Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 543

Chapter 543: 543

Chapter 543: The Phoenix Makes A Move


Accompanied by a sharp and ear-piercing whistle, the little red bird disappeared from its spot .

Almost at the same time, a big multicolored bird appeared at the center of the extensive light beam . It flapped its wings and stirred up a strong and unparalleled wind, causing the stagnant spiritual power to become lively again . The wind was turbulent, and it peeled off from the core to join the flowing spiritual power .

The little red bird was similar to a blender, which stirred the stagnant spiritual power to make them go back to normal .

In actuality, the little bird could not achieve it on its own . However, it was from the Phoenixes and was naturally gifted in space . Since it was inside a mysterious and endless space, it borrowed the formation map’s power, by which it ingeniously borrowed force to accomplish the nearly impossible task .

Nonetheless, although the little bird pulled off the remarkable feat, it did not settle down to observe the light beam’s specific situation, hence it did not notice the real questionable point .

In any case, the little red bird felt that the Humans’ formation map was simple and crude, so it expected them to require its help to solve the problem . In fact, it would only be strange if the passage was smoothly and successfully built without any issues .

On Mount Wuzhi in Danzhou, 9 Venerable Ones were shocked at the same time .

They were controlling the formation map, so they naturally knew what was happening inside .

The spiritual power had suddenly stopped flowing, so they were almost unable to complete building the interspatial passage . As such, they found it extremely strange, and they were also deeply troubled .

Nevertheless, before they could find a solution, they saw a big multicolored bird appear inside the light beam . It was displaying its invincible might and was stirring the formation map’s spiritual power with its unmatched natural power, forcing the stagnant spiritual power to move again .

The series of unforeseen events had truly exceeded the Venerable Ones’ expectations and control .

“Wh-what’s that…” Hualing the Venerable One mumbled .

Apart from Zhiming the Venerable One, the others were deeply in awe . They were dumbfounded as they watched, and they could not answer their partner’s question at all .

On the other hand, Zhiming the Venerable One sighed because its worry came true .

The potent being, which must not be offended, still displayed its power during the crucial moment . At this moment, he suddenly had an unusually weird thought, ‘Did that being secretly cause the spiritual power to be stagnant on a large scale between our formation maps?

‘It doesn’t match its identity . Besides, if it wants to meddle in, it can simply show up because we won’t dare to disobey it even if it forcibly demands anything from us .

‘If that’s the case, why did it go through all the trouble to make this happen?

‘Isn’t it making an unnecessary move?’

Even though Zhiming the Venerable One was aware of this, he dared not think further in that direction .

After all, it was such a coincidence that the formation map changed and the little red bird made a move . Those that had inside information dared not imagine things .

Lingfeng the Venerable One uttered after a brief moment, “The Phoenixes—it must be the Phoenixes!”

The other people rolled their eyes and thought, ‘You don’t say . ’

After witnessing the marvelous interspatial power displayed by the big multicolored bird, they knew other than that race’s powerhouse, no other bird could have done this .

Hualing the Venerable One had only subconsciously raised his question because none of them could have guessed that a being from that race would be involved in this matter .

The lower realm’s wealth was notable, but they would be thinking too highly of themselves to say that a member from the Phoenixes would attach any importance to it .

When the Venerable Ones exchanged glances, they noticed the helpless and bitter look on each other’s faces . This was because they realized that the situation seemed to have gotten out of their control .

While the 9 Venerable Ones felt deeply troubled, countless cheers filled the formation map in the lower realm .

At the end of the day, not everyone could witness the little red bird turn into a big multicolored bird and disappeared above them .

In actuality, other than the Spirit Grade powerhouses, nobody had a clear view of the situation inside the dazzling light .

Despite that, everyone could sense the feedback in the formation map . They previously noticed that the powers around them became as still as stagnant water, and the change made them feel hopeless .

At that time, even Supreme Great Ancestors that knew nothing about the changes in a formation map knew it was an unfavorable situation .

Even so, it did not take long before the dead spiritual power began to flow again . Furthermore, the power became lively and full of energy .

As the feeling became clearer, the light became more intense . Everyone somehow had a strong feeling that they had overcome their biggest crisis to build the interspatial passage . As long as they followed the protocol, they would definitely succeed .

