Magic Deity: Godly Choices - Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Laerya Knew Some Secrets!
She even hoped that she would be able to charm Su Han .

After all, Su Han was the martial uncle of the Empire’s Princess and the disciple of the Empire’s former Royal Great Mage . For such a long time, Mo Moxi had also heard her classmates discuss Su Han . As time passed, she became more and more familiar with Su Han .

Ever since she knew that Su Han’s background was not simple, she also had thoughts about Su Han .

But unfortunately, Su Han did not seem to have much interest in her .

Not only did Su Han never look for Mo Moxi to answer questions from then on, but he also did not show any mercy to Mo Moxi’s intentional or unintentional seduction in front of him .

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Su Han frankly told Mo Moxi to focus on her studies and not put all her energy into dressing up .

This made Mo Moxi lose face in public once .

After this incident, Mo Moxi even had evil thoughts in her heart .

She secretly swore that when she became strong, she would conquer Su Han directly and force him to have sex with her!

But now that she didn’t have the strength, she could only give up .

However, after a few days of peace, the unwilling Mo Moxi became active again .

However, this time, she set her target on Laerya .

Every day, she would find a way to loiter in front of Laerya .

This made Laerya very miserable!

If Mo Moxi just wanted to make friends normally, it would be fine . It was not that Laerya did not want to be friends with her . However, this Mo Moxi seemed to have a screw loose in her head or something . She kept acting like she had a crush on her . She refused to be friends with her, and acted like she liked to take advantage of her .

Oh my god!

Was this Mo Moxi possessed by a drama queen?

By the gods, did she ever like her appearance and thoughts?

If she really had such a thought, she would rather have a lightning strike from the sky and kill her!

Laerya was constantly being harassed and in so much pain .

However, she could not reprimand Mo Moxi .

After all, this was Mo Moxi’s freedom .

But the key was, with such a person by her side, how could she study in peace?

Not to mention Mo Moxi, just the suitors she had attracted made it difficult for Laerya to focus .

Not to mention that recently, Laerya had been following Instructor Su Han in a research project .

As a fanatic follower of Su Han, being able to work together with her idol was an opportunity that Laerya could not have hoped for .

She cherished it very much and hoped to be able to do the things that Su Han had given her perfectly .

Therefore, she needed to be completely focused .

“No! I can’t continue like this!”

“In order to better follow His Highness, I have to throw away all distracting thoughts and focus on my work!”

Secretly cheering herself on in her heart, Laerya pulled herself together, gathered her emotions, and continued to work .

Recently, Su Han had also been studying magic skills during his spare time in class .

After becoming a tier-3 mage, Su Han discovered that many of the popular spells now had flaws .

According to Su Han’s past personality, he was originally unwilling to interfere .

However, Shen Fa specifically called him to the office and earnestly talked to him, hoping that Su Han could shoulder the responsibility of perfecting the spells .

At first, Su Han refused . After all, he was only able to see the laws . It was different from repairing and perfecting some spells .

If he agreed, it would mean that he would have to spend a lot of time learning the related magic knowledge .

Su Han was now a teacher in the school . He was in charge of teaching and also had to practice on his own . Most importantly, he had to pay attention to Su Yu’er’s movements .

There were enough things to do .

However, his senior brother, Shen Fa, was so old, and he sincerely asked for help . In the end, he even dragged his teacher, Luberg, to beg for help . In the end, he really had to give them face, so Su Han could only agree .

However, with so many things that he had to do, how could he do it himself?

Of course, after he finished doing it himself, he would record the data and then find a person to help him do it .

Thus, the young girl, Laerya, was valued by Su Han .

Su Han only wanted to find a coolie, but Laerya, who got the job, was ecstatic . She felt that she could finally do something significant for Su Han .

So ever since she started working, she was full of energy every day and didn’t dare to slack off .

At this moment, Laerya started working .

She had already reached the finishing stage and could finish it today .

From the end of class until late at night, she finally finished all the data . Laerya couldn’t help but let out a long breath .

“Finally finished . ”

“I hope His Highness will be satisfied when he sees it tomorrow,” she muttered to herself .

However, when she thought about how Instructor Su Han was going to test the results tomorrow, even though she had read the article several times, she was still a little nervous .

And just when he was nervous, the sound of footsteps suddenly sounded in the room .

Laerya’s body instantly tensed up . She subconsciously turned her head and saw Su Han slowly walking over .


Laerya bowed respectfully .

Su Han frowned . Maybe Laerya had concealed it well just now, but he still heard her calling him ‘Your Highness’ .

Could it be that this girl knew something about the past?

Logically, it should be impossible . At that time, only Vivian and all her attendants had gone back to the canyon .

Normally, it was impossible for the news to spread to Saint Laurent .

If Vivian really found him, perhaps he would have to move to another place to live . Otherwise, he was afraid that the future would be as peaceful as it was now .

However, to know everything, he had to first get some information from Laerya .

He was surprised, but Su Han did not show it .

“Get up . ” Su Han nodded slightly and said, “Have you finished writing the report?”

“It’s done . Please check it, Teacher . ”

Su Han felt that something was wrong with Laerya . She was too respectful to him . This was not the attitude of a student toward a teacher .

Without hesitation, Su Han picked up the report and read it .

On the other hand, Laerya stood on the spot nervously . She seemed to be at a loss, like a primary school student waiting for the teacher’s admonition .

After a moment, after reading the entire report, Su Han put it down and said softly, “Not bad, I can see that you are very serious!”

After receiving this evaluation, Laerya’s entire body immediately relaxed, and a smile appeared on her face .

Even though it was just a ‘not bad’ and a ‘serious’…

But to Laerya, this was more profound than any praise and compliment from anyone!

She did not disappoint her mentor!

All the hard work she had put in over the past few days had not been in vain!

Holding the report, Su Han paused for two seconds and said, “I’m very satisfied with your seriousness . Laerya, other than this job, are you willing to be my assistant in the future and complete the work with me?”

This way, he could have more opportunities to test how much information she knew and allow her to continue to help with the follow-up research .

Laerya was talented enough, and she was very diligent, so Su Han was very satisfied with her efficiency .