Imperial Phoenix Rules - Chapter 546

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Chapter 546: Most Popular Refiner 4

She had chosen a suitable weapon from this pile and used it to earn Spiritual Value Points. It was absolutely impossible for her to refine it herself.

After all, Jun Mohuang’s previous image of a good-for-nothing was too deeply rooted in people’s hearts. It wasn’t as if she had relied on her own efforts to get into the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions.

She had only been in the Academy for a few days, but she had suddenly turned the tables. How could Jun Jianren believe this!

“That’s right, that must be it. Jun Mohuang must have asked someone to help her. The weapons she forged previously were also by cheating. Please don’t be fooled by her.”

The surrounding students were speechless.

This person must be crazy. If Jun Mohuang was an apprentice refiner, where did she get the 57 weapons in the past two days?

They couldn’t possibly fall from the sky and grow out of the ground.

And these people who made her refine weapons were her backup? That was even more hilarious!

Jun Mohuang was just a new student who had only been in school for a few days. She had no fame or background. How could she convince so many people to support her at the same time?

It was impossible to hire someone to support her even if she gave them Spiritual Value Points. Once such actions were discovered, regardless of the student’s family background, they would be expelled.

Who would take such a huge risk for Spiritual Value Points?

These three seniors were not blind. How could they not tell the quality of their weapons?

Who would dare to cheat a senior that was ranked at the top of the rankings to obtain Spiritual Value Points? Anyone who did that was asking to be expelled from the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions.

What was even more unacceptable was that the person who had targeted Jun Mofeng time and time again was actually her cousin!

If they had such a talented cousin, they would definitely pamper her and give her whatever she wanted.

Yet, this person actually helped outsiders bully his cousin. Who knew what he was thinking?

As for this Su Zhiyu, they had originally thought that she was a seven-star alchemist and was also Senior Su Zhiyun’s elder sister, so she was definitely a good person. In the end, she was just as confused as Jun Jianren.

“They’re crazy!”

“Their intelligence must have been eaten by dogs!”

Everyone looked disdainfully at Su Zhiyu and Jun Jianren.

Zhi Tong tugged at Su Zhiyu’s sleeve, indicating that she shouldn’t blindly follow Jun Jianren, making a fool of herself.

These two were new students, so they didn’t know much about the academy’s rules.

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However, she was experienced enough and knew very well that what Jun Jianren said was impossible.

“We believe that Junior Jun Mohuang’s weapon is definitely fine.”

When the three seniors heard Jun Jianren and Su Zhiyu’s words, they frowned at the same time and firmly stood on Jun Mohuang’s side.

They had personally witnessed the effects of the Seven-star Crescent Blade in Yuan Kun’s hand.

“Since everyone trusts you so much, Jun Mohuang, shouldn’t you refine weapons on the spot to prove your innocence?”

Su Zhiyu’s face turned red from everyone’s stares, and she felt extremely embarrassed.

No matter when, everyone looked at her with admiration and respect, not mockery and disdain.

These gazes belonged to Jun Mohuang, not Su Zhiyu!

Su Zhiyu firmly believed that Jun Mohuang definitely didn’t know how to refine weapons. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have failed to refine a single weapon two days ago.

If she could prove that Jun Mohuang did not know how to refine weapons, not only would she be able to regain her face, but she could also increase her reputation.

Hence, she didn’t care about Zhi Tong’s actions.

“That’s right. Jun Mohuang, do you dare to prove your innocence on the spot?”

Jun Jianren’s expression wasn’t any better. When he heard Su Zhiyu’s suggestion, he immediately agreed.

“What’s there to be afraid of? However, isn’t it a little too easy to refine a weapon on the spot? In order to convince all of you, it would be better to alter as weapon on the spot.”

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