Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 458

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Chapter 458: Gege, Saranghae!

He turned his head angrily. At a glance, he immediately saw the man who was approaching them. The wind swept up the coat on his shoulders, his figure was tall and slender, and his temperament was refined and noble.

Huo Ningxi choked and called out, “Small Uncle!”


Song Yaoyao turned around and discovered that Huo Ningxi wasn’t lying to her. Huo Yunque was indeed walking toward her.

Her eyes were bright, and her peaceful temperament was immediately replaced with a vivid and joyful vibe.

She ran toward the man with a pitter-patter.

Huo Ningxi opened his mouth but realized he had no right to stop her.

Who was he to stop her?

As the girl ran toward him, Huo Yunque stood in place and stopped walking. He curled his lips and spread his arms. When the girl saw this, she smiled sweetly and rushed into his arms like a small cannonball.

How difficult it was for her to run that quickly when she was dressed like a raccoon.


Huo Yunque allowed the girl to knock him over. There was a thick layer of snow beneath them, so it did not hurt when he fell.

He protected the girl firmly in his arms and slowly revealed a slight smile in his dark eyes. “Song Yaoyao, who let you play in the snow?”

He was clearly not angry, but he deliberately complained.

Song Yaoyao pouted her lips and slowly revealed her eyes from his embrace. She took a quick glance at him.

“I wanted to build you a snowman!”

“Okay, so how did you go?”

“Here…” Song Yaoyao pointed behind her excitedly. “After much effort, I finally built it! It’s you~ Do I get a reward?”

Her eyes curved when she smiled and they sparkled like stars.

She looked so sweet that one was tempted to get a taste.

Huo Yunque narrowed his eyes and helped her adjust her beanie. His voice was gentle and doting. “What reward do you want?”

“I want a kiss!” Song Yaoyao pouted her lips. She lifted her head, but the man also lifted his and she ended up kissing him on the chin.

A moment later, a finger pressed against her head and pushed her back to her spot.

“You will only be rewarded if you built it well.”

Huo Yunque sat up with Song Yaoyao. His coat fell on the snow and he was only left with a thin woolen sweater, but he did not feel cold.

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Song Yaoyao humphed. “No worries! It’s definitely good! Gege, don’t you think the snowman is really tall and powerful-looking?”


Amusement appeared in Huo Yunque’s eyes. “Uh huh…”

“So…” Song Yaoyao blinked. Her nose and cheeks were rosy. It was unclear whether it was due to the cold, shyness, or both.

She raised her hand and said cutely, “So Gege, can I get my reward in advance?”

The girl had a nasally voice which was sweet and cute. She was so adorable that one wanted to pull her into their arms and squeeze her.

Huo Yunque chuckled and pinched her cheeks.

He nodded slightly. “Help me pick up my coat.”

It was clearly lying beside him, but he was instructing Song Yaoyao to pick it up for him.

“Ah…” That was when Song Yaoyao noticed what Huo Yunque was wearing and furrowed his brows worriedly. “Gege, why are you wearing so little!”

She quickly sat up, picked up the coat, and tried to place it on Huo Yunque’s shoulders.

At that moment, she felt her wrist being held, and the coat was brushed away.

Under the dim lighting, a familiar sensation fell upon Song Yaoyao’s lips.

Her lips were slightly cold, but it made her heart race.


Gege was teasing her again!

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