Mechanical God Emperor - Chapter 1057

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1057 – Three Divine Children

The interior of the Tier V Hive constitutes a small world with palaces extending without end.

Led by the beautiful bona divine race girl, Yang Feng came to a courtyard full of rare extraordinary plants.

In the courtyard, there are three people sitting on a small dais.

One is a tall, exceptionally handsome man with silver hair. Another is a devastating beauty with long, black hair, a sexy figure, a noble and pure temperament, who can charm all the men in the world. The last one is a dashing young man with blond hair and blue eyes, a perfect figure, a snow-white gem on the forehead, and a haughty air around him.

The exceptionally handsome man with silver hair said to Yang Feng with a gentle smile: “You are the blasteel race’s Grand Prince Blue Glory! To be able to cross the gold stairs so quickly, that’s quite impressive! These two are my good friends, the divine daughter of the wing divine race and the divine son of the frost divine race.”

Yang Feng took a look at the three people on the small dais, and his heart shook slightly: “These people are top powerhouses of the three divine races’ younger generation! How strong! All of them are exceptional Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses. As expected of monsters cultivated by the three divine races.”

The bona divine son, the wing divine daughter, the frost divine son, each one of these three geniuses is filled with immortal Holy might. Different from that of quasi-Holy step powerhouses, theirs is complete immortal Holy might.

Only a Holy Spirit Warlock Yang Feng can discover the difference in the three people. Of course, this is also related to the fact that the three didn’t hide their Holy might.

Yang Feng politely saluted the three peerless geniuses of the Gumana Universe and said: “I, Gadi of the blasteel race, greet you, sirs!”

The wing divine daughter nodded slightly at Yang Feng.

The frost divine son quietly tasted the fine wine in front of him, not even taking a look at Yang Feng.

The three people are peerless monsters cultivated by the three divine races using countless resources. They, who have become Holy Spirit Warlocks at a young age, are far above their peers.

In the Gumana Universe, where experts are abound, Holy Spirit Warlocks are still big shots. In the blasteel race, the position of a Holy Spirit Warlock is far above that of a mere Infinity Warlock grand prince like Yang Feng’s avatar Gadi.

The status of the frost divine son is much higher than that of ordinary Holy Spirit Warlocks. Naturally, he looks down on Infinity Warlocks such as Yang Feng even more.

The bona divine son smiled gently and said: “Gadi, make yourself at home. Enjoy the fine food!”

“Yes! Sir!”

With a smile, Yang Feng sat down on the seat closest to the dais, picked up a fruit that looks like a flower, and ate it in a bite.

An intense heat gushed into Yang Feng from the flower-like fruit and promoted his Gadi avatar’s cultivation base by a fraction.

Yang Feng sighed in his heart: “To be able to freely enjoy treasures that can prompt Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses to fight over them, as expected of the bona divine son. No wonder so many people are competing to attend his banquet. For the Infinity Warlocks, such a banquet is a significant opportunity.”

Being able to enjoy such extraordinary fruit, it is only natural to attract countless Infinity Warlocks.

After Yang Feng, Infinity Warlocks from different races reached the garden and took a seat one after another.

All eyes focused on Yang Feng’s avatar Gadi.

In the garden, only Yang Feng’s avatar Gadi gobbled up trays of the delicious extraordinary fruits without hesitation, which made the others raise their brows.

The top elites from the various races know that the extraordinary fruits are fine treasures. Nevertheless, none of them would act so presumptuously in front of the three Holy Spirit Warlocks.

“It is said that Grand Prince Blue Glory is a contemptible adventurer. It seems that the rumor is true. The blasteel race’s Grand Prince Blue Glory is really a contemptible adventurer who doesn’t know etiquette. Get out of here! This is not a place for a contemptible adventurers like you!”

After entering the garden, a handsome redstone supreme Infinity Warlock with a red rhombus imbedded in the head came to in front of Yang Feng and berated arrogantly.

Looks of ridicule focused on Yang Feng.

Those who are able to enter the garden are all geniuses of the Gumana Universe. They are mostly aristocrats and royals. As such, their status is extremely noble. Naturally, they don’t have any good feelings towards lowly adventurers like Gadi.

There are aristocrats who will hide their contempt in their hearts. However, there are also many aristocrats who will show naked hostility.

Yang Feng showed an unruly smile and ridiculed just like an adventurer: “This is the garden of the bona divine son, not your home. Trash, go back home to nurse from your mother’s bosom!”

The eyes of the redstone supreme Infinity Warlock flashed with killing intent, and he said in a cold voice: “You dare insult me, Gadi! I want to fight you! The winner will get the possessions of the loser!”

Yang Feng replied with a cold smile: “It turns out that you fancy my Blue Glory Star, no wonder you came to challenge me.”

The expression of the redstone supreme Infinity Warlock changed slightly. Evidently, Yang Feng hit the nail on the head.

The Blue Glory Star is a Holy grade mecha. Even if it is not used by a blasteel powerhouse, it can still display terrifying combat prowess. And, once they get it, an existence below the Holy Spirit Warlock realm can rely on it to advance their cultivation by leaps and bounds. Because of this, as soon as Yang Feng showed his mecha, someone came to challenge him with the intention to snatch away the mecha.

Yang Feng uttered with a cold smile: “It’s not out of question for me to fight you. Do you have any treasures on the same level as the Blue Glory Star? If not, then take a hike. I don’t have time to waste on a piece of crap like you. Fight betting is all about putting forward treasures of equal value.”

The complexion of the redstone supreme Infinity Warlock alternated between ashen and flushed, and he responded through clenched teeth: “If I am defeated, I will commit suicide in front of you.”

Yang Feng sneered: “Your life is worthless in my eyes. All right, trash, get lost. This is the garden of the bona divine son, not your home!”

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The eyes of the redstone supreme Infinity Warlock flickered several times as he hesitated, and then his hand shone, and a broken bead emanating a wisp of immortal fluctuations of power appeared in his hand.

The redstone supreme Infinity Warlock said coldly: “This is a treasure of the Panadol Universe’s Shidna civilization. Reportedly, it hides the whereabouts of the Shidna civilization’s heritage. Furthermore, it is a broken Holy grade secret treasure itself. It should be no less valuable than your Blue Glory Star. Do you dare to do bet with me, Gadi?”

Yang Feng’s eyes brightened and revealed the shade of excitement: “The Shidna civilization?”

There have been a number universes devoured by the Gumana Universe, and the Panadol Universe is one of them. The Wing Eternal Sovereign has risen to the Eternal Sovereign realm at that time.

The Shidna civilization was the most powerful civilization in the Panadol Universe at that time, and it eventually gave birth to an Eternal Sovereign. After their Eternal Sovereign and the Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign both suffered damage, the Wing Eternal Sovereign rose, killed the Shidna civilization’s Eternal Sovereign, and defeated the Shidna civilization.

Similar to the xizu race and the blasteel race, the Shidna civilization walked the path of biomechanics, giving birth to many powerful beings.

The blasteel race has acquired part of the Shidna civilization’s technology, which gave rise to great innovations and development.

As soon as the broken bead appeared, everyone’s eyes focused on it.

The beautiful eyes of the wing divine daughter radiated dazzling light, and she stared at the bead with enigmatic shade in her eyes.

Yang Feng smiled frigidly, stood up, and said in a cold voice: “Alright! I’ll fight you! But, it’ll be a fight to the death. The loser shall die, and the winner shall get everything! What do you think? Do you dare fight me?”

With a cold gleam in his eyes, the redstone supreme Infinity Warlock responded in a frigid voice, “Fine, let’s have a fight to the death!”

With a smile, the bona divine son waved his hand, mysterious runes emerged, and an arena appeared in the garden.

Yang Feng and his opponent flew into the arena at once.

“I, Anreis Jr., the ninth son of the redstone race’s Holy Anreis, came to fight you!”

Light shone, and a set of purple-gold armor instantly covered the redstone supreme Infinity Warlock and shone with runes. Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power emanated from the redstone supreme Infinity Warlock.

“The redstone race’s Holy Anreis, that’s the apex Imperishable step (Great Holy) Holy Anreis!”

“No wonder he has a treasure of the Shidna civilization!”

“Gadi is in trouble this time. That’s a apex Imperishable step family.”


The Gumana Universe’s Infinity Warlocks in the garden inhaled a breath of cold air.

“I, the blasteel race’s Gadi, came to fight you!”

With a tranquil look on his face, Yang Feng took a step and integrate with the Blue Glory Star.

“Lowly adventurer, die!”

Anreis Jr. suddenly radiated mysterious purple lightning, then turned into a bolt of lightning, and stabbed at Yang Feng with the lightning spear in his hard.

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