My Special Ability is Perfect Replication - Chapter 324

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Chapter 324: Keep the Direbeasts, Devouring Satellites

The memories of the Caius Titans had given Ling Jiu a better understanding of Earth 5,000 years ago.

Earth was much stronger 5,000 years ago than it was now. There were more super-clustered beings, things more exciting. It was truly an era of great competitiveness where the truly powerful existed.

That was no surprise since there were many wormholes on Earth, and many planets on the other side of the wormholes were near white holes.

This alone had brought an enormous amount of dark bio-energy to Earth. The dark bio-energy was a guarantee of the birth of powerful beings.

Later, Ling Jiu cleansed Olympus, captured all the stellar beings and left.

Ling Jiu, Emperor Might, Vulcan, and others were all getting busy the following days.

They were wiping out the gods and eliminating the traitors.

It was the most turbulent time on Earth with countless stellar beings killed.

There was news of major incidents every day.

The hundreds of thousands of Japanese who returned to the islands of Japan wanting to reconstruct their country were all burned to death by falling sky fire.

Pantheons in various European countries were destroyed, millions of priests slaughtered.

The consortia and merchants who defected to the pantheons were all killed, of which the Rothschild family was the most famous one.

There were people dying every day.

This cleansing operation lasted for a week before it gradually stopped.

Subsequently, the European countries started re-forming their governments and restoring public orders.

The major arcana combines started recruitment drives, ready to rebuild their branches Across Europe and Africa.

There was a busy scene everywhere.

On this day, Ling Jiu got a call from Emperor Might and returned to Pangu’s headquarters.

Besides Emperor Might, Vulcan and government representatives from various countries were here, too.

The global summit was reconvening.

Before the meeting began, government representatives from various countries expressed their sincere gratitude to Ling Jiu, saying that without him, Earth would have been over.

After that, the meeting officially began.

Emperor Might was the first to speak. “The main reason for this summit is to discuss reconstruction of Earth after the gods and the Kryptonians have been eliminated.”

“The first item on the list of reconstruction is to plant arcana trees. Any questions?” Ling Jiu nodded.

All government representatives agreed with him.

Everyone knew the function of arcana trees. This magical plant could produce Gene Arcana. It would increase the Gene Arcana level on Earth. Not only people and countries around the world would benefit from it but also the overall strength of Earth would increase.

People were wary of planting arcana trees due to the threats of the deities in the past. They were worried that the high concentration of Gene Arcana would spur the birth of the gods.

Now that all the deities had been wiped out, planting arcana trees was no longer a problem. So everyone supported Emperor Might’s suggestion.

“We will not only plant arcana trees but also open the wormholes that lead to the lairs of the four pantheons,” Ling Jiu added.

Everyone looked at Ling Jiu.

“The planets where the lairs of the Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and Hindu gods are located are all near white holes. The concentration of dark bio-energy there is extremely high,” Ling Jiu said. After clearing out the obstacles around the wormholes, dark bio-energy will flow to Earth from those four planets and increase the dark bio-energy concentration on Earth.

“That four planets are also near white holes?”

The eyes of many galactic beings brightened up. They had been staying on Whitehole-2 for 1,000 years, and so they knew the benefits of being near a white hole.

Ling Jiu gave a definitive yes when he said, “The time flow rate at the lair of the Egyptian gods is ten times faster and the bio-energy concentration is one thousand times higher than that on Earth. Meanwhile, at the lair of the Norse gods, the time flow is fifteen times faster and the dark bio-energy concentration is two thousand five hundred times higher than that on Earth. At the lair of the Greek gods, the time flow is sixteen times faster and the concentration of dark bio-energy is two thousand nine hundred times higher than that on Earth. At the lair of Hindu gods, the time flow is thirteen times faster and the concentration of dark bio-energy is two thousand two hundred times higher than that on Earth. It is for this reason that the strength of these four major pantheons is far higher than that of the other pantheons.”

“I didn’t know that.”

“No wonder.”

“I knew it. Why are these four pantheons so powerful? It is because their environments are super conducive to self-cultivation.”

All the galactic beings suddenly put two and two together.

They further discussed several other issues, such as about the Kryptonian spaceship, the Caius Titans, the continual terraforming of Mars, and the direbeats, which were the main agenda on the table.

The direbeasts used to be the greatest threat to humanity. But since the birth of the gods, the most powerful direbeast gods had been brutally wiped out.

So direbeasts could no longer threaten the humans. The question now was what to do with the direbeasts.

Should they exterminate or keep them?

The government representatives of various countries wanted to kill all the direbeasts, retake the land occupied by the direbeasts, abandon the base city model, and restore the social order of 50 years ago.

But the major galactic beings had a different mind. They believed it was in the interest of humanity to keep the direbeasts.

The reason was humans would become complacent if there were no more direbeasts. People would become too comfortable and that was not good for the future of humanity.

Ling Jiu completely agreed with that. “We can’t let ourselves become too comfortable. Otherwise, it will kill our fighting spirit. It is necessary to keep the direbeast for this reason.”

He was undoubtedly the strongest man on Earth now. His words weighed a ton. So everyone agreed with him when he stated his stance.

Lantian Base City had been destroyed and become inhabitable. So after the summit, Ling Jiu returned to Chang’an Base City.

He bought another mansion there and called it his new home.

He spent the following few days with his family in Chang’an Base City. Doing nothing except for shopping, eating, and tittle-tattling with Li Kai. Life was simple. It was not until the sixth day that he got bored and contacted Leoux.

“Leoux, take me to the asteroid belt. I want to expand the Inner World of the Saiyan Golden Ape avatar.”

“No hurry, Ling Jiu,” Leoux said. “I have a better suggestion than going to the asteroid belt of the Solar system.”

“What is it?” Ling Jiu cocked an eyebrow. He needed a massive number of asteroids—materials, to be exact—to expand the Inner World.

Somewhere better?

Some place with even more asteroids?

Somewhere with even more materials?

“I explored the galaxy where the four planets are and found a rather cool stellar system.”

“Did you mean the four planets around the white hole?” Ling Jiu asked.

“Mhm, it is the stellar system where the lairs of the Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and Hindu pantheons are located.” Leoux nodded. “After digging deeper, I found that the star system where Olympus—the lair of the Greek pantheon—is, has an astonishingly large number of satellites. I think you can devour these satellites to expand the Inner World.”

“Devour the satellites?”

Ling Jiu’s eyes lit up. Satellites were larger. He was weak in the past and devouring satellites was beyond his dream.

But things are different now. He had the confidence and capability to devour satellites.

“Lead the way, Leoux.”

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