My Dangerous Billionaire Husband - Chapter 4

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The woman did not expect Ning Qing would walk over . She lifted her coquettish eyes and looked at Ning Qing with provocation and disdain . What is she going to do? Smash things up or fight me? I’d be more worried if she doesn’t do anything .

When she looked over, she realized that Ning Qing stopped at two steps away from her, who was sneering at her .

Her gaze seemed to be saying, I’m already here to watch . You should put in more effort!

The woman felt as though she took a hard slap to the face . Her face was burning in embarrassment . She quickly clung onto Xu Junxi and said flirtatiously, “Mister Xu, look at your fiancée…”

Xu Junxi stopped his movement as Ning Qing walked towards them . He was looking forward to her next reaction .

An ordinary woman would either run away in tears or rush in and scream hysterically when they caught their fiancé cheating . However, she was rather calm . She stood there without making a sound .

She truly lived up to her name as the No . 1 socialite in T city, considering her strong will . For the past three years, regardless of the humiliation that he or his mother inflicted upon her, she acted neither haughty nor humble .

Xu Junxi’s arousal suddenly subsided and his face grew grave . He smirked in disdain and asked, “What are you doing standing there?”

Ning Qing put a lock of her hair behind her ear and spoke elegantly, “Since you told me to come, I shall cooperate and be a good audience . ”

Ning Qing lifted the corners of her rosy lips and formed a beautiful smile . She took her cell phone from her bag and said, “Why not I take a photo to commemorate this occasion? The CEO of Emperor Entertainment Group and this model in vogue having some bedtime together . If this photo spreads, I’m sure you will be make the headlines . ”

“You…” The model never thought Ning Qing would be so blunt and sharp pointing out the conflict of interest between her with Xu Junxi and threaten to ruin her future career .

“Get the f*ck off me!” Xu Junxi roared at the model as he sat on the sofa with his glare fixed on Ning Qing .

If the photo got out, it would definitely cause much chaos . The board would explode on him, not to mention that his father would definitely not let him off the hook .

Compared to his career, what was a model to him?

The model didn’t dare to disobey Xu Junxi’s order . She “humphed” at Ning Qing before she left the room .

There were only the two of them left in the room . Xu Junxi grabbed Ning Qing’s phone from her hand . He heard the camera shutter sound earlier and he thought the woman was capable of anything .

He wanted to delete the photo quickly, but the photo he found was merely a shot of the sofa corner . All that could be seen was the sofa’s maroon color .

He paused and looked at Ning Qing .

There was a faint chill in Ning Qing’s beautiful eyes . She looked a little disappointed and a little sad . Her commanding gaze made her look proud and aloof as she looked at him calmly .

Xu Junxi was stunned .

Ning Qing extended her slender arm and put the paper bag on the sofa . She said softly, “The clothes that you wanted, I brought them here… Goodbye . ”

She didn’t say much and turned to leave .

Xu Junxi couldn’t tell why he felt an ache in his heart . He watched Ning Qing’s backside and felt a rage burning inside him . She had always been like that in the past three years . She never showed jealousy or care to start a fight, nor did she ever shed a tear .

Ning Qing walked to the door, but suddenly, a hand locked her fine wrist . Xu Junxi exerted his strength to slam her against the wall and leaned to press his body against hers .

He crudely rubbed her red lips with his calloused thumb, put on a malicious smile, and said, “Ning Qing, don’t you dare think that you’re better than anyone . You are not happy because I didn’t touch you, are you? Let me satisfy you now . ”

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