Chapter 4330: 4330

Chapter 4330: Threat?

“Young friend Chu Feng, the one who doesn’t allow Princess Xiaoxiao to leave this land is none other than Lord Clan Chief himself . Unless Lord Clan Chief gives the word, no one will be able to defy his orders . ”

Long Duan made sure to properly explain the rationale behind his refusal of Chu Feng’s request .

On the other hand, Chu Feng also didn’t have the intention to make things difficult for Supreme Elder Long Duan either . So, he turned to Long Xiaoxiao and said, “Princess Xiaoxiao, I’ll come to visit you again once I’m done with this job . ”

“Ok, take care!” Long Xiaoxiao replied .

She no longer looked as helpless and desolate as she did before . The light had already returned to her eyes, and she looked almost as spirited as she used to be .

She knew that Chu Feng was likely to be able to help her, and there was a good chance that her mother could be saved .

From just the attitude Supreme Elder Long Duan took toward Chu Feng, she could tell that Chu Feng and his master had a lot of say within the Dragon Clan at the moment .

After settling matters here, Chu Feng quickly returned to the Dragon Vein Souce together with Supreme Elder Long Duan .

When he finally arrived at his destination, he swiftly realized that other than the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, and the other Supreme Elders, there were two more people amidst the crowd .

They were a middle-aged woman and a young woman .

The middle-aged woman had a mature charm to her that even most younger women couldn’t match . With her looks and her grace, she could easily enchant countless men to fall before her skirt .

As for the young woman, she was none other than the person whom Chu Feng had just met, Long Mumu .

Seeing the haughty and conceited look on the middle-aged woman, it wasn’t too hard for Chu Feng to guess that she was Long Mumu’s mother, the culprit who had landed Long Xiaoxiao and her mother in their current plight .

Upon seeing Chu Feng, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief immediately remarked with an amiable smile, “Young friend Chu Feng, you’re finally here! We were waiting for you . ”

Facing someone of the standing of the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, Chu Feng didn’t dare to show any disrespect either, so he responded with a smile too .

It was just that he swiftly turned his gaze to Long Mumu right after .

“Princess Mumu, how has your investigation been going? Have you verified whether I’ve stolen the Clan Chief Token yet?” Chu Feng asked .


Long Mumu didn’t pay any heed to Chu Feng’s sarcasm . Instead, she shot him an impatient glance .

Clearly, she had already gotten to the bottom of the matter .

At the same time, everyone present in the area simply chuckled awkwardly at Chu Feng’s words .

They were aware that there had been some kind of misunderstanding between Chu Feng and Long Mumu, but none of them took it to heart, so no one tried to explain anything either .

“Grandmaster, since everyone is gathered here, can we begin now?” Long Mumu’s mother asked the Ox-nosed Old Daoist with a hint of impatience .

It could be seen from her tone that she was rushing the Ox-nosed Old Daoist .

Clearly, this mother-daughter pair had been too used to sitting on their high horses that they hadn’t realized just how important the Ox-nosed Old Daoist and Chu Feng were to the Dragon Clan .

Instead, they thought of the two of them as ordinary world spiritists hired by the Dragon Clan to get a job done .

But who was the Ox-nosed Old Daoist?

He was someone who wouldn’t even have any regard for the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, so how could he possibly be fazed by Long Mumu’s mother?

Without even paying the slightest heed to Long Mumu’s mother, he turned to Chu Feng and asked, “My beloved disciple, have you met Princess Xiaoxiao yet?”

“Master, I have met her . It’s just that… Xiaoxiao seems to be facing some trouble right now,” Chu Feng replied .

“Trouble? What kind of trouble?” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist asked .

“It seems like she has been framed by someone,” Chu Feng replied .

“What? Framed by someone? Who has the audacity to frame Princess Xiaoxiao?” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist asked with a deeply displeased tone . In order to highlight his displeasure, he even raised his voice as he spoke .

On the other hand, Chu Feng began to explain Long Xiaoxiao and her mother’s current plight in the Dragon Clan .

Of course, he only talked about how they were at the moment . He didn’t say anything about how they ended up in their current positions because he didn’t know about the details either .

It was precisely due to that that he had to use the word ‘framed’, which implied that Long Xiaoxiao and her mother were innocent .

“Lord Clan Chief, what’s going on here?”

The Ox-nosed Old Daoist immediately grilled the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief on this matter .


