Martial Peak - Chapter 2463

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Chapter 2463, Are You From Ice Heart Valley?

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Before Yang Kai could approach the Star, a wave of Emperor Aura suddenly spread out from it.

Yang Kai’s eyes bulged as he cried in surprise, “Another Emperor Artifact?”

Before the Mountains and Rivers Bell appeared, he had sensed similar energy fluctuations. Now, he had just subdued the Mountains and Rivers Bell, and he had encountered a similar situation again, making him feel that there were indeed many treasures in the Shattered Star Sea.

But soon, Yang Kai realized that something was different.

The Emperor Aura fluctuations didn’t have a trace of the appearance of an Emperor Artifact, because the situation at the Star was completely different from the situation when the Mountains and Rivers Bell appeared. Not only that, lightning and thunder could be seen and heard, while a terrifying World Energy seemed to be gathering towards the Star, highlighting the awe-inspiring Heavenly Way!

“A breakthrough!” Yang Kai’s pupil shrank upon realizing that someone was about to break through to the Emperor Realm.

He was stupidly gawking at the Heavenly Manifestation on the Star that had just begun to take shape and his blood immediately started to boil. Although he had long known that the cultivators could break their shackles and advance to the Emperor Realm in the Shattered Star Sea, it had only been two to three years since they entered, so Yang Kai hadn’t seen anyone achieve this yet.

At this moment, someone who was about to accomplish this feat was not too far away from him!

The Emperor Realm was the summit of the Star Boundary’s Martial Dao, the ultimate pursuit of all cultivators. This realm was the symbol of great strength and extremely high status.

So, even though he had no idea who the person breakinging through was, Yang Kai was still a little excited after seeing the Heavenly Manifestation.

Perhaps, if he could secretly observe this situation, he might be able to see the birth of an Emperor. Yang Kai only wished to view from a distance, not cause trouble, so he didn’t have any psychological burden.

Considering all this, he no longer hesitated. His figure jolted as he flew towards the source of the movement.

Not long after, he arrived at a shattered Star.

Just as he came to a stop, before he could even approach the Star, three figures suddenly appeared and surrounded him.

The three figures had been concealed very well, and because all of Yang Kai’s attention was focused on the Heavenly Manifestation, he didn’t notice them at first, only regaining his wits when they had rushed out.

The moment these three appeared, they all resorted to lethal attacks, showing no mercy. Amid the flashes of swords, an icy domain immediately spread about, freezing the surrounding space in an instant.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but shudder as a cold gleam immediately flashed past his eyes. Raising his hands, he counterattacked, filling the sky with palms.

*Hong Hong Hong…*

After their fierce clash, Yang Kai remained still, while the three sneak-attackers all cried in shock and were thrown back.

“Form rank!” One of them seemed to have realized Yang Kai’s strength, and fear and shock filled her eyes as she promptly shouted.

Obviously, the other two belonged to the same Sect and had cooperated countless times. The moment they heard this, they flew to her side and began activating some kind of Secret Technique, merging their three auras into one.

“Hm?” Until now, Yang Kai hadn’t had the time to take a good look at his three would-be attackers, but once he did, he hurriedly raised his hand and spoke, “Wait!”

The battle-ready trio coldly glared at Yang Kai, not showing any intention of speaking or backing down, instead pushing their icy sword auras even harder.

“Are you from Ice Heart Valley?” Yang Kai shouted again.

He had snuck into Ice Heart Valley before, so he was quite familiar with the uniforms its disciples wore. The three girls before him were clearly wearing the robes of Ice Heart Valley.

He hadn’t expected to suddenly be attacked by Ice Heart Valley disciples.

[I’m afraid there is some misunderstanding here.] Yang Kai’s thinking immediately changed. [These three must be guarding the one breaking through, and my arrival must have put them on alert, which was why they attacked me without any explanation.]

Yang Kai’s question didn’t make them halt their movements. Seeing the three still preparing to attack, Yang Kai couldn’t help but be taken aback by that surging energy fluctuations.

He had no choice but to report his name, “My name is Yang Kai. I wonder if you have heard of me.”

As soon as he said this, it really had an effect. The three girls immediately stopped whatever Secret Technique they were casting and looked at Yang Kai in amazement, their icy domain slowly dissipating.

The young woman seemingly leading the trio asked in astonishment, “Are you really Senior Brother Yang Kai?”

“Indeed!” Yang Kai heaved a sigh of relief, knowing that the three had heard of him. This wasn’t a surprise though after all the events in Ice Moon City.

“He does look a bit like him, both his profile and figure are similar to the image shown by Eldest Senior Sister…”

“But he’s too dirty. I can’t even see his face…”

“His clothes are also in tatters.”

The three girls gathered around and whispered for a while, constantly glancing at Yang Kai, seemingly trying to confirm his identity.

Although the three were whispering to one another, Yang Kai heard them loud and clear and he couldn’t help but smack his head in embarrassment.

He had been in The Void for a year and a half, during which time he had been trying to subdue the Mountains and Rivers Bell. As a result, he was injured again and again, resulting in his figure looking quite dishevelled. After he had subdued the Mountains and Rivers Bell, he had been so excited that he totally forgot how ragged and filthy he was.

