Chapter 112

Kill The Hero – Chapter 112 – Frozen Forest of Violence (3)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

Dungeons were very similar to videogames .  

After a dungeon was attacked, the number of monsters in the dungeon would return to the original amount .

However, the monsters that had survived would still remain .

Of course, it was extremely rare for ordinary monsters to survive till the end .  

After a dungeon was attacked 10 times, it would be extremely difficult to find a monster that had spawned during the first attack .  

The only exception was boss monsters .

‘He is a monster that survived 23 attacks . ’

So gathering information was important .

‘It’s almost impossible to compare him to a regular Ogre . ’

The experiences of the monster, the types of wounds that the preceding players had left on it, how it dealt with those wounds and how its personality shifted over time .

‘He has already become a hunter . ’

And how his personality changed his fighting style .

This was the information that Kim Woo-jin wanted to get from the bodies .

Thanks to that, Kim Woo-jin knew it well .

‘He’s a clever hunter . ’

The Ogre was clearly targeting the smaller group instead of a large group .

In particular when it found a players body, it knew that the new players would be interested in that body and so it would have a chance to ambush them .

It also knew that after such a hunt, it had to take a break to quench its thirst .

‘But its IQ isn’t high . ”

Based on the information he’d gotten, Kim Woo-jin looked for a weak point .

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp!

As the Ogre lifted the body of a player it had just killed and drank the hot blood that was squeezed out of the body as if it was drinking a canned beverage, Kim Woo-jin controlled the Goblin skeleton to move .


The Goblin Skeleton Soldier, which was wearing armor specially designed to remove the sounds it made, stealthily approached the Ogre .

It wasn’t that close .

It was about 10 meters away, but if it drew closer, the Ogre would notice .

When it reached this distance, Kim Woo-jin gave an order to the skeleton using the Grim Reaper’s Mask .

‘Throw . ’

Immediately, the skeleton threw a fist sized water balloon that it had been holding in its hand .

The water balloon flew toward the Ogre’s face silently and quickly .


Then it burst .


The attack was so ridiculous that the Ogre began rubbing its face which had already been smeared with blood, while making a sound of surprise instead of anger .

It was at that moment .  

[The Ogre has been afflicted by Black Blood . ]

[It has been blinded . ]

The notification that Kim Woo-jin had been waiting for sounded in his ear .


Then he heard the Ogre finally understand what was happening and let out a loud roar filled with anger .

“Eraa, I didn’t realise . ”

That was the signal .

“Let’s gooooo!”

Rattle! Rattle!

Lee Jin-ah rushed towards the Ogre with the skeletal wolf .

The battle had begun

The leader of the Sawtooth Wolves, a skeleton wolf which had been summoned through the additional effect to summon giant monsters, sprinted through the frozen forest and narrowed its distance to the Ogre .

There was no hesitation in its movements .

[An Unknown Fear has overwhelmed you . ]

It was as if an invisible wall appeared before them as they ran wildly .


It was this wall that had left countless players in despair .

Even those who had hardened themselves in the face of fear had died without being able to truly prove themselves .


However Lee Jin-ah was smiling as hard as he could even in the face of such fear .

[Lancelot’s Ring negates Fear . ]

It was because he had Lancelot’s Ring which negated all negative status conditions .

Rattle! Rattle!

The skeleton wolf was also unaffected by the effect of Fear .

Fear only affected living creatures and had absolutely no effect on those that had already died .

The two of them quickly broke through the wall .

And they came face to face with a wall that was much worse .


The Ogre .

Up close, the gigantic beast was even more horrifying .

It had a height of 4 . 6 meters, an overwhelming physique that made anyone feel incredibly small and rough, thick skin which gave one the impression that it was as effective as the best leather armor .  

The most overwhelming thing was its injuries .

The wounds that it had gotten over the course of 23 dungeon attacks were virtually battle scars that criss crossed over its body .

Even those who had mental protection abilities would feel frightened just by looking at it .

But of course Lee Jin-ah was different .  

He stabbed the Ogre’s thigh with the spear in his hand without even a second of hesitation .


Such a spear stab immediately left a deep wound on the Ogre’s body .


The Ogre was surprised by it and immediately swung the wooden club in its hand .

Lee Jin-ah avoided the attack by laying flat on the body of the skeleton wolf while the wolf immediately made distance from the Ogre .


During the slight pause in the battle, a surprised cry escaped from Lee Jin-ah’s mouth .

‘Isn’t it like piercing pudding?’

It was in admiration for the amazing penetration power of Percival’s Spear .

[The Ogre’s recovery ability has been greatly reduced . ]

In addition, the wounds caused by Percival’s Spear could not be easily healed by the Ogre’s remarkable resilience .

Thanks to that, blood began pouring from the wound .

“Go right away . ”

Then the skeleton wolf spoke .

“Okay . ”

This caused Lee Jin-ah to stop admiring the spear and instead begin preparing for the next attack .

Once again, the Sawtooth Wolf Skeleton Soldier began running towards the Ogre in the distance .

But this time it wasn’t as easy to hit the Ogre . Unlike the players, the Ogres weren’t known to have a sharp drop in combat ability simply because they lost the ability to see .


Instead, it accurately grasped the location of Lee Jin-ah and the skeleton wolf using sound and smell, and swung its club like a bolt of lightning .

The skeleton soldier jumped sideways to avoid it .


The wooden club smashed against the ground .  


Meanwhile Lee Jin-ah used the spear to leave another wound on the Ogre’s thigh .

However this wound was not very deep .

Although the entire blade of the spear entered, if you considered the enormous size of the Ogre, it became only a scratch .

There wasn’t the destructive power that one would imagine from a cavalry attack .

However Lee Jin-ah and Kim Woo-jin weren’t dissatisfied by this .

“Next time I’ll sidestep twice . ”

Rather Kim Woo-jin used the skeleton’s mouth to explain a new tactic .

From the start the purpose of this combination wasn’t in the creation of a strong destructive power .

“Okay . ”

The purpose was to divide the roles .

Kim Woo-jin became the bridge and all Lee Jin-ah needed to focus on was the attack .  

The power of such tactics was actually considerable .

Firstly, Kim Woo-jin was probably better at overlooking a battle and supporting from the back than any other player in the world .

As long as he was holding the steering wheel, then there would be absolutely no accidents unless it was coincidental .

And it didn’t matter if there were accidents .


“Woo, I almost kicked the fucking bucket . Wasn’t that too close?”

“I’ll show you what the word close really means . ”

Lee Jin-ah, who had the Blessing of the River Styx would be able to survive even if his limbs were ripped off, his ribcage crushed and his head chopped off .

There was nothing better in the world than a pilot who cannot die or a race driver who wouldn’t die in an accident during a race .

Lee Jin-ah and Kim Woo-jin proved this to the Ogre .

Of course, they didn’t forget .

“When are the skeletons going to come out?”

“After you make ten cuts . ”

As should be expected, such a large stage needed an audience .  

Rattle! Rattle!

The Skeleton Soldiers were prepared and waiting for their master’s orders .

“After that we’ll just have to put these in the wounds . ”

With weapons made using Kim Woo-jin’s Blood Poison in their hands .