Nobody told them anything, but they united with their wills based on the change in the formation map’s power alone .

This was the unique power of the formation map . Not only was it incredibly useful in promoting something in terms of space, but it could also vaguely affect people’s mood and willpower . Therefore, it was considered one of the Humans’ greatest formations .

Whether it was the Spiritual Realm or the lower realm, everyone involved was channeling their powers as much as they could .

The spiritual power inside the light beam kept spiraling . It seemed to be a piece of metal at the moment, which was thoroughly tempered to become the toughest weapon .

Turning void into reality—this was what it truly was, and it could not be compared by the spiritual power that simply became rigid .

Being inside the light beam, the little red bird sensed the changes in the space around it and felt extraordinarily proud . Eventually, it fully focused its mind to observe its surroundings because it realized that the change in the space throughout the process became very interesting; the little bird was totally captivated .

Even if the 9 Venerable Ones on Mount Wuzhi changed their minds and wanted to withdraw their powers, the little bird would not allow it .

As the little red bird was fully drawn to the changes in the space, it did not notice that a faint faint wisps of blood had discreetly gone past its body in the endless light and slowly dove done .

After one whole day, the enormous light beam finally became solid .

It was not merely the consolidation of the spiritual power because the power had become densely overlayed, and it was so firm that it could almost not be cracked anymore .

The instant the interspatial passage was successfully built, the dazzling light in the lower realm’s formation map vanished .

Following that, the Supreme Great Ancestors realized that the Spirit Grade powerhouses, who were previously enveloped by the light, had disappeared . They somehow left all of a sudden in front of the others .

Upon realizing that, the people stopped cheering, and they stared blankly at the center of the formation map . All of them lamented, so much so that they seemed to have become much less delighted .

Wu Kangzhe immediately went forward and announced, “Fellas, we finished our task; my great ancestor and Master Ou have gone to the Spiritual Realm . ” He cleared his throat before he continued, “But don’t worry . Since the passage is already built, Master Ou can return next time whenever he wants . ”

As he waved his hand, well-prepared men came forward to provide every Supreme Great Ancestor with the best services so that they could go rest .

Having said that, including Wu Kangzhe, nobody knew that a drastic and unforeseen change had happened in the light beam, and it would catch everyone off guard .

As the light went away, Ou Yangming and the others disappeared; they were sent into the massive light beam by a mysterious yet indescribable power . It was worth noting that the light beam was so humongous that it could easily accommodate Multi-armed King Kong without any problem .

Ou Yangming closed his eyes and sensed his body being transferred . The feeling was very odd; he was neither walking, running, nor flying . If he must put it into words, he could only describe it as a traverse .

Yes . While he was certain that he did not make any movements, his body was traversing, and each transfer was fast and unbelievable .

‘Is this the feeling of traversing between realms?’

Through the mysterious connections in his sea of consciousness, Ou Yangming questioned Multi-armed King Kong and the goshawk, then he received accurate responses from them .

That said, according to their feedback, Ou Yangming found out that the traverse he was going through was exceptionally stable with a clear target . In comparison, the traverses experienced by the spirit beasts when they descended to the lower realm were completely different .

Sure enough, the establishment of the interspatial passage brought unordinary benefits .

Nonetheless, when they entered the light beam and headed toward the Spiritual Realm according to a certain rule, a blood-colored light flashed past without warning . Whether it was the 9 Venerable Ones from the Spiritual Realm or the little red bird, which was immersed in the changes around it, they did not notice anything .

Moreover, the blood light did not draw any attention when it appeared .

Subsequently, the blood light flashed and wrapped Ou Yangming and Big Yellow, which was beside him, at an unbelievable speed .

Quickly after, a peculiar power burst out from the blood light . It was not forceful, but it was not repelled by the light around it because the power contained in the formidable light beam could not resist it at all . With that, Ou Yangming and Big Yellow were dragged out of the light beam’s space .

Once the blood light left the light beam’s space, it instantly expanded to fully enclose Ou Yangming and Big Yellow . Later, it zoomed across a certain distance like a shooting star and vanished .

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