Chapter 647

Upon hearing Liu Zilang’s frantic calls for help, Misaka Mikoto fumbled through her inventory and took out a… frag grenade!

Liu Zilang was still crawling along with the car that was sliding downhill when he turned around and saw it . “No! Not that one!” He yelled, scared out of his wits .

“Oh, oh! Heheh! I… I made a mistake!” Misaka Mikoto swiftly swapped to a smoke grenade?

Liu Zilang’s face dropped when he heard her .


‘Is this silly disciple going to turn against her master and loot my corpse?


‘It looks like I cannot eliminate that possibility…

‘Looks like I’ll have to be more careful from now on . Otherwise, my disciple might kill me with the techniques I taught her . ’


Under Liu Zilang’s careful ‘supervision’, Misaka Mikoto accurately threw the smoke grenade . Shortly after, it spouted thick smoke and the surrounding area was enveloped in a white haze .

There was no longer a need for Liu Zilang to crawl after the car that was gaining speed . He felt a little safer within the embrace of the smoke .

However, at this time…

A huge boom rang out from somewhere near him . Amidst the intense fire and black smoke, debris flew everywhere!

From the thunderclouds of the red zone came the first ‘raindrop’ .

This ball of Heavenly Fire had fallen less than five meters away from Liu Zilang .


Liu Zilang breathed in a mouthful of cold air .


‘I don’t think my luck is that bad… right?’

From the thoughts that passed through his head earlier, and the question that sums up the entire situation, we can see that the last remnants of his wits have been eaten by dogs .

Even so, his basic decision-making abilities were not affected .

Misaka Mikoto had already run into the smokescreen and was preparing to revive Liu Zilang . However, Liu Zilang said, “Quick! Stay away from me! Don’t revive me first . ”

“Ah?” Misaka Mikoto was confused .

“You’re nothing but bad luck! What if Heavenly Fire falls from the sky and kills us both?”

“Shifu… I’m… not…” Misaka Mikoto said quietly while pouting .

However, she obediently left the smokescreen and hid behind it . Thus, she was out of Vivian’s line of fire . She tilted her head and looked straight ahead .

On Hua Xia’s commentary platform .

“Aww! The bomb nearly hit him! Too bad… Ah, no, I mean, lucky for him!”

“Heheh… ‘too bad’? Looks like Boss Su accidentally spoke his true feelings . ”

“It all comes down to a throw of the dice now . Not only are Vic and Menhera betting their lives, Vivian who’s on higher ground is also within the red zone . ”

In the game, Vivian saw that the Mirado had slid far downhill, and there was a patch of smoke on the slope .

She blew on her bangs on her forehead, her eyes shining with danger!

“Hmph! Dastardly MK14! How dare you make a fool out of me?”

Quite obviously, Vivian did not bear the grudge of him shooting at her while she was riding on a motorcycle earlier .

Instead, she was still sore about the final match the day before . It was when Liu Zilang took her out with a 15x scope MK14 in the final circle .

In a normal tournament match, it would not have been so easy for her to settle the score with Liu Zilang . However, since her opponent had his guard lowered in the charity exhibition match, she might as well take the chance to exact revenge on him .

On the caster’s camera, Vivian was seen swapping her Mini14 for an M16 . In burst-fire mode, she swiftly delivered waves of three bullets each into the patch of smoke that was on the slope .

Swish swish swish~!

Bullets fell like rain upon the smokescreen . Within the smoke, debris flew everywhere as bullets pierced through the air and dug into the ground .

At the same time, exploding flames lit up the surroundings .

Balls of Heavenly Fire fell from the skies . All around the people within the red zone were ceaseless explosions and countless balls of fire . Even the viewers felt their scalp grow numb when they saw everything unfold before them!

Liu Zilang, who was ‘snake-dancing’ in the smokescreen, felt like he was in hell on earth .

On one hand, he was worried about being delivered Heavenly Justice .

On the other hand, he had to tactically avoid the rain of bullets that came from his opponent .

‘She’s crazy!’ Liu Zilang jeered in his heart .

Just as that thought left his mind, a bullet struck the base of his thigh . There was a limit to the defensive capabilities of the *ss-protecting sacred weapon, the pan…

Misaka Mikoto, who was hiding behind the smokescreen, saw that Liu Zilang had been hit . Her face tightened, and she could not sit down quietly any longer .

‘Don’t shoot my Shifu!’

The next moment, Misaka Mikoto leaned to one side and stuck her head out . Her gun soon followed!


The muzzle of her gun flashed with tongues of blue fire!

A stream of bullets whizzed across the sky at incredible speeds and headed toward the high slope where Vivian was!

It has to be mentioned that, even though Misaka Mikoto was a ‘mascot’, she had inadvertently been influenced by Liu Zilang’s demeanor . As such, her gun skills were slightly reminiscent of her master’s .

For example, even though none of her shots hit their target, she still managed to exert a tremendous amount of pressure on her target . This was because of the manner in which she pulled out her gun right after coming out of hiding and then delivered a volley of bullets that blotted out the sky!

Vivian who was on the high slope was shocked!

‘I feel someone’s bloodlust!’

She swiftly took a half step back and immediately went prone .

Afterward, she realized that she was miraculously unscathed despite the intense volley of bullets .

Vivian was dumbfounded for a second .

Then, she realized the truth and smiled . “So, that girl is that guy’s silly disciple… Interesting!”

She unarmed her M16 and swapped to the Mini14 that was on her back .

In a flash, she stood up and fired a shot at the edge of the smokescreen!

Immediately after, she crouched downward!

After a short while, the exact scene was reenacted . Vivian stood up to fire another shot and then crouched again!

Hidden Technique – Up-Down Instant Shot!

At the same time, Misaka Mikoto had switched her M416 to tap-firing mode and was trying her best to catch that body which rose and fell at incredible speeds .



Misaka Mikoto suffered two gunshots . Blood spouted from her arm and abdomen!

Her health level decreased by more than half .

Liu Zilang, who was in the smokescreen, heard the rhythm in the gunshots of the opponent . He furrowed his brows slightly . As he turned to look at Misaka Mikoto who was next to him, he realized something .

The two people fighting were on different levels .

It was more bullying than fighting!

Liu Zilang felt a pang of conscience as he saw his silly disciple’s health level decrease gradually . He shook his head and said, “It’s fine . Just run away from behind . ”

Unquestionably, he wanted Misaka Mikoto to abandon him .

For once, Misaka Mikoto was disobedient . Her eyes were fixed on the opponent .

Just when she suffered another shot and her health dropped to its critical level, the expression on her face turned serious!

“Break, reality! Shatter, synapse!

“Vanishment! This world!” 1

Liu Zilang: ???

A streak of Heavenly Fire fell from the skies like a crashing meteor . It was headed straight toward the high slope Vivian was on!


Amidst the earth-shattering explosion and ball of fire that rose into the air, the gunfire from the slope abruptly stopped!

Then, a system notification appeared on the top right corner of the screen .

“SKK-Vivian died in Redzone!”

The live audience fell into deathly silence after witnessing the unbelievable scene!

They looked at the young girl in a black hoodie who was sitting next to Liu Zilang . They viewed her as a golden koi carp that had shining scales… (TN: Chinese online expression meaning ‘someone with extraordinary luck’ . )