Had it not been for the Ice Heart Valley disciples’ reminder, he might not have realized at all.

Realizing this, Yang Kai pushed his Source Qi, shaking off all the scabs on his body, while at the same time, he stretched his hand out and condensed some Water Sword Qi from his Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi to create a ball of water.

Scrubbing his face a few times, he raised his head and said with a bright, friendly smile, “Please take a closer look.”

“Ah, it is Senior Brother Yang!”

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“That’s right, it’s Senior Brother Yang!”

After confirming that it was Yang Kai without a doubt, the three young women immediately cheered and relaxed their stances before approaching Yang Kai with an apologetic look on their faces.

The leading disciple embarrassingly cupped her fists and apologized, “Senior Brother Yang, please don’t blame us. We sisters thought that you were an enemy chasing us, so we immediately attacked you. I hope Senior Brother Yang can be magnanimous and not haggle over our indiscretion.”

“It’s alright,” Yang Kai waved his hand before asking, “Is someone chasing you?”

The girl replied with a nod, “En! He has been chasing us for many days.”


The young woman’s face sank as she ground her teeth in anger, “Who else could it be other than Seeking Passion Sect’s Young Sect Master?”

“Feng Xi?” Yang Kai raised his brow before asking in surprise, “Feng Xi’s strength might be good, but yours aren’t bad either. Why are you afraid of him?”

The young woman sighed as she replied, “If it was in the past, I would naturally not be too scared of him, but a few days ago, Eldest Senior Sister’s energy became unsteady. Obviously, she was on the verge of breaking through, so we didn’t dare to rashly confront Feng Xi, lest Eldest Senior Sister miss this opportunity.”

“Eldest Senior Sister…” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and he glanced at the location where the Heavenly Manifestation was converging before asking, pleasantly surprised, “So to say, it’s Sister Zi Yu who is breaking through to the Emperor Realm?”

“En. When we ran here, Eldest Senior Sister could no longer suppress her breakthrough and had no choice but to begin. We three Sisters are responsible for guarding her. When Senior Brother Yang arrived, we thought that you were a Seeking Passion Sect disciple. So, we…” When she spoke about the last part, her face flushed red; after all, they had indeed acted a little rashly when they attacked Yang Kai without any explanation.

Yang Kai smiled lightly and stated, “Sister Zi Yu is a true genius, my congratulations!”

He didn’t expect that the person who was breaking through to the Emperor Realm here would be Ice Heart Valley’s Zi Yu. He had some dealings with Zi Yu before, and although he wasn’t well acquainted with her, Yang Kai knew that she was the most outstanding disciple of Ice Heart Valley.

And today, she had really lived up to everyone’s expectations. Just two and a half years after entering the Shattered Star Sea, she had seized an opportunity to break through.

The lead Ice Heart Valley disciple stated, “Eldest Senior Sister said that Senior Brother Yang is the greatest genius she has ever seen, and she rarely praises anyone. She didn’t even attach any importance to Feng Xi of the Seeking Passion Sect, but she deeply respects Senior Brother Yang. Therefore, after we met in the Shattered Star Sea, she especially showed us your image, telling us to treat you with courtesy if we meet you.”

“Yes, we have all heard of what Senior Brother Yang did in Ice Moon City. Senior Brother Yang is really amazing.”

Yang Kai responded with a chuckle, “Sister Zi Yu is not worse than anyone. She just said that to give me a face. Can’t you see that I am still wandering about in the Dao Source Realm while she is now breaking through to the Emperor Realm?”

After hearing his words, the three Ice Heart Valley disciples finally remembered that Yang Kai was a Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator while their Eldest Senior Sister was already breaking through to the Emperor Realm.

Regardless of whether Zi Yu succeeded or not, she was a step ahead of Yang Kai in this regard at least, so in the eyes of the trio, their Eldest Senior Sister was indeed no worse than Yang Kai, maybe even better.

Yang Kai’s face turned serious as he warned, “Breaking through to the Emperor Realm is fraught with crises. Countless geniuses have fallen at this juncture. Zi Yu has rushed to make a breakthrough. How confident is she in succeeding?”

One of the Ice Heart Valley disciples replied, “Eldest Senior Sister said that she is only about sixty percent sure.”

The other two also looked worried.

“Sixty percent…” Yang Kai furrowed his brow. This wasn’t a particular high estimate. If Zi Yu failed in her breakthrough, it would not be surprising for her to die under the World Energy Baptism.

“Moreover, those Seeking Passion Sect disciples are still chasing us and we don’t know if they will find this place or not.”

Yang Kai assured them, “Don’t worry, since I’m here, then I will remain here with you. If anyone from Seeking Passion Sect really comes, then I’ll ensure none of them leave!” While speaking, Yang Kai’s face was laced with murderous intent.

He still had some old accounts to settle with Feng Xi. Feng Xi’s Emperor Authority Bead had caused him a lot of pain that day, and if not for his timely retreat and extraordinary strength, Yang Kai might have died then and there.

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