My Dangerous Billionaire Husband - Chapter 34

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Ning Qing was delighted, “Really? Where are they casting? I’ll rush over right now . ”

Ning Qing arrived at the address that Xiao Zhou provided and she was already waiting by the entrance .

“Ning Qing, you came . Although you didn’t participate in the preliminary for casting, I am quite close to the producer and I already took care of that for you . Let’s go into the lobby . If you acce the casting, the one million dollar cash reward would be yours . ”

Ning Qing was grateful, “Xiao Zhou, thank you . ”

Xiao Zhou held Ning Qing’s hand and brought her to the lobby, “No need to thank me . You must win this casting and buy me a good meal . ”

Ning Qing wouldn’t refuse . She remembered how well Xiao Zhou treated her and she would definitely repay this kindness when she had a chance to .

When they walked into the lobby, they saw many girls waiting . The girls were young and beautiful, and all of them were dressed up like a butterfly .

Ning Qing saw that there were many clothes and props prepared in the lobby . During casting, most of the time they would give free rein for one to give full display of their talent . For instance, there was a door and you must act if you were opening the door or something of that nature .

However, the casting took place with realistic props and set-pieces . They could tell that the Pink Lady was a heavily funded production . Whoever that was chosen to be the female lead role would definitely benefit financially as well as in their reputation .

Then, they heard flirtatious greeting voices, “CEO Xu…”

There were a bunch of crews gathered by the entrance and the girls in the lobby turned around to look at the entrance . As anticipated, Ning Qing saw Xu Junxi in a black coat slowly walk in .

Ning Qing didn’t find it strange . Emperor Entertainment Group was the head of the entertainment circle for a long while . A few years back, Xu Junxi took over the management of Emperor Entertainment Group from his father . She had to admit that he had good foresight and invested very well . He paved a great route tailored to the artists whom he signed a contract with . The artists’ performances were great and he naturally became the entertainment tycoon that people revered .

He lived up to his name “CEO Xu” .

When Ning Qing saw that Xu Junxi was holding Ning Yao by his side, she was calm . Ning Yao was a born actress . She returned to the country and she would definitely join the entertainment circle while Xu Junxi would be her best backer to rely on .

Ning Yao wore a yellow knitted top paired with a polka dot skirt, showing off her smooth fair legs . Her facial complexion was rosy, her faint smile highlighted by pink lipstick . She looked rather innocent and sweet .

Ning Qing didn’t have to think and she knew that Ning Yao and Xu Jinxi had been spending the past few days together and she was taken care of .

Ning Qing was calm but she heard the girl by her side sighed in disappointment . Yeah, for the past three years, her once warm boy became everyone’s dream lover .

“Ning Qing…” Xiao Zhou tugged Ning Qing’s sleeve .

Ning Qing came back to reality and her gaze met Xiao Zhou’s worrisome eyes . She blinked naughtily and meant to tell Xiao Zhou that she’s okay .

“CEO Xu, you’re finally here . Everyone’s waiting for you . I wonder who this girl is?” Someone asked .

Xu Junxi walked in and noticed Ning Qing . She was wearing a white shirt and jeans with a green long coat over it . It wasn’t expensive material but she could sure put together an outfit . In her poised fashion, there was a hint of gentle and straightforward elegance . She was extremely eye-catching among the butterflies .

It seemed that she was able to give out a unique charm with whatever she wears . Let alone her face that makes everyone turn around to look .

He recalled Kong Yang who was outside Ning’s place . He smirked, no matter what she wears, she’s naked in every other man’s eyes .

Xu Junxi stood straight and smiled . He intentionally said it loud for someone else to hear him, “Ning Yao, my girlfriend . ”

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