, hence he browsed it many times before he entered . Given his status and identity, his request was easily fulfilled .

Although the simple observations did not allow him to perceive its mystery, he more or less gained some content .

When an even more formidable power merged with the power they gathered, Ou Yangming slowly fathomed something .

The little red bird was discontent when it stared at the young fellow . It thought, ‘The Phoenixes have many big formations, but instead of studying them, you’re so into this simple and crude formation map . You’re really blind…’

Even so, it could not understand a human’s worries .

Ou Yangming was not a genius in formation maps . Even if he was a peerless figure favored by God, based on his abilities at the moment, he could not comprehend the Phoenixes’ formation maps . Instead, the Interspatial Formation Map set up by the Humans’ Almighty Beings attracted him more .


A massive white light soared into the sky . It shrouded an extremely broad area at first, so much so that it covered the entire formation map .

Nevertheless, as time passed, the area covered by the white light shrunk bit by bit . In the end, the white light only enveloped the few Spirit Grade powerhouses at the center .

Every Supreme Great Ancestor witnessed the white light’s miracle, and they sensed the magnanimous power it contained .

For some reason, they knew that the interspatial passage was going to be completed . After being stimulated, they dedicated their powers without any reservations . As for the spiritual pills that were previously distributed to them, they did not stint on consuming them and transformed them into powers required by the formation map .

At this point, the lower realm’s Supreme Great Ancestors that were involved gave their all without holding back .

In actuality, under the peculiar atmosphere, everyone had unknowingly been affected, thus they could not hold back even if they wanted to .

Despite that, whether it was the people that offered all they had from this realm or the 9 Venerable Ones from the Spiritual Realm’s Danzhou, they did not notice that a faint blood-red trace suddenly appeared outside the gigantic light beam .

The blood-red trace was not strong at all, so much so that it was faintly discernible . Having said that, it really existed and was slowly attaching itself to the light beam . It was incredibly odd because from the start till the end, none of the Almighty Beings spotted it .

Indeed, the concealing ability was very rare .

Needless to say, it was also because the 9 Venerable Ones were fully focused on controlling the formation map . Unless they encountered a severe and uncontrollable change, they would not be distracted at all .

Apart from them, the little red bird, which was the only figure that could possibly notice the blood-red trace, was negligent in observing and supervising the formation’s power due to its lack of experience .

After all, the little red bird regarded the Humans’ formation map as crude and unworthy of being studied, so it would not be bothered at all .

When the blood-red trace slowly came into contact with the light beam, it became assimilated into the light one step at a time . Instead of expanding its color, it permeated into the light as though it was melted .

With the giant light beam as a disguise, nobody could distinguish it at all .

However, instead of lurking inside, it gradually eroded the light and kept absorbing its power .

It was worth noting that the blood-color trace carried out the process wonderfully . Even though it kept weakening the light beam’s energy, it disguised its action seamlessly be it on the surface or within the flow of power inside .


The Venerable Ones on Mount Wuzhi finally looked up at each other as if they had just seen a ghost .

They somehow realized that the formation map’s operation became exceptionally difficult . In particular, after connecting with the light in the lower realm, they felt weak when they wanted to build the permanent passage .

Inside the extensive light bean, the flowing spiritual powers seemed to have noticed the strange change as well . It felt like an initially smooth-flowing river was suddenly filled with sludges, causing it to be clogged .

The shock was not a trivial matter at all . Lingfeng the Venerable One and the others looked at each other, but they could not figure out what the problem was . ‘Is there a mistake in the formation map? Is that why it feels like it’s going out of control when we’re finally operating it?’

They were powerful Venerable Ones, but it was their first time building an interspatial passage . In other words, they acquired the formation map through a certain method . They were not worried about the formation’s origin at all, but it was their first time using it, after all . Therefore, they dared not claim that their set up would be invulnerable and perfect .

Perhaps there was a slight deviation when they set up the formation map, but even a slight deviation could put them at the risk of having their efforts go to waste .

“Hmph, let’s work as one and turn void into reality first . We’ll see when the passage is built!” Lingfeng the Venerable One scoffed furiously .

Regardless of the unforeseen change, they had already paid a huge price, so they must not give up halfway .

The other Venerable Ones nodded, each of them released greater powers to activate the formation map .

That said, they soon realized that the greater the powers released by them, the more vigorous the power that stayed in the light beam . Too much sludge had been deposited in the river, and they seriously affected the circulation of their powers .

If the situation were to go on, it would be impossible for them to turn the empty passage into reality .

The Venerable Ones exchanged glances half-intentionally and noticed that they all had the same question in their minds .

‘What should we do?’


Inside the formation map in the lower realm, Ou Yangming and the others were surprised too .

Since the 9 Venerable Ones from the Spiritual Realm could sense that something was off, the Spirit Grade cultivators that upheld the formation could also sense the unexpected change .

The light beam above them was still potent, but the spiritual power flow inside was being obstructed . Similarly, if a normal person’s blood stopped flowing, he or she would soon be doomed .

Ou Yangming’s lips trembled a little . He could not hold it in anymore, so he finally asked, “Lil’ Red, is this turning void into reality?”

The little red bird widened its eyes and shook its head after some time . “It shouldn’t be . Turning void into reality is only achieved when there are overlays inside the flow of spiritual power, but the spiritual power has become rigid now, so the process will only crash in space . ”

Sabers and swords were deadly killing weapons, but good weapons could only be smithed through thorough tempering .

It was the same case for an interspatial passage; the circulation of spiritual power was needed to turn an empty passage into reality, and an indestructible passage could only be built by strengthening it little by little . Judging from how rigid the spiritual power was at the moment, it was akin to a saber or sword shaped from clay . Not to mention being used in a battlefield, even if one exerted slightly more force to chop with the weapon, it would self-explode .

If the people were to build such an interspatial passage, they would definitely be harming themselves and others .

“Hey, the Humans’ powerhouses are truly unreliable!” The little red bird flapped its wings and asked, “Do you want me to help them?”

Ou Yangming was stunned . “You have an idea?”

“Hmph, of course . ” The little red bird was proud . “If I wasn’t hampered by you, I would’ve gone back myself long ago . ”

The interspatial disorder that suddenly appeared in the endless void had stopped . Given how capable the little red bird was, without needing to worry about provoking the Heavenly Thunderbolts, it could indeed travel between the 2 realms as it wished .

Nonetheless, traveling between realms as an individual and building the interspatial passage were entirely different things . Hence, even Ou Yangming never thought the little fellow could do this .

“Okay, please make a move then . ” Ou Yangming made his decision after some thought .

Since he was letting the little red bird make a move, its identity could not be kept a secret anymore .

The little fellow was the smallest, but it was Ou Yangming’s greatest trump card, thus he did not want to expose it to the public at this moment .

In spite of that, he did not want to let the interspatial passage fail because he wanted to send Old Craftsman to the Spiritual Realm so that he could live a few more years . As such, the passage was his only way to fulfill his wish .

The little red bird smiled proudly and thought, ‘Indeed, you have to rely on me in the end .

‘Hmph, since I’m making a move now, I must be rewarded well .

‘Half—I must be given at least half of this world’s profit, or I’ll eliminate them and snatch everything!’

It flapped its wings and soared into the sky .

As its body rose, the spiritual power that initially became stagnant slowly became lively again as though it was stirred by its wings .

In addition, the formation map, which was slowly going to be doomed, was rejuvenated and full of vigor again after the little red bird’s support .

Ultimately, the powers from the 2 formation maps became active again . On top of that, the power around the little red bird underwent a drastic change too as a majestic big multicolored bird slowly revealed itself .

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