My Dangerous Billionaire Husband - Chapter 41

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Ning Yao left and Xu Junxi looked at Ning Qing with his cold glare . Then, Xiao Zhou ran over .

Xiao Zhou was stunned when she saw Xu Junxi . She spoke into Ning Qing’s ear, “Ning Qing, I heard that CEO of Huayi Entertainment and the American director voted for you, but the other two voted Ning Yao . It is only Xu Junxi left that has yet to vote . In other words, Xu Junxi’s vote is crucial . If you really need the money, discuss it with Xu Junxi . ”

Ning Qing was shocked that the CEO of Huayi Entertainment voted for her .

The three American directors and producers were invited by Xu Junxi . They more or less had to look at Xu Junxi’s favor as an investor . Ning Yao was publicly announced as his girlfriend, so the two Americans voted because of Xu Junxi .

Hence, it was already fortunate enough that she got two votes .

Xiao Zhou left and Ning Qing hesitated . She really needed the money urgently but Xu Junxi was hard to negotiate with . Unless she begs him?

Xu Junxi looked at Ning Qing’s face . He then humphed and left .

Ning Qing quickly caught up .

Xu Junxi walked into a room but he didn’t close the door . It was as though he was waiting for her .

Ning Qing pushed the door and entered . Xu Junxi stood by the French window . He was smoking while he put his other hand on his waist .

She walked forward and said straightforwardly, “Xu Junxi, I need the opportunity of Pink Lady . You’ve watched my performance earlier . I am stronger than Ning Yao and I can bring about a great benefit to you . ”

Xu Junxi ashed his cigarette in the ashtray . When he heard that “I’m stronger than Ning Yao”, it sounded like what she said earlier, “I’ll be pretty while all of you be jealous” . She’s as confident and calm as three years ago .

“The last part of what you told Ning Yao was for me to hear?”

Xu Junxi’s throat was dry . He didn’t know what happened to him . After he watched her performance playing the role of Zhao Feiyan, a tinge of melancholy arose within him . It was an upsetting feeling . It was like there was a chunk of him that was taken away .

Ning Qing felt disdain . She understood that he knew the Xu family . Hence, she was obviously saying it to him . She wanted to sow discord between them and for him to weigh it with Ning Yao’s relationship .

What else did he think it was for?

But as she was under his roof, she had no choice but to tone it down and took a gentle approach, “Yes, we knew each other for so many years . Even if you do not take my advice, I should at least give you a gentle reminder . ”

Gentle reminder?

Xu Junxi suddenly lost his interest to smoke . He extended his hand to put out the cigarette butt in the ashtray . He thought she would say, “Xu Junxi, I am more suitable to be your wife compared to Ning Yao . ”

Heh, he started daydreaming again .

Even though he knew that Ning Yao was just as she had mentioned, too immature, Ning Yao was pure and innocent . She was willing to do anything for him .

As for her? She’s filthy and cunning .

Recalling her interaction with the CEO of Huayi Entertainment, Xu Junxi’s eyes grew dim . This kind of woman, is only for fooling around .

Xu Junxi turned around and looked Ning Qing up and down . Three years ago, how much he loved her . Her body’s shape started developing when she was eighteen . Her chest popped up more and more day by day but he loathed to look at it .

When she was dancing earlier, that was when he realized how great her body was . Her almost 32C chest, extremely flexible small waist… The S curve that was extremely tempting .

He suddenly recalled the seduction videos where those young models wet themselves . If it were to be her…

He walked closer to her . She tied her hair up because she was still feeling hot from the dance earlier . There was a strand of hair that hung low on her white delicate neck .

“There are many people who can benefit me . Even if it wasn’t Yaoyao, why would it be you?” His voice was hoarse .

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