My Senior Brother is Too Steady - Chapter 450

Chapter 450

Chapter 450 Five Words to Kill an Immortal Elder

Fairy Yun Hua entered her dream to reminisce . When she woke up, she was already crying on the jade pillow . Her eyes were filled with infatuation and she was a little distracted .

That was an obvious sign of entering the tribulation .

Li Changshou was currently active in the two paper effigies in the Heavenly Courts . One of them was broadcasting in the Moon Palace, while the other was staring at Fairy Yun Hua .

At that moment, Li Changshou had a huge question in his heart .

The problem with Old Daoist priest Fu Yuan was too obvious . It was no different from self-destruction .

If Li Changshou had thought about that before the battle of the miasma in the North Continent, he would have only judged it from the luck tribulation, the position of the talisman essence, the possible consequences, and the worst outcome .

However, Li Changshou had added a few more directions to make him consider everything as comprehensively as possible .

Firstly, could it be that Fu Yuan had become a puppet halfway and was not a traitor?

Secondly, would there be any problems with Yang Tianyou’s background?

Thirdly, did the Saint interfere directly?

Fourthly, could this be a target that the other party had deliberately attracted his attention to conceal their true scheme?

The list goes on . Immortal Fu Yuan was an old immortal of the Heavenly Courts . He had entered the Heavenly Courts at about the same time as General Dongmu . He had been in the Heavenly Courts for a long time and had reached a higher position . The so-called Fu Yuan was also a Dao name that he had changed later on . It was not impressive .

If Fu Yuan was a chess piece that had been arranged by someone long ago, the timing of the attack was not right .

At that moment, the Heavenly Courts were already going to use the Great Tribulation to rise . Previously, they had many opportunities to stab the Jade Emperor in the back . Why didn’t they use it?

After a comprehensive analysis, the most likely choice was that Fu Yuan had been controlled by someone, or that someone had replaced something…

If that was the case, there was a high chance that the Saint would attack directly . It was about 20% .

The old rules: “If I’m the one controlling the Talisman Energy behind the scenes, what do I need him to plot against?”

Li Changshou’s heart flickered as he captured something important .

They asked for directions .

It was very likely that the other party did not have a clear goal . At the very least, he wanted to disgust the Jade Emperor . The most ideal outcome would be to damage the Jade Emperor’s prestige and achieve other goals .

At that moment, the great tribulation had arrived . The world was like a pool of muddy water . If he could use a rock to create some waves, he might be able to cause a chain reaction…

The possibility of the Western Sect being the mastermind was naturally the highest . However, Chan School could not eliminate it directly .

Of course, there was a small possibility that Jie School had taken action . However, this… this…

Yes, maintain your suspicion and do not jump to conclusions .

It highlighted the rigor! Li Changshou used his immortal senses to look at Fairy Yun Hua, who was sitting quietly in front of the dressing table . He shook his head secretly and shifted his attention elsewhere .

He sent a paper effigy to disguise as a Heavenly General . On his orders, he went to the Netherworld to investigate Yang Tianyou .

Following that, the legitimate paper effigy of the Water God left the moon for the first time in the past two years . He walked around the Heavenly Courts and openly investigated the matter regarding Fairy Yun Hua . This wave was also a thousand-layer cake .

Li Changshou first went to visit Fairy Yun Hua and persuaded her not to be too worried . He also sent the Heavenly Soldiers to the Jade Pool to ask for orders and added six maidservants for her .

Fairy Yun Hua had also become the second immortal of the Heavenly Courts to have more than two maidservants other than the Queen Mother .

Due to the fact that there were male and female immortals in the Heavenly Courts, the Jade Emperor did not receive such treatment!

Then, Li Changshou went to the Hall of Marriage and checked Fairy Yun Hua’s red string of marriage . He pointed at the red strings of Fairy Yun Hua and Yang Tianyou and flew into a rage .

“Elder Moon, why? Fairy Yun Hua is the younger sister of the Jade Emperor when he went through the tribulation . How can she tie the red string with a mortal!?!”

Elder Moon was so frightened that he trembled . He hurriedly said, “This, this is definitely not done by me! Water God, please check!”

