My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 998

Chapter 998: Heavenly Law’s Might

Qiao Mu inhaled deeply before interrogating coldly, “Tell me clearly, is it only just your Shuntian Prefecture’s Prefecture Lord who wants to make my life miserable?”

At this time, indications of a struggle were finally showing on the old Daoist’s face .

This was a sign that he was about to become clear-headed .

Noticing this, Qiao Mu raised her finger, throwing several dictum talismans out at his body again .

However, she was still one step too late, or perhaps it was a momentary recovery of consciousness just before death .

He instantly came to with a start, and his blank expression abruptly turned sinister in the next second .

“You darn lass, what did you do to me?” Priest Dayu only felt a tearing pain in his chest that prohibited him from taking a deep breath .

In addition, the thunderbolts had left none of the flesh on his body intact, while that savage lass had also scooped out his shoulder blades .

The old Daoist was very aware that his present condition was extremely bleak .

His current crippled body was absolutely not the savage imp’s match!

“You had best tell me clearly . Or else, I’ll deprive you of the mercy of life or death! And make you regret having ever walked upon this earth . ” A pill then appeared between her fingers when she raised them up .

This was the newest version of poison that she had concocted from the six yang poisonous flower . Its effects were greater than the heat poison she had mixed into the beautifying pill previously .

After consumption, it would blister the person’s flesh as if it were scalded . With only a bit of medicine to keep the old Daoist half-alive, he would experience the sensation of never getting his wounds completely healed, savoring the taste of what it meant to rot and heal over and over again .

Don’t worry, she wouldn’t let him die so easily . She’d let him experience the taste of not being able to die even while at death’s door .

The old Daoist’s eyes contracted as he stubbornly cried out, “Didn’t you use some underhanded method just now? I’ve said e-everything I should, so you…”

A minute ripple abruptly appeared in mid-air .

At this time, Qiao Mu had activated her spiritual eyes, so she could clearly discern 17 to 18 transparent chains extending in mid-air . They latched onto the old Daoist’s limbs and body all at once and bound him up tightly .

The old Daoist was also flabbergasted at this moment . He could sense that he couldn’t move his limbs, as if his entire body was tied up by something .

Yet a spark of insight surfaced in his mind as he thought of something, and his complexion paled dramatically .

He looked at Qiao Mu with horror and yelled at her, “Quick, quick! Help me! Help me . You are a great talisman practitioner, so you must have talismans that are able to undo fetters! Quick, throw them at me quickly! Hurry and help me!! Ahh!”

Qiao Mu stared at him dully as if he were an idiot and enunciated, “Tell me clearly, who wants to make my life miserable? Was it really the Shuntian Prefecture’s Prefecture Lord?”

How would the old Daoist have the leisure to answer her question at this time? As he struggled to break free of the formless chains, he kept hollering frantically at Qiao Mu, “Help, help me, help me first! Heavenly Law, ah!!”

He had used a secret technique to forcefully make his cultivation break through this Lower Star Domain’s limit to reach that of a level-three spiritual cultivator .

He was betting on his luck that Heavenly Law wouldn’t seek him out .

After all, his cultivation had still been suppressed to the beginning stages of the spiritual realm, so it wasn’t that conspicuous at all .

It wasn’t like he had used the secret technique to directly advance his cultivation to the advanced stages of the spiritual realm as a great spiritual cultivator .  Even advancing his cultivation so furtively would attract Heavenly Law’s notice?

Pain pressed down on his entire body, and Heavenly Law’s boundless and profound might enveloped him steadfastly .

“I-I’ll tell you the truth, so s-save me, save me…”