My Dangerous Billionaire Husband - Chapter 35

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In the entertainment circle, it had always been like that . A breath of air could easily turn into a tornado . His reply of “my girlfriend” successfully booked tomorrow’s headline for Ning Yao .

Ning Qing couldn’t be bothered about what he said . She was more concerned with the fact that it might likely be the first step he took to make Ning Yao into a superstar by publicizing her identity .

Her chances were too slim .

However, it’s alright . No one knows who would win or lose until the very last second, so she wouldn’t give up .

Ning Yao blushed . She snuggled up to Xu Junxi like a woman in love . The crew members complimented and buttered her up, “Oh, it’s CEO Xu’s girlfriend . She’s as beautiful as a fairy . CEO Xu has good taste…”

“Humph!” Xiao Zhou couldn’t watch . She was flaring with anger as this was unfair for Ning Qing .

Ning Qing looked to the side and said softly, “We already broke up . He has his right to get a new girlfriend . ”

Xiao Zhou was shocked but she saw that Ning Qing didn’t reveal any sorrow or sadness so she felt relieved . She looked at Ning Yao and thought she was a b*tch so she was just waiting for Xu Junxi to regret it in the future .

Xu Junxi brought Ning Yao forward and then she noticed Ning Qing . She asked timidly, “Junxi, isn’t that my sister?”

Ning Qing heard people gasping . Actually, the people in T town knew that Ning Qing was the no . 1 socialite but few knew about her engagement with Xu Junxi like Xiao Zhou .

First, the rich had their own reputation customs . They wouldn’t make themselves a topic of conversation . Second, Ning Yao went abroad three years ago and Xu Junxi wasn’t affected at all . Hence, Ning Qing who was a fallen daughter of a rich family, became the focus of attention .

With the drastic change in three years, she was the only one who got injured .

The girls surrounding Ning Qing whispered in each other’s ears . Most of them felt pity, but there was also disdain .

“My God, Ning Qing is CEO Xu’s girlfriend’s sister . Look how well she’s living, but she’s so down and out . ”

“Yeah . So what if you’re beautiful? She got kicked out by her father, her character wasn’t likable . She should find the root of the problem on herself . ”…

Listening to the other girls making fun of Ning Qing, Xiao Zhou clenched her fist, “Ning Qing, Ning Yao is ridiculous . What’s she trying to do? She put you in a tough situation, successful with just one remark . Is she making fun of you?”

Ning Qing looked to the side and gave Xiao Zhou a look . She took two steps forward and smiled calmly at Ning Yao, “Sister, it’s great to see you here . Last night, your mother, Teacher Li Meiling told me to return to Ning’s to have dinner . Please inform her on my behalf that I won’t be there . I’m worried that my mom would be upset when she sees your mother . ”

“Wow…” Ning Qing emphasized the name “Li Meiling” . A tossed stone raised a thousand ripples . The scene became bustling and everyone looked at Ning Yao in shock .

The public outcry suddenly focused on Ning Yao, “Really? Ning Yao is Teacher Li’s daughter? I never heard of it before . ”

“Most importantly, listening to Ning Qing’s tone, Teacher Li seems to have bad beef with Ning Qing’s mom…” The girl’s voice sounded shocked yet she couldn’t suppress her excitement, “Would it be that, three years ago, Ning Qing’s father kicked Ning Qing and her mother out because of Teacher Li? Oh my God, Ning Yao looks like she is at least twenty . Teacher Li is a mistress and ruined someone else’s family?”

“I can’t believe it . Teacher Li was well known for her fine character… Ning Qing and Ning Yao both carry the surname Ning . There’s another possibility . Ning Yao is a child of Teacher Li and another man . She isn’t the daughter of Ning’s family . ”

Suddenly, all the suspicious gazes were redirected to Ning Yao . The earlier high position that Xu Junxi gave her fell down the pit along with Ning Qing’s comment .

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