Li Changshou frowned and said, “Then let me ask you, where is this place?” “The Hall of Marriage…”

“Who are you?”

“I am Elder Moon…”

Elder Moon’s face suddenly turned extremely pale . He took a few steps back and looked at the red string that had been tied into a dead knot . He subconsciously took out the golden scissors .

Li Changshou flicked his horsetail whisk and stopped Elder Moon .

“At this moment, the tribulation in the world has already appeared . There’s something fishy about this matter . Elder Moon, do you really want to cut it?”

Elder Moon shivered again . It was as if there were fifteen wooden barrels hanging in his heart . He muttered, “I’m finished, I’m finished . ” He paced around in front of Li Changshou anxiously .

“Water God! Water God, save me!”

“This matter is not something that I can resolve . ” Li Changshou sighed and said, “Remember, you just have to swear a Great Dao oath to insist that you did not do it . The Jade Emperor is kind and magnanimous . Elder Moon, you have worked hard in the Heavenly Courts . You will not be blamed . I really have to investigate this matter properly… Elder Moon, do you remember who has come to your Hall of Marriage in the past twenty years? Write down their names for me . ”

“Yes, yes! I’ll write it now!”

Li Changshou continued, “To prevent you from being schemed against, Elder Moon, I will use a Shadow-Retaining Ball to record the entire process of your writing . You have to be as detailed as possible . ”

“Ah! Thank you, Water God!”

Elder Moon let out a long sigh and invited Li Changshou to go to the side hall . He kept recalling, thinking, and explaining . He wrote down pieces of information .

In the past twenty years, Elder Moon had told Li Changshou very clearly the immortals who visited, the timing, and what they had said .

He had accidentally obtained more than ten rumors about the immortals of the Heavenly Courts .

Those were all trivial matters . Li Changshou did not have to make things difficult for his fellow officials .

Half a day later, Li Changshou put away the seven Shadow-Retaining Balls that were shot at multiple angles . He reminded Elder Moon to seal the hall in the near future and not let anyone enter the Hall of Marriage . Elder Moon also agreed .

As soon as Li Changshou left, Elder Moon closed the door of the Hall of Marriage and threw the two boys outside .

“Elder Moon is not in the hall . ”

“The Heavenly Dao protects this place . ”

Li Changshou continued to visit the Heavenly Courts without hiding his whereabouts .

He left the Hall of Marriage and entered the Jade Pool .

Li Changshou reminded Long Ji not to leave the Jade Pool for the time being . He then exchanged a few words with the Queen Mother and asked her to watch Fairy Yun Hua closely .

Then, Li Changshou suddenly turned around as if he had come from the gods . He deliberately passed by the residence of the Immortal Elder Fu Yuan and paced outside the door for a while .

Finally, Li Changshou turned around and left . He did not enter the sect and rushed to meet General Dongmu .

Li Changshou chatted with General Dongmu about the matters of the Heavenly Courts for a while and used the “Dual Sound Synchronization Technique” .

As he spoke, he secretly used his immortal senses to send a voice transmission to General Dongmu .

“General Dongmu, who chose you to be the leader of the male immortals back then to control the Jade Emperor’s authority? If it’s the Saint of the Dao Sect, smile . If it’s the Western Sect Saint, you will sigh . If you don’t know, just blink . ”

Hence, General Dongmu raised his hand and pressed the corners of his eyes . He muttered, “Why do I feel a little uneasy?”

Then, he blinked his eyes at a terrifying frequency .

Li Changshou smiled in his heart and continued chatting with General Dongmu .

After he bade farewell to General Dongmu, he returned to the Moon Palace and sat behind the bronze mirror . He continued to watch Chang’e dance and eat the delicacies beside her hand .

Half a day later,

There were also results from the Netherworld . Through the Yama Lords and the Book of Life and Death, Li Changshou checked on Yang Tianyou’s previous eighteen lifetimes . There was nothing wrong with it . It was just a normal True Spirit that was constantly reincarnating . Then, there was the name list from Elder Moon Hall…

In the past twenty years, the Immortal Elder Fu Yuan had gone to the Elder Moon Hall three times and drank with Elder Moon . He wanted to befriend him .

The second time happened to correspond to the incident where Hua Youming entrusted his mother and sister to Yang Tianyou at the age of nineteen .

Clearly, the move of Hua Yun and Yang Tianyou had been planted by someone before the Jade Emperor had returned to the Heavenly Courts .

At that moment, there were enough logical points . A “storyline” with a 60% chance of success was clearly presented in Li Changshou’s mind…

A faint smile appeared on Li Changshou’s lips . He could not help but squint . He picked up a piece of freshly roasted spiritual beast meat and placed it in his mouth, chewing carefully .

In fact, he was thinking about the hidden details behind the seemingly simple game and checking if he had made any mistakes . There was no need to wait for the matter to end .

If he could discover the loophole ahead of time, there was a possibility of mending it in time .

At the same time, at the door of the Moon Palace…


The two rabbit ears and hair accessories leaned outwards . A small head revealed its forehead and eyes . It captured Li Changshou’s expression from afar and could not help but shiver .

Suddenly, he heard a woman’s soft voice from behind him . “Why are you hiding here, Little Rabbit?”

The young girl, Jade Rabbit, trembled slightly . She hurriedly retracted her head and gestured for the beautiful fairies behind her to keep quiet . Then, she wiped her neck, pinched her neck, tilted her head, and stuck out her tongue…

The fairies giggled .

A fairy said, “Little Rabbit, don’t be like that . The Water God is a good immortal . Haven’t you realized in the past two years?” .

“That’s right . The previous few times, the Water God was only teasing you on purpose . The Water God looks at you very kindly . ”


Yu Tu recalled the few times she had met the Heavenly Courts’ Water God in the past two years . She could not help but squat down and hug herself aggrievedly .

When the darkness descended, only I, a rabbit, discovered the truth about the Great Demon King .

“Can you give this to the Water God on my behalf? I don’t dare to go over…” The jade rabbit’s eyes were filled with tears as she handed an invitation to the fairies with both hands .

The fairies did not hesitate . They took the invitation and flew into the hall while chatting . They landed in front of Li Changshou . The jade rabbit girl revealed her head again and secretly stared at the situation .

She saw Li Changshou pick up the invitation and look at it . Then, she heard Li Changshou laugh .

“The Moon Lord invited me to a banquet? Forget it . There’s no one in the Glacial Palace . I’m really not used to it . ”

As he spoke, Li Changshou looked up at the door of the hall and saw a faint shock wave . It should have been left behind by the rabbit’s kick .

Heng’e invited me to the banquet?

Li Changshou did not know what was going on, but he did not want to be the first man to enter the Glacial Palace since ancient times .

Just like that, the banquet in the Moon Palace was long . The image in the bronze mirror did not stop .

Another half a year passed .

Fairy Yun Hua finally could not hold it in any longer . After discussing with her maidservant and visiting the Queen Mother, she risked her life and secretly descended to the mortal world .

During this process, the Jade Emperor, the Queen Mother, Li Changshou, General Dongmu, and a few experts of the Heavenly Courts were paying close attention to the traces of Fairy Yun Hua .

When Fairy Yun Hua took out a jade token and disguised herself as a Heavenly General to sneak out of the Heaven Gate, the Jade Emperor’s expression turned gloomy in the Lingxiao Hall . However, he endured it and did not interfere .

He was the Jade Emperor .

The calamity had arrived and the Heavenly Courts had risen . If he took action to resist the calamity, it would affect the operation of the great tribulation and might even affect the rise of the Heavenly Courts .

The rest of the story was a little cliché .

When Fairy Yun Hua descended to the mortal world to meet Yang Tianyou, the years of yearning and the disturbance of the red strings of marriage made them look at each other and could not help but hug each other .

Yang Tianyou was a very responsible man . He did not want to delay Fairy Yun Hua’s future because of a mortal like him . He kept enduring and enduring…

In the end, he could not hold it in .

Li Changshou, who was secretly following behind, used a barrier to cover the Yang Residence, indicating that the matter was settled .

In the Lingxiao Treasure Hall, the Jade Emperor shook his head and sighed .

His sister was going to get married when she grew up . As her elder brother, he actually had nothing to say .

It was the complicated implications that caused the Jade Emperor to have all kinds of headaches .

At that moment, Li Changshou’s paper effigy, which looked like a young Daoist, was together with the Jade Emperor’s incarnation . They found a beautiful immortal mountain and drank some wine . They pondered about what to do next .

The Jade Emperor had the intention to help Yang Tianyou and Fairy Yun Hua . He threw the problem to Li Changshou and said, “If Changgeng can come up with an idea before the wine is finished, I will give him a treasure . ”

Li Changshou smiled and deliberately put on a thoughtful expression .

As soon as the Jade Emperor raised his wine glass and took a sip, Li Changshou took out the plan that he had already prepared . “Got it . ”


The Jade Emperor’s incarnation covered his mouth and glared at Li Changshou . “What’s wrong?” “The solution that His Majesty wants . ” Li Changshou smiled and said, “I’ve gone to investigate Yang Tianyou’s past 18 lifetimes and asked the Yama Lords to hide the things recorded in the Book of Life and Death . At that moment, the heavenly secrets are mixed up . The deduction method has been restricted . We can fabricate a romantic story to explain the two of them . ”

“Oh?” The Jade Emperor was interested . “What story?”

Li Changshou took out a few scrolls from his sleeve . “Your Majesty, please take a look . I have already prepared them to prevent today’s situation . ”

The Jade Emperor took a closer look and saw that the scroll had the phrases “Three lifetimes to find you”, “The Immortal’s Love Is Still”, “You’re on the left, I’m on the right” .

The Jade Emperor’s incarnation was speechless . He glared at Li Changshou and cursed, “Why didn’t you take these out when I descended to the mortal world!?!”

“Ahem . ” Li Changshou smiled awkwardly . “You were the one who customized the story back then . These were all freely written by the little god . It’s inevitable that there are some differences . ”

The Jade Emperor held the scroll and looked at it carefully for a while . Soon, he chose a script . It was the set that Li Changshou had expected . The Jade Emperor asked again, “What can we do if we fabricate such a story for them?” Li Changshou analyzed slowly

“Your Majesty, in a few years, there will definitely be rumors in the Heavenly Courts . They will say that Fairy Yun Hua has descended to the mortal world and married a mortal . At that time, the little god would release this story to offset some of the subsequent effects . Your Majesty, you can also put on an act and punish Yang Tianyou for letting them suffer some hard days… Many immortals of the Heavenly Courts were emotional people . They did not dare to say anything on the surface, but they would secretly pity Fairy Yun Hua and Yang Tianyou . At this moment, Your Majesty, you only need to find a suitable opportunity to capture them and bring them back to the Heavenly Courts . You can cut off some of Fairy Yun Hua’s cultivation level and use the punishment of sacrificing your lifespan to help them achieve their Dao Fruit of Marriage . You can then make an example out of them and the matter will be concluded…”

That was Li Changshou’s plan to ensure that the Erlang God, Yang Jian, would successfully descend to the world and take care of the interests of all parties . The Jade Emperor slowly heaved a sigh of relief and nodded . He took out a jade brush and handed it to Li Changshou .

“Thank you, Your Majesty . I will not refuse . ”

“I feel that Changgeng, you’re deliberately setting me up . ” The Jade Emperor’s eyes were filled with disdain .

Li Changshou smiled calmly and raised his wine glass to toast the Heavenly Pillar . Hence, seven years later .

Things were indeed developing as Li Changshou and the Jade Emperor had said . The first six years were very peaceful .

In the first year of Fairy Yun Hua’s descent, the Yang Residence welcomed the Second Young Master . In the third year of the mortal world, the Yang Residence welcomed the Third Miss…

The life of the Yang family was naturally the envy of immortals who sparked the jealousy of mandarin ducks, and the joy of mortals .

However, the good times did not last long There were shocking changes in the sky .

Firstly, rumors spread in the Heavenly Courts . Almost overnight, the Heavenly Soldiers at the edge of the Heavenly Courts knew that the Jade Emperor’s sister, Fairy Yun Hua, had conspired with mortals and insulted the Heavenly Might .

The Heavenly Soldiers, Heavenly Generals, and Immortal Gods did not think that it was a big deal . They could just watch .

Li Changshou released the news that Yang Tianyou was the reincarnation of a golden boy and that he was destined to marry Fairy Yun Hua . He quickly corrected the rumors .

However, at that moment, a portion of the immortals and immortals kept exaggerating the seriousness of the matter . With the lead of the Immortal Elder Fu Yuan, they brought the matter to the Lingxiao Treasure Hall .

The Jade Emperor calmly ordered a group of Heavenly Soldiers to descend to the mortal world to capture them . The order he gave was to capture Yang Tianyou’s family of five and wait for his punishment in the Lingxiao Hall .

That was the problem .

Li Changshou had already considered that matter . Naturally, he would not ignore that key .

His paper effigy secretly hid under the Yang Residence and waited for the Heavenly Soldiers to arrive .

The Heavenly Soldiers landed and announced the Jade Emperor’s decree to capture Yang Tianyou and his family .

Yang Tianyou was very calm . He had expected that . He protected his wife and children and was trapped by the Heavenly Soldiers with immortal ropes .

At that moment, something unexpected happened!

A Heavenly Soldier that was less than five feet away from Yang Tianyou suddenly had golden light in his eyes . He slapped Yang Tianyou’s head .

Fairy Yun Hua was not good at fighting . She could not rush to help in time .

However, a white figure flashed over from the side and stood in front of Yang Tianyou . His beard and hair fluttered in the wind, and his eyes widened . Li Changshou’s paper effigy exploded and scolded, “Who are you!?!”

However, just as he finished speaking, Li Changshou immediately lost his connection with the paper effigy . He felt a wisp of Dao runes forcefully destroying the power of his essence soul that he had entrusted to the paper effigy!

In a flash, Li Changshou could only shift his attention to the paper effigy’s sleeve and activate the other spare paper effigy at full speed . However, when the paper effigy rushed out, it was already too late…

The Heavenly Soldier smashed Yang Tianyou’s head with one palm . On the other side, another Heavenly Soldier killed Yang Tianyou’s eldest son .

Li Changshou only had time to attack . He used his horsetail whisk to block the palm that was attacking Fairy Yun Hua . The immortal power in his body surged, and a gust of wind blew…

When the wind died down, the courtyard was in a mess .

The remaining Heavenly Soldiers were stunned . They looked at the scene in front of them and stared at the corpses of Yang Tianyou and his eldest son .

The younger son of Yang Tianyou, who was only six and a half years old, hugged his younger sister tightly . There was a hint of confusion in his calm expression, and a line of blood splattered on his face .

Li Changshou’s paper effigy only sent two voice transmissions to the Heavenly Soldiers and asked them to retreat .

A paper effigy had already taken Fairy Yun Hua away and sent her to the Heavenly Courts . The other paper effigies stayed behind and guarded Yang Jian and Yang Chan .

At the same time, thunder rumbled outside the Lingxiao Hall . The paper effigy that Li Changshou had come from the Moon Palace flew out of the lightning . With a cold expression, he stepped into the hall and walked towards the Talisman Essence Immortal .

The Jade Emperor looked puzzled and the immortals were puzzled . However, they could sense Li Changshou’s anger .

General Dongmu hurriedly asked, “Water God…”

Li Changshou did not reply . He had already walked to the front of the Immortal Elder Fu Yuan and looked at him . The latter looked puzzled, as if he did not know what was going on .

Li Changshou’s lips moved slightly as he sent a voice transmission .

The Immortal Elder Fu Yuan was first shocked . Then, his body trembled slightly, and his immortal body withered like a balloon .

In the blink of an eye, they turned into ashes and dispersed their souls!

One could hear a pin drop in the Lingxiao Hall . The immortals looked at Li Changshou in horror .

Only the Jade Emperor heard Li Changshou’s words . He pondered and his eyes shone .

“That’s too much, Uncle-Master . ”