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Chapter 912: The Powerful Medicine Will Cause Rather Serious Side-Effects

After dinner.

Old Master Bai and the rest knew that Gu Mang was an opinionated person and that no one could sway her. They had expected this before arriving.

Right before they left…

Elder Bai passed her a small medicine container. “Young Lady, this contains powerful medicine. They will cause some side-effects but it can heal your hand quickly.”

The more effective a medicine was, the more serious its side-effects were.

They could deal with the side-effects in the future. Right now, the most important thing was to settling the most urgent matter.

Gu Mang glanced at Yu Mufeng. He took the medicine from Elder Bai.

Bai Zhang said, “Use the medicine for 2 weeks to recuperate. I will leave some men with you. Be careful, whatever you do.”

“Thank you, Uncle,” Gu Mang said.

Bai Zhang patted her shoulder with his skinny and thin palms.

Old Master Bai glanced at Bai Sui. When they exchanged glances, Bai Sui nodded subtly.

They left the villa.

At Jijing Island General Hospital.

Elder Leng came to visit Leng Xuan. He told her everything that was going on in the Elders’ Association recently. The ward was fully sterilized and there was a layer of rubber film covering the bed.

Upon hearing that Gu Mang had won the competition using the robotic surgery system, Leng Xuan’s face darkened. “She learned how to use the robotic surgery system with only three months of studying? She’s just a freshman at Capital University’s medical school!”

Elder Bi nodded. “This is all the information we could find.”

Leng Xuan’s breathing was rough as she clenched her fists tightly.

Elder Bi said, “Actually, you don’t have to worry. The Head Elder should have a more comprehensive document on Gu Mang. If he dares to sign that agreement with Gu Mang, that means he is confident that Gu Mang will not be able to pass the assessment.”

Leng Xuan’s medical skills could not be questioned.

Internationally, the only person that was on Leng Xuan’s level was the esteemed Miracle Doctor.

Leng Xuan also knew that the reason the Head Elder was protecting her like this was because of her medical skills.

However, Gu Xian had appeared.

Friendships did not last, but benefits did.

She could not be sure that the Elders’ Association and the major families would stand by Gu Xian’s side. She had to prepare for contingencies. Because Gu Mang had requested Killer Alliance’s services, Leng Xuan begrudgingly considered paying to send another organization after her.

Right now, Gu Mang had half of the Lu family’s assets as well as the military group. She had many formidable and capable assets under her command.

Leng Xuan looked at Elder Bi. “Is the Miracle Doctor on good terms with the Shadow League?”

“I heard that Arctic Fox managed to find the Miracle Doctor to ask him to go to Country K’s President’s House to treat the First Lady. After that, the doctor disappeared again.”

Furthermore, no trace of the Miracle Doctor had been left behind. All the surveillance cameras’ recordings, including those in the President’s House, had been hacked. It was obvious that it was the Shadow League’s doing.

Even Jijing Island’s Intelligence Bureau could not find the Miracle Doctor.

Leng Xuan pondered for a few seconds. “Try to contact Shadow League.”

Seeing that Leng Xuan had finally calmed down, he heaved a sigh of relief. “Okay.”

It was especially peaceful in Jijing Island these few days.

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Those who had participated in the international physiology competition were sent back to their home countries on private jets provided by Jijing Island.

Capital University’s team, however, would go to Jijing Special Institute to study next semester.

Gu Mang went to send Yang Tianming and the others off personally.

“Will you come back to Capital University?” The probability of Gu Mang going back to Capital University was small now that she had taken first in the competition. However, Yang Tianming still could not resist asking.

The rest looked at Gu Mang.

Nonchalant, she answered concisely, “Yes.”

Yang Tianming hadn’t expected her to answer affirmatively.

He seemed dazed for a second. Thereafter, he was extremely worked up as he looked at Gu Mang with an expectant gaze. “Okay. I’ll go back and help you apply for a leave of absence. You can come back anytime you want.”

Although he had not known Gu Mang long, he knew that Gu Mang was not one to make empty promises. She would surely go back to the capital and Capital University.

Qin Yaozhi walked over to give Gu Mang a hug. She said gloomily, “Sister Mang, if you need anything, just call me. Even if I can’t offer any help, I can ask my cousins.”

Gu Mang’s eyes were obviously bloodshot. It was clear that she hadn’t slept well.

Gu Mang patted Qin Yaozhi’s head and hummed in acknowledgment. “Don’t tell Jinyang about what’s going on here.”

“Okay.” Qin Yaozhi’s eyes welled up. “Take care of yourself. Rest well.”

Qin Yaozhi was not a rich young lady who was living in her own bubble. She more or less knew what was going on on Jijing Island.

She knew that Gu Mang was in danger now.

Gu Mang smirked and nodded.

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