But before the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief could reply, Long Mumu’s mother interjected with an imposing roar .

With her eyebrows arched in disdain, she gazed down at the Ox-nosed Old Daoist coldly as she asked, “Who do you think you are? How dare you try to interfere in the affairs of our Dragon Clan!”

“Shut your mouth!”

But before she could finish her words, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief had already spoken up .

Long Mumu’s mother felt deeply indignant by how the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief had snapped at her, but she still chose to hold her tongue .

“Grandmaster, young friend Chu Feng, this is our family matter . There might be some misunderstanding here . You can be assured that I’ll settle it properly . I won’t wrong Xiaoxiao’s mother,” the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief said .

It was likely that he already knew beforehand that Chu Feng would raise this matter, so he had already prepared his response in advance .

“Lord Clan Chief, it’s indeed not our place as outsiders to intervene in the affairs of your family . However, Princess Xiaoxiao is my disciple’s benefactor . We aren’t concerned with what has happened; all that matters to us is the plight that Princess Xiaoxiao and her mother are in .

“We have no intention of inquiring into what happened . Even if it isn’t a misunderstanding, may I ask you to sell this old man a favor, and let Princess Xiaoxiao and her mother off the hook?” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist said .

“Since Grandmaster has put it this way, it would be rude of me to turn you down . Men, release Xiaoxiao and her mother!” the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief ordered .


But such a turn of affairs was hard for Long Mumu and her mother to swallow .

They had put in so much effort to overthrow Long Xiaoxiao and her mother, and yet, they were going to be released just because an outsider had pleaded on their behalf?


Unable to take it anymore, Long Mumu immediately stepped forward to say something .

However, Long Mumu’s mother understood the personality of the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief very well . She knew that he was someone who valued his dignity a lot, and it wouldn’t do for them to question his decision .

Even if they disagreed with his decision, they could only talk about this in a private setting . Trying to refute him in public here would only backfire on them .

This was something she had learned from being by the side of the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief for many years .

“Grandmaster, can we begin now?” the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief asked .

“Of course! But before we begin, there are some things which I need to talk to my disciple about,” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist said as he turned to Chu Feng .

He informed Chu Feng about how he and Long Mumu would be entering through the slit together later on .

After learning about what was going to happen later on, Chu Feng turned to the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief and said, “Lord Clan Chief, I have a request . ”

“Are you done or not? You are here to do as you are told, not to make requests!” Long Mumu finally came to the limits of her patience and bellowed at Chu Feng .

“Mumu . ”

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief shot Long Mumu a look . While he didn’t criticize her, Long Mumu obediently shut her mouth .

“Young friend Chu Feng, may I know what your request is?” the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief asked .

“I wish for the one to enter the Dragon Vein Source with me to be Princess Xiaoxiao,” Chu Feng said .


Chu Feng’s words caused frowns to appear not just on the face of the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, but on the faces of Long Duan and the others as well .

Chu Feng’s request was really a little overboard this time around .

One must know that they had already agreed beforehand that it would be Long Mumu who would be entering through the slit, and she was already present here too .

How could he ask for someone else just like that?

“Young friend Chu Feng, this doesn’t seem appropriate . I have my own considerations for choosing Mumu to go along with you,” the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief said with a smile .

In the end, he still wanted Long Mumu to go with Chu Feng .

“Lord Clan Chief, I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but if I have to enter the slit, I must go together with Princess Xiaoxiao,” Chu Feng replied .

“Audacious! Who do you think you are to threaten Lord Clan Chief?” Long Mumu’s mother roared .

She had been suppressing her rage all this while, and she had finally come to the limits of her patience .

“This isn’t a threat . I’m saying this because this will be helpful to the opening of the Dragon Vein Source . I’m doing this with the welfare of the Dragon Clan at heart,” Chu Feng said .

“How dare you! Are you insinuating that my daughter is inferior to that Long Xiaoxiao?” Long Mumu’s mother pointed her finger at Chu Feng as she bellowed .

“Grandmaster, about this…”

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief turned his gaze to the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, intending to have the latter persuade Chu Feng on this matter .

After all, they had come to an agreement earlier to have Long Mumu accompany Chu Feng . The Ox-nosed Old Daoist had already agreed to it .

“Cough cough!”

The Ox-nosed Old Daoist coughed twice before he said, “Sorry about that, Lord Clan Chief, but my disciple’s decision is my decision too . ”

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