Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO - Chapter 726

In two more months, they would be coming into this world . She would never let anyone hurt her children again!
She was already prepared . The moment Jing Xinlei raised her hand, she rushed to the door!
Seeing that she was waiting for an opportunity to escape, Jing Xinlei was furious . She quickly rushed forward and grabbed her!
“You want to leave?! I’m warning you, no one can ruin my plans today!”
She disguised herself and spent an entire day to find out about her current situation . She also tried every possible means to sneak into this birthday banquet, all in order to hide her identity, find Zuo Weiyi, and take back everything that belonged to her! This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and she absolutely did not want anyone to ruin it!
Zuo Weiyi’s entire body fell backward as she staggered and fell back onto the sofa!
The moment she fell, she used her hands to support herself on the sofa, trying her best not to let her stomach bump into anything .
If she were to confront Jing Xinlei head-on, she might be able to hold on until Yuting came looking for her . However, if she did that, her child would definitely be hurt, so she could not do that!
The doctor said that the final two months were critical, so she could not use her child as a bet for victory .
But, what should she do? The door was locked from the inside and there was a certain distance from the banquet hall . The soundproofing was so good that if she shouted for help directly, Jing Xinlei would definitely be angered again . She might not have the chance to save herself!
What should she do? What should she do?
Using her arm to support herself on the sofa, Zuo Weiyi tried her best to calm herself down .
She had to stall for time until Shi Yuting came looking for her .
After a dance, he would definitely come looking for her . Although it would take some time, he would definitely come!
She tried her best to prop herself up and looked up at Jing Xinlei who was gradually approaching her .
“What exactly do you want? I can give it to you . ” She suddenly acted like she was afraid of Jing Xinlei . Of course, this was the only way for her to stall for time .
Seeing the fear on her face, Jing Xinlei suddenly laughed out loud . “Zuo Weiyi, are you begging me?”
“Yes, as long as you’re willing to let me go, you can have anything you want! Money, freedom, I’m fine with it! As long as you don’t hurt me!”
Jing Xinlei clicked her tongue and sneered at Weiyi’s cowardly appearance . “Zuo Weiyi, are you seriously begging me?”
Zuo Weiyi didn’t say anything as her eyes remain fixated on Xinlei’s every move .
“Yes, as long as you’re willing to let me go, you can have anything you want,” she said calmly, praying in her heart that Shi Yuting would come quickly .
“Is that so? Then I want Shi Yuting, I want the identity of ‘Mrs . Shi’!”
Zuo Weiyi’s palms tightened . Why would there be such a woman in this world?
How could these two things be given to her just because she wanted them?
“Do you think that these two things can be given just because I want to?”
“I don’t care!” Jing Xinlei roared angrily, “I know that it’s impossible for Shi Yuting to fall in love with me again, and it’s also impossible for me to become Mrs . Shi! However, if I can’t get all of this, then you can disappear . If I can’t get it, then you, Zuo Weiyi, can forget about getting it!”
She thought about how she had been tortured in prison while Zuo Weiyi had everything going for her . Not only did she marry Shi Yuting, but she also had a child . Why did the heavens treat her so well? Why did they give everything to Zuo Weiyi?!