My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 866

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Chapter 866: I Miss You

At first, the group of people on the balcony only saw the lights and a person standing far away.

Fu Shiyi recognized who it was the moment Gu Weiwei ran over.

“Ah, it’s my brother!”

He Chi poked Fu Shiqin’s elbow. “Second Brother, how dare you keep such a big secret from us.”

“That’s right, it is so unfair of him to not bring us along for such an important matter.” Fu Shiyi expressed his displeasure.

Fu Shiqin squinted at them. “It’s because you two are unreliable.”

Actually, his brother had also arrived at the Old Mansion soon after his sister-in-law had arrived.

But in order to prepare for the surprise, he did not enter the house.

Also, if he had disappeared with Fu Shiyi and He Chi, everyone would realize that something was wrong.

So he did not tell anyone that he was cooperating with his brother.

Qin Man looked at the sky full of heart-shaped fireworks and the lovely heart-shaped light in the garden and shivered.

“Your brother is too much! He is already so old and yet he is still playing such a childish surprise.”

Although she said that, she was actually more shocked that Fu Hanzheng, a cold-hearted man, would do such a thing for someone.

She had thought that he would never fall for a single woman in this world.

She had never expected that Mu Weiwei would turn him into a totally different person.

“Sister Qin Man, this is called romance between couples.” Fu Shiqin corrected her with a smile.

Fu Shiyi followed along and said, “You are not used to such lovey-dovey stuff.”

Standing next to Qin Man, Qin Lv looked a bit disappointed when he saw the couple standing together.

He would probably never have the chance to stand by her side in this lifetime.

As long as Fu Hanzheng was around, he would never be able to approach that position.

No matter how unwilling he was, he could not get close to that position at all.

Standing next to her, Meng Ruya looked at the surprise Fu Hanzheng had prepared for Mu Weiwei and saw him waiting for her with roses in his hand. She looked very jealous.

If Mu Weiwei had not shown up, everything here might have been hers.

But Mu Weiwei was the one he cared for.

Mrs. Fu and Fu Shengying were both shocked and pleased to see their cold-hearted son doing such things for a girl.

Over the years, they had seen many girls who were as good as him, but none of them were as good as the girl he liked.

They had been displeased when they first heard that he was in a relationship with Mu Weiwei, but they became relieved when they saw Mu Weiwei.

“It seems that we will have to go to Slovakia in a few days to prepare for her wedding,” Mrs. Fu said.

Fu Shengying nodded in agreement. “Yes, we should go earlier.”

Seeing his brother getting down on one knee, Fu Shiyi guessed that it was a proposal.

So he whistled and hooted at them.


He Chi complained, “The wedding pictures have already been taken and the wedding date is set, and it’s only now that you are proposing to her? Isn’t that the wrong order?”

“Don’t care about these details.” Fu Shiqin stressed.

His brother had been feeding the mosquitoes outside for more than an hour for this surprise.

He had planned to let his sister-in-law know half an hour later but he did not know why his brother was so anxious. It was only just now that he had texted him and asked him to start the surprise.

However, only Fu Hanzheng knew why he was so nervous.

Everything was because of the sentence ‘I miss you’.

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