Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 457

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Chapter 457: I Won’t Waste My Time On You

There were times when she spoke logically like an adult and times when she was like a child.

Uncle Zhang chuckled. “Hmm…I’m guessing it’s been about half an hour.”

Huo Yunque’s expression immediately sunk. He lowered his voice and complained, “Ridiculous!”

She was so scared of pain, yet she was messing around in the cold. If she caught a cold, she would be the one to suffer.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Uncle Zhang could tell that Huo Yunque was angry. He quickly nodded his head. “I didn’t watch over her properly.”

“It’s not your fault. When she’s excited about something, no one can stop her.”

This was particularly true when it came to Uncle Zhang who doted on her; he gave her everything she wanted. If Huo Yunque didn’t order him not to feed Song Yaoyao any more desserts, her mouth would probably be filled with cavities by now.

“I’ll go take a look.”

He put down his glasses and headed outside.

Uncle Zhang received a fright. He quickly grabbed a coat and chased after him. “Master, your coat! Make sure to wear it!”

Huo Yunque accepted the coat and casually placed it on his shoulders. “You don’t have to follow.”


Uncle Zhang sighed as he persuaded, “Master, Miss Song is sensitive. Since you’re older, you should go easy on her. Don’t be too fierce!”

He watched as the figure wandered into the distance and shook his head. When the wind blew, even his joints hurt. His hands retreated into sleeves as he decided to go back inside.

But he noticed something from the corners of his eyes and he suddenly froze.

There was a car, and it was already covered in a thick layer of snow. From the looks of it, it had already returned for quite some time.

“That… Someone come! Where’s the Young Master? Has he returned?”

He had been downstairs the entire time and did not hear anyone walking upstairs.

Uncle Zhang rubbed his frozen cheeks and called one of the helpers over.

“Errr… Uncle Zhang, the Young Master returned but he never came inside. He went to the small garden.”

“The small garden?”

Uncle Zhang was dumbfounded. He stomped his feet in anger and stood on his tiptoes to look into the distance. But no matter how he tried, he did not see Huo Yunque. “What happened?”

Huo Ningxi used to hate Miss Song. Even taking an extra look at her was annoying for him.

Now that she didn’t like him, he was so clingy.


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There was a problem! How was he to compete with the Master?

Song Yaoyao was exhausted. Huo Ningxi’s words had enlightened her. She rolled the snow into one big snowball and one small one for a head.

When Huo Yunque arrived, he saw the girl kneeling in front of a big snowman from a distance. What was she doing?

His lips curved slightly. But when his gaze landed beside her, all amusement in his eyes disappeared.

His deep eyes darkened.

“Huo Ningxi?”

His tone was lazy and casual with the slightest amusement.

Huo Ningxi was kneeling beside Song Yaoyao. Just as he was about to poke her snowman, Song Yaoyao hit him ruthlessly.

She glared at him threateningly. “Don’t touch my snowman!”


Huo Ningxi smirked as he watched Song Yaoyao shape the snowman’s face. The more she tried, the uglier it got. It only looked slightly like a human. “Song Yaoyao, who are you trying to make it look like?” he asked.

“Just know it’s not you!” Song Yaoyao replied without looking at him.

“Tch… I don’t want it to be me either! It’s so ugly…” Huo Ningxi said in disgust.

Song Yaoyao shrugged indifferently. It wasn’t easy, but she finally completed it. She removed her scarf and smiled as she placed it on the snowman’s neck.

“Don’t worry, I won’t waste my time on you.”


Huo Ningxi choked. “That better be the case!”

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