Chapter 333

“Reporting to Grand Supreme Elder, our people who entered the third level discovered an ancient book and a jade slip, but they were taken away by the Daemon King . Several people had found many Cosmic Stones on the second floor . There were more than twenty pieces, but our people arrived too late, and the Cosmic Stones fell into the hands of the Thunder Beast Clan and others!” The person who gave the report saw that Cang Lu was angry, but forced himself to remain calm and speak respectfully .

 “More than twenty Cosmic Stones? That’s impossible!” Cang Lu exclaimed . He was well-informed and there were not many things that could surprise him . He knew that Cosmic Sones were rare and contained the extremely powerful Cosmic Power, but this Cosmic Power decreased greatly when the Cosmic Stones fell from the sky . In general, there were very few Cosmic Stones that fell to the ground . It may take thousands or even tens of thousands of years to find just one stone .

 Under normal circumstances, a single Cosmic Stone would not be enough to attract too much attention from a Peerless Power because there was a limited effect that just one Cosmic Stone would give them . However, if there were more than twenty Cosmic Stones, that would be enough to attract attention . After all, once reaching the Peerless Power attainment realm, it would be very difficult for them to improve their strength further .

 More than twenty Cosmic Stones . It would take tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years to accumulate such a large amount!

 There was something strange about this matter . It was weird that the Soul Pagoda was opening now too . Could it be that a major change was imminent, just as calculated by the three Head Councils?

 “Grand Supreme Elder, we also discovered some golden eggs in the Soul Pagoda . We don’t know what sort of creature it is but we suspect it’s from a powerful Spirit Beast . Of the twenty or so eggs, our men had managed to take three . ” Several people brought up the golden eggs wrapped in cloth .

 Cang Lu looked at the three golden eggs and frowned . He could not recognize what these eggs were . He said, “Fu Yu, tell Cang Yuan to take these three golden eggs and hurry back to the Head Councils . Let them find out what these eggs are!”

 “Yes!” Fu Yu quickly replied . Cang Yuan was a peak Mystique Venerable Rank combatant and was Cang Lu’s proud disciple . His strength might not be as good as a Godly Venerable One, but he did have some special life-saving special techniques . Even Godly Venerable Rank or Daemon King Rank combatants would not be able to catch him!

 Tianyuan ancient coins, Cosmic Stones, and the mysterious golden eggs . They were proof that the Soul Pagoda opening this time was different from the past .

 “Fu Yu, you all will follow me into the Soul Pagoda!” Cang Lu said, “I want to go into the Soul Pagoda and see just who dares to oppose the Tribunal Council!”

 Previously, all forces had a tacit understanding to let the Mystique Rank combatants take the treasures . That way, Godly Venerable Ones, Daemon Kings, and even Grand Supreme combatants did not have to enter, and all forces could maintain a relative balance . Now, with the appearance of a Daemon King combatant inside the Soul Pagoda, that balance had been broken . Cang Lu could not just leave this be .

 “Grand Supreme Elder, the Thunder Beast Clan, a few primordial clans, several Daemon Kings from the Daemon King Kingdom, and Godly Venerable Ones have already entered the Soul Pagoda . That woman Bi Lin was too fast . I couldn’t stop her at all!” Mu You rushed in . Like Fu Yu, he was also the leader of a sub-council and was a Godly Venerable One .

 “That d*mned Thunder Beast Clan!” Cang Lu roared . “Mu You, you guard the Soul Pagoda entrance . Fu Yu and Liu Ming, come with me!” Bi Lin had entered the Soul Pagoda and with the Thunder Beast Clan’s amazing speed, their Tribunal Council was now a step behind!

 “Swoosh swoosh swoosh”, Cang Lu shot out of the camp like an arrow .

 Fu Yu and Liu Ming, two Godly Venerable Rank combatants, also followed Cang Lu out .

 Knowing that the Thunder Beast Clan and the Tribunal Council had moved, the major forces were in turmoil and quickly entered the Soul Pagoda as well .

 The Godly Venerable Ones and Daemon Kings from the various forces had entered the Soul Pagoda . The situation inside the Soul Pagoda instantly became strange and unpredictable . In particular, those with Grand Supreme and Peerless Powers in their ranks like the Thunder Beast Clan and the Tribunal Council, already had a major advantage over everyone else .

 To combatants like Bi Lin and Cang Lu, they could travel hundreds of kilometers in mere moments . In an instant, Bi Lin from the Thunder Beast Clan had already reached the second level of the Soul Pagoda . The people following her had been left behind far away .

 The Mystique Rank combatants scattered on the second level of the Soul Pagoda saw a white flash of lighting and thought that it was some sort of treasure, and quickly pursued it . However, that flash of lightning had already disappeared into the distant sky in just a split second . They were completely left in the dust .

 If someone could reach that level of speed, they would see that the flash of lightning did not come from a treasure, but a woman wearing a tight red dress . Her appearance was extremely beautiful and enchanting . She had curved eyelashes, glistening eyes, and sexy red lips, full of charm . One look was enough to make people swoon . Her figure was also incredibly hot . Her round chest was accentuated by her tight-fitting dress which came down in waves . If a man saw this scene, they would not help but want to bury their heads in between those beautiful twin peaks .

 Bi Lin waved her slender hand and kept her Tier Six Spirit Artifact Rank sword away .

 Bi Lin kept the sword into her Heaven-Earth Pouch without looking at it . The corner of her mouth turned slightly upward and her long and thin eyebrows raised . That smile could drive people mad . “The Soul Pagoda opening this time is indeed strange . I wonder if that old man from the Tribunal Council has entered yet . He must be furious that I was a step ahead and entered first . ”

 Not even a Tier Six spirit artifact was able to interest a Grand Supreme combatant much .

 With a “swoosh” and a flash of lightning, she shot hundreds of kilometers away .

 While Bi Lin flew, her powerful Psyche spread all around, almost covering the entire second level of the Soul Pagoda .

 The mystical and Celestial Beasts who plundered all kinds of items in the Soul Pagoda shuddered at the energy . That energy was just too powerful . Bi Lin only needed to move slightly and the spirits of all the mystical and Celestial Beasts in the Soul Pagoda would be greatly damaged!

 This was the terrifying strength of a Grand Supreme Rank Celestial Beast!

 At this moment, Ye Chen was swiftly passing through the fourth level of the Soul Pagoda . The Spirit Beasts on the fourth level were somewhat similar in appearance to the ones on the first floor, but they were much larger . Crimson flames burned on their bodies and their strength was not inferior to that of a Mystique Rank combatant . Among them, there was the occasional spirit beast that had two pairs of wings on their backs flying through the air from time to time .

 There were not many Mystique Rank combatants who had managed to safely arrive at the fourth level . They carefully explored the depths of the fourth level .

 Ye Chen flew over while his Astral Body swept the area, looking for traces of all kinds of treasure .

 The number of Tier Five or Six spirit artifacts was even greater on the fourth level . Ye Chen continued to collect them and kept them inside the armguard space . With no one competing with him, he had collected fifty to sixty items in an instant .

 Unfortunately, there was nothing particularly good .

 While Ye Chen flew, the Spirit Beasts below howled .

 In the distance on a clearing, a huge Spirit Beast entered Ye Chen’s sight, alarming him . This Spirit Beast looked completely different from other Spirit Beasts . It stood on two feet like a giant and its seven to eight-meter-tall body was like a giant ape’s . It looked extremely fierce and terrifying, and it held two three-meter-long swords that burned with scarlet flames . The three pairs of wings on its back were several meters long!

 Those two giant swords were spirit artifacts above Tier Seven or Eight!

 The howling of that Spirit Beast had reverberated throughout the entire fourth floor, making one’s very soul tremble .

 That was the strength of a Daemon King!

 In the direction of the entrance to the fourth level, one could also hear the roar that seemed to tear one’s very soul apart . The Mystique Rank combatants were very cautious and did not dare to go too far into the fourth level .

 “It’s a mid-level rank Aberrant Spirit Beast . I don’t know if it has gained sapience, but if it has, then I’m afraid you aren’t its opponent!” Master Lion’s voice sounded from the Heavenly Astra Vice Seal . “However, if you work with that little Winged Serpent, you should be able to defeat it! That little Winged Serpent is about to advance in level . ”

 Ye Chen felt the energy coming from his cuff . Little Wingsy’s energy had strengthened several times . Little Wingsy was originally a Daemon King Rank existence and was only greatly weakened after being injured . However, as time passed, his injury had healed much . In Elder Tuntian’s words, Little Wingsy could return to his peak in less than a year, and even become stronger .

 Ye Chen gave Little Wingsy a Cosmic Stone, and Little Wingsy’s body underwent a thorough change after he had absorbed the energy of the stone . It helped Little Wingsy restore his Daemon King Rank strength . Although he was still short of his peak, he was already a Daemon King .

 “I’ll find other treasures . There’s no need to kill this Aberrant Spirit Beast!” Ye Chen said . Although Little Wingsy and he were already Daemon King Rank, there was no need to cause trouble with an Aberrant Spirit Beast . After all, that Aberrant Spirit Beast also had the strength of a Daemon King Rank . It would be much safer to just look for other treasures . There were only two Tier Seven or Eight spirit artifacts on the Aberrant Spirit Beast’s body .

 “Kid, are you dumb or stupid? Will any of those treasures you find be more valuable than that Aberrant Spirit Beast’s body? A kilogram of meat from an ordinary Earthly Adept Rank Spirit Beast has the effect of one Chi Deposition Pill, much less the meat of an Aberrant Spirit Beast . There’s only a tiny possibility of an Aberrant Spirit Beast being born out of tens of millions of Spirit Beasts!”

 “Besides the meat of Aberrant Spirit Beasts, its bones are called spirit bones . They’re also incredibly valuable . Using just a small piece to forge into a weapon would allow you to cut an opponent’s spirit! That’s a weapon stronger than any Tier Seven or Eight spirit artifact . An ordinary spirit artifact can only cut flesh . Did you know? That pretty mermaid’s Sea God Trident is partly made up of soul bone! Physical injuries are easy to recover, but spiritual injuries are difficult to treat . ”