Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 68

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Chapter 68 News of His Father

There was someone spying on him; that was his first reaction . However, even after spreading out his divine sense throughout the entire Long household, he was unable to find anyone suspicious .

But that feeling had definitely not been a mistake . With his perceptive spirit he had definitely sensed that extremely indistinct killing intent .

Long Chen was fully confident in his intuition . If there was no one suspicious in the Long household, then that meant the enemy was watching from further away .

Seeing that the sky was already darkening, Long Chen muttered to himself and placed the puppy-like Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf back into its trunk .

That trunk was something Lu Fang-er had brought over . Inside was a nourishing fluid that was enough for the cub to consume so that it wouldn’t die .

Setting up a proper place for the little cub, he then changed and left his estate .

As expected, his intuition had been correct . As soon as he went past the gates, he sensed that he was being watched by people . A cold smile appeared on his face as he continued walking .

He knew those people were preparing to kill him . If he had guessed correctly, they should have been waiting for nightfall to sneak into the Long estate and assassinate him .

He preferred not to fight in his home, so he left . And as he had expected, after he walked a dozen miles away and entered a remote region with no one else present, a sharp whistling arrow was shot straight for his back .

By the time he reacted and went on guard, it was already too late . He was shot through, groaning as he tumbled to the ground .

Over ten figures surrounded Long Chen . Those people were all wearing veiled masks . Raising their swords, they completely cut off any retreat paths .

“Hmph, what Phoenix Cry number one junior generation; he’s just an idiot . He was handled so easily,” coldly sneered one of the masked men .

As soon as he said, an arrow firmly shot him right through the stomach . His eyes widened and he didn’t even dare look down at his stomach as he felt his life quickly fading .

He tumbled to the ground . Even as he died, he had no idea just who it was that had killed him .


The others all immediately retreated, looking in shock at Long Chen . They noticed that the arrow on his back had disappeared .

More importantly, Long Chen seemed absolutely fine! He got up from the ground and indifferently patted the dust off his clothes .

Long Chen had long since been on guard, so how could it possibly have been so easy to ambush him? The very instant that arrow had been about to hit him, it had already been caught by him in midair .

But he had faked being hit and tumbled to the ground powerlessly . Everything had been an act he had put on extremely convincingly . The reason he did this was to find out what this group had come for .

The arrowhead didn’t have any poison on it and the twang of the bowstring had been too loud . Assassins definitely wouldn’t randomly walk up to enemy who wasn’t confirmed to be dead .


Following one of their shouts, the masked men suddenly released their auras . Blood Qi soared to the sky; every single one of them was a Blood Condensation expert .

Metal rang out as a sword appeared in Long Chen’s hand . That was the weapon of the one he had killed . He used it now to block one of their attacks .

The person whose attack he blocked felt his hand turn numb . The power behind Long Chen’s sword blow was shockingly great . The sword in his hand was blown away and he was knocked onto his back .

A cold light flashed over that person’s body and he was split into two . A rain of blood descended for a moment .

Now that Long Chen had condensed eleven cyclones that had reached a terrifying size, even a random blow from him was practically unstoppable .

After easily killing a Blood Condensation expert with a wave of his sword, the pungent smell of blood filled the air . The cyclones in his body almost seemed to have been provoked, and without any urging from Long Chen they started to circulate faster and faster .

In just the blink of an eye, two of their group had died . Both shock and rage filled with . They bellowed angrily and charged all at the same time, each of them stabbing towards one of Long Chen’s vital points .

Long Chen coldly snorted . Spiritual qi surged rapidly into his arms .

Using just that one sword, Long Chen fended off the attacks of over ten people . With a crisp bang, qi waves surged out with shockingly terrifying fluctuations .

With the combined force of over ten people, they forced Long Chen back several steps . He wasn’t injured at all, however his sword was unable to take such terrifying strength and shattered