My Dangerous Billionaire Husband - Chapter 1371

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She was looking at him in such a soft and cute manner, Zhou Pingan’s heart was racing. “Linger, do you know what love is?”

This was a problem that he had been worried about all along. He was afraid that their love was purely brotherly and sisterly, and not between a man and a woman.

“Of course I know.” She smiled mischievously. Then, she extended her finger and pointed at her own heart, then at his heart. Finally, she made a heart gesture. “L, is for the way you look at me…O, is for the only one I see….”

Yin Linger sang a line from “L-O-V-E”. It was sweet and nice.

Zhou Pingan’s face was overflowing with tenderness. He did not expect this innocent little girl to be so clear about the meaning of love.

“Brother Pingan, then do you like me?” Yin Linger held her breath and asked, “Han Xue said that you don’t like me at all. I’m the one who shamelessly clung to you…”

Zhou Pingan raised his straight eyebrows. “It seems like that…”

She had liked to cling to him since she was young.

“You!” She was so embarrassed that she clenched her fists and punched him. She had mustered up all her courage to ask this question. Why was he like this?

Zhou Pingan held her little hand. Then, he moved closer to her and gently kissed her lips.

“Oh…” Her entire body went limp and she quickly tugged at his clothes.

She did not close her eyes, nor did she know that it was time to close them. She blinked her big, innocent eyes at him, and Zhou Pingan could not continue. He moved his lips away from hers.

The two of them were still very close. She looked up at the gentle and handsome face in front of her in a daze. “You… Why do you kiss me without explaining things? You haven’t told me yet… Do you like me?”

“I only kiss the girl I like,” Zhou Pingan said clearly.

Did he mean that… he liked her?

Yin Linger rubbed her head against his chest and giggled secretly. She was so happy.

“What are you laughing at, silly girl?” Zhou Pingan rubbed her hair.

Yin Linger looked up at him. “I’m just happy…”

Zhou Pingan looked at her flower-like smile and slowly moved closer to her red lips.

He was going to kiss her again?

Yin Linger tugged at his collar and boldly kissed him.

Zhou Pingan didn’t expect her to be so proactive and passionate. She pressed her soft lips against his and mimicked his expression. “Is this how to do it?”

She leaned on his shoulder and asked softly, like a girl who had stolen a forbidden fruit. She was both excited and afraid.

Her pleasant voice was like a feather tickling his heart. Zhou Pingan reached out and grabbed her slender waist. Then, he turned around and pressed her onto the bed.

Instead of being passive, he wanted to be the one who takes initiative and he wanted to kiss her.

“Wait a minute.” She hurriedly shouted for him to stop. She reached out her small hand to cover his mouth and stammered, “Are you going to… Stick out your… Tongue again? That’s weird…”

Zhou Pingan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This was the first time he had heard such a comment.

“It’s… It’s weird. It’s… unhygienic…”

“Not only is it hygienic, but it’s also very beneficial.”

“Researches show that kissing will secrete saliva. When saliva interacts with each other, it will increase one’s immunity. Moreover, frequent kissing will also protect one’s teeth, beautify one’s appearance, lose weight, and protect one’s cardiovascular system.”

“Really?” Yin Linger was skeptical. But he was a medical student, so she could only listen to him.

“Of course it’s true, so we should kiss at least three times a day.”

“Pfft.” Yin Linger could not help but laugh.

Zhou Pingan hold her palm-sized face and said dotingly, “I’m talking about serious business.”

“What serious business? Brother Pingan, I find you… horny…”

“Horny? All guys are like this.” He asked with a normal expression. Wasn’t it normal between men and women?

“My brother isn’t!” When Yin Zhihan was mentioned, she was full of pride.

“Are you sure?” He obviously didn’t believe her.

Yin Linger was anxious. “My brother is a genius. He would never pay attention to such things!”

“A genius should be gifted in every field and be self-taught. Your brother is a genius, but I think he won’t be happy hearing this.”

“Don’t talk about my brother!” Yin Linger pounced on him angrily. “If you continue, I will tickle you.”

As she spoke, she reached out her small hand and tickled his body.

Zhou Pingan quickly grabbed her small hand to stop her from moving. “Who is more important? Your brother or me?”

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He was a little jealous that she was so protective of her brother.

“My brother and I were a family. My family raised me so well, and I fell in love with you. Shouldn’t you be grateful?”

Zhou Pingan laughed when he heard that. He turned around and pressed her down again. He reached out his index finger and touched her nose. “You’re so good at talking.”

“Don’t worry, I admire your brother too.”

Yin Linger didn’t believe him.

Zhou Pingan looked at her cherry-colored lips. “Let’s try the benefits of kissing now.”

Yin Linger tugged at his collar and said coquettishly, “You’re so naughty.”

Zhou Pingan raised his eyebrows and did not comment. He inched closer to her lips.

Yin Linger did not move. She held her breath in anticipation.

At that moment, he suddenly stopped. Yin Linger was surprised. “Brother Pingan, you…”

“Shh, there’s someone outside!”

Zhou Pingan stood up. He walked quietly to the door and opened it.

There were many people outside the door. They were leaning on the door to eavesdrop on what was happening inside. They started laughing when Pingan opened the door. “Pingan, your door is dirty. I’m wiping it.”

“Pingan, your window isn’t clean either. I’ll go get a basin of water.”

As they spoke, everyone peeked into the bedroom. “Linger, you guys continue. Pretend that we didn’t come. Hehe.”

Yin Linger was speechless.

Lu Ning had returned to the dormitory. She sat by the bed and rolled up her jeans. Her knee was injured, and it was serious. It was a bloody mess.

She also realized that there was a small iron wire pierced into her knee. It was very painful.

She bit her lower lip. She reached out to pull the iron wire, but with a hiss, she couldn’t pull it out. She was in so much pain that her head was covered in sweat.

She looked around the room. There were no medical tools. There was only a box of cotton swabs. She took out a cotton swab to wipe the bloodstains away.

She couldn’t handle this herself. Should she go to the hospital?

Lu Ning was hesitating when there was a knock on the door.

Linger came back so soon?

“Coming.” Lu Ning limped to open the door.

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