My Vampire System - Chapter 1220

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Chapter 1220 Vincent“s truth

Listening to the story, Vincent could only imagine the horror those on the Cursed ship had been through. At first, they were forced to go against their fellow humans, the strongest ability users that were known to exist. After feeling like they had pulled through, the Dalki had arrived.

Although, judging from the story, the Dalki had allowed them a bit of rest, but only for a moment. Then when they had finally crashed as their only option. They thought that they could head to safety at the Shelter, that everything was over, only to enter a den full of Dalki.

"It was my fault." Sam continued to say. "I was the one that led them to this Shelter, not thinking about it properly. Perhaps we could have tried to find a better place on the ship to huddle up. The strong Cursed members could have helped those fighting against the Dalki. Instead, we just jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire."

Sam had continued on his story from where he had left off before. After rallying those in the Cursed faction, they headed for the Shelter with a few Dalki hot on their tails. Luckily there were still a few strong fighters left that were able to help and fight them off, Dennis and Fex being two of them.

Eventually, after reaching the Shelter, it was only later that Sam realised his error. The Dalki in the Shelter had turned their attention towards the Cursed group that had arrived. They had grouped up, attacking them immediately. What was worse was the longer they spent fighting, the more Dalki would appear from the Shelter.

Realising his mistake, Sam was panicking and now was overthinking what decisions to make.

It was then that those in the Cursed faction had stepped up. The other leaders sacrificed themselves and had chosen to lead them off while fighting the Dalki.

The good news was that the Shelter was a large one. There were many different buildings they could use for cover. It was a Shelter that had been built for around thirty or so thousand people in the first place. The Dalki and the Cursed faction weren't large in number, so it was like a large game of hide and seek for the two. The Shelter could act like a small town, hiding between houses and more.

Which was exactly what Sam and the others with him were doing now. The split up had happened so fast, Sam had no clue where the others were. The only thing he could rely on was his nose, but he had two that were unable to move Nate and Layla with him.

He wanted to go out and search for the others to see if they were okay using his nose, Knowing the worse ones would be bleeding.

'With the two of them, it's hard for me to even move and help anyone. I don't really know what happened, but they haven't been able to recover.' Sam looked at Layla and Nate on the ground. The good thing was Sam had vampire strength, allowing him to lift the two of them.

"I told you to leave us. We will manage." Nate croaked, looking up. His eyes squinted as pain ran through his body. Even just moving his head was painful.

"Sam, do you really think it's your fault?" Vincent asked. "Do you know how many situations you have been put in and had to have made the right call? We can only look so far ahead, and we can't see into the future. Who knows if you stayed on the ship, what would happen? Maybe a Dalki would have spotted you and sent all those in the Shelter onto the ship. You could have been trapped with nowhere to run.

"You are a key player in the Cursed faction, and you always have been. Without you, Quinn would have made far more disastrous mistakes."

'Did he just refer to himself in the third person?' Sam thought but chose to ignore it anyway.

"Bonny, Void. I assume the live stream is still going on. Are you using those drones to see what's going on at the moment?" Vincent asked.

The two were dazed as they didn't expect Quinn to start asking them questions like so all of a sudden.

"Ermm, yes. The drones were safe from the impact. We are using them to find any of those who are too afraid to fight, but we haven't been able to go out and help them. However, there is one drone that isn't in the Shelter at the moment." Void answered.

"One drone, what is it looking at the moment?" Vincent asked.

"The fight between the five spiked Dalki and Hilston. Their fight has pushed beyond the Shelter, and they are still going at it even now." Bonny answered.

For a fight to last this long, it meant only one thing, that the two titans that were fighting against each other were evenly matched. Still, when two strong foes fought against each other, it also meant that one wrong move and either one of them could end each other.

"For now, I think we should search for the strong ones in the Cursed faction. Sil, Borden, Fex, Dennis, Megan and Peter. We need to gather them all and regroup. A winner will eventually come out from the big two, and we have to use this opportunity to strike them while they are weak. Either way, today we will be getting rid of them both." Vincent said as he walked towards the door.

"I'm sick and tired of him having to worry about a human of all things. It's not right." Vincent mumbled.

"Don't worry about the Dalki in this Shelter." He continued. "I'll get rid of them all." Before Vincent left, he stopped and looked at Bony for a few seconds. He started her straight in the eye as her face flushed red.

'I guess while I'm in his body, I should try to help him deal with the problems that he can't face. I'm just helping him out.'

"I would give up on the boy. He already has two on his mind that are too much for him to deal with. Maybe when he is older, and he doesn't have other problems, you can give it a go." After saying these words, no one saw 'Quinn' again.

"Was it just me, or was Quinn acting kind of weird?" Nate asked, hearing the whole thing.

But it wasn't just him. Everyone in the room felt like that wasn't the Quinn they knew. The way he talked, the fluctuations in his voice, and most of all, there was a strong air of confidence around him.

'That…that wasn't Quinn.' Was Layla's thought as her body was slowly recovering from using up all of her Qi. 'Who was that then, and where is Quinn?'


Inside the Shelter. The Blade kids had managed to stay together. When they arrived, they had been attacked by a few Dalki. They tried their best to use their abilities against it, but fighting against the Dalki and humans were different. Their fast movements and extremely resilient and strength made it nearly impossible for them to use their hand to hand combat skills they had practised with.

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However, they were fortunate due to Grim Graylash, an old man and the ex-leader of the Graylash faction, present with them. Regardless of this, the kids were still troubled because he was currently injured.

They too were hiding. They had found themselves inside a storage room of some sort. Most of the containers were empty or destroyed as if the Dalki had already been through the room before. Grim was holding his side close out his ribs where blood continued to flow. In the crash, one of the Chained took advantage of the situation and attacked the ex-family leader, causing a serious wound to his body.

'These kids are strong, but they will struggle against the Dalki out there. I need to find those that can protect them. I don't know how much longer I will last.' The old man thought it was at that moment. Three Dalki could be seen entering the large storage room. Or more correctly, they were heard.

The old man, along with the Blade kids, were hiding behind one of the storage containers. They held their breaths as the heavy footsteps continued.

"You know if you wanted to hide, then you shouldn't leave behind a trail of blood!" One of the Dalki shouted, noticing it outside of the place. He punched one of the strange continues in front of him, sending it flying to the side and crashing into the wall.

Yet, no one could be seen underneath.

'Blood, but I made sure to stop my wound with my ability?' It was then that Grim noticed he wasn't the only one that was hurt. One of the Blade kids had been injured as well. Blood was trickling down and could be seen under his trousers.

It was Adeel. He had been hurt in the crash as well but hadn't told any of the others, so they wouldn't worry about him. He didn't want them to stay in one place because of his injury, but moving made the wound worse.

It was then that the Dalki had spotted more trickles of blood leading towards another container. Seeing this, the Dalki smiled and called the other two.

"My my my, I thought trusting my nose would lead me to something interesting." A voice said in the back.

'Huh, another human, but who could that be, and why would the person reveal themselves? Who could possibly take on three Dalki at once?' The old man wondered.


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