New Age Of Summoners - Chapter 719

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After 12 hours,
Its been more than 12 hours since Ajax learned the radiant sun body tempering cultivation technique .
Except for Ajax and the four young cultivators who are at the 18th pillar, everyone was teleported back to the first pillar .
Fearless gorilla, Silver Goliath, Levi and Paulin are those four young cultivators who were barely maintaining their consciousness and could be teleported back to the first pillar anytime .
All their bodies were entirely covered in sweat and their breathing was becoming heavy .
I cant take it any longer,
Within the next half an hour, all four young cultivators at the 18th pillar fell down to the ground and they were instantly teleported back .
Radiant sun body upgraded to grade 3 .
As for Ajax, the vitality in his body was increasing and he was full of it .
Phew . . . finally, I reached grade 3,
Ajax heaved a sigh of relief and continued to circulate the cultivation technique hoping that he would reach grade 4 in another 12 hours .
Currently, Ajax didnt have any plans to move away from the 36th pillar because why would he not use such a great opportunity to increase his special body to grade 4 .
It took him 4 hours to reach grade 2 and another 8 hours to reach grade 3 . So, according to his guess, it might take him 16 hours; however, he wanted to reach grade 4 within 12 hours .

As usual, the vagrant cultivators were shocked to see Ajaxs speed in increasing the grade of his special body .
From Elder Seward, they got to know that as long as one used the radiant sun body tempering cultivation technique in scorching heat, they would gain the radiant sun body .
However, what made them shocked was Ajaxs progress .
For Elder Seward, it took him 20 years to reach grade 6 for the radiant sun body; however, for Ajax, it took him only 12 hours to reach grade 3 and if things didnt go wrong reaching grade 6 within a month would be not a problem for him .
I think, he might not even breakthrough to grade 4 for some time,
Elder Sewards face looked bitter as he said to others .
Huh? Why?
Since they didnt know much about the radiant sun body, the guild master asked Elder Seward .
Look at there,
Elder Seward pointed his finger at the huge sum in the distance and continued to say, The intensity of the heat energy is decreasing and it will take years to create the environment just like earlier .
Only now they understood how important the heat waves from the radiant sun in increasing the grade of the radiant sun body .
. . .
At the 36th pillar,
System, show me the effects of grade 3 special body,
Ajax silently thought in his head as he continued to temper his body with the help of heatwaves and the radiant sun cultivation technique .
Since it is upgraded to grade 3, Ajax was a little curious to check whether it has any new effects which might help him .
Special body name:- Radiant sun body
Effects:- 1) two times stronger compared to normal tempered bodies .
2) All minor injuries will be healed within a day .
3) Increase of 0 . 5 times vitality 
Oh . . . two new effects,
Ajax revealed a surprised look and his motivation to increase his special body to grade 4 reached the next level .
Even though the two new effects were not very great, they will help him someway . Moreover, when he reached grade 4 or grade 5, they would definitely increase .
After a couple of minutes, Ajax started to feel some uncomfortable feeling inside his body .
In the next few minutes, the pain started to increase drastically .  
The system suggests the host stop rotating the radiant sun cultivation technique as the heat waves from the sun have stopped coming .
As soon as he heard those words, he was shocked and sensed his surroundings .  
Just like the system said, there were no heat waves which made Ajax frown .
Sigh . . . looks like I need to wait for some more time to upgrade my special body,
He shook his head and stopped circulating the radiant sun cultivation technique .
As soon as he did that, the uncomfortable feeling disappeared making him a little confused .
Because when he was subjected to scorching heat, he was barely able to bear the pain; however, by rotating the special cultivation technique, that scorching pain disappeared and gave him a good feeling .
But when there was no scorching heat and by rotating the cultivation technique, he was feeling the scorching heat .
Special cultivation technique,
He directly opened that cultivation technique to see the complete details of the cultivation technique .
Special cultivation technique:- Radiant sun cultivation technique
Grade:- Heaven (Auto-upgrade)
Auto-upgrade:- The cultivation techniques grade will be increased when specific conditions are met .
Effect:- Helps in unlocking the radiant sun body under specific conditions and at the same time, it will help in upgrading that body .
Note:- It is advised to use this cultivation technique in rich heat energy places otherwise, the cultivator could even lose his life .
Oh . So, it works like that,
Finally, Ajax understood that he could only use this cultivation in specific places and if he wanted to use it in places without fire energies, he might even lose his life .
While thinking that he walked back to the first pillar and later they were all picked up by the vagrant cultivators .
Everyone was too tired to talk . So, everyone stayed silent for the return journey .
They were given some rooms in a house and asked to take rest for one day because Elder Seward said that the toll on their bodies would be too huge .
. . . .
One day later,
Everyone was in an excited mood as they walked out of their rooms .
After one day of complete rest, they looked powerful and the air around them seemed a little different .
There is another change in them . More than 10 personal disciples have progressed in their cultivation by one or two minor realms .
Its time for you to enter the veiled matriarchs secret realm,
The guild master didnt praise them or wasted any time as he said that they will be going to the next secret realm .
There are only a few more days for the champions contest to start . So, they were in a hurry .
Without wasting any time, they started flying out of the Radiant sun secret realm and flew towards the next realm .
In the next step of your training, you will be focusing on actually metal peace,
While travelling, the guild master started explaining, Since your cultivation progressed at a fast pace, your cultivation foundation will not be stable . So, for the next 24 hours, you will be doing nothing except for sitting in her secret realm .
All the young cultivators were confused because how can sitting simply be helpful for them .
Nevertheless, they didnt ask anything and waited for the next step of their special training to see what they will get from the next training .
Just like them, Ajax was also excitedly looking forward to the next secret realm and next step of the special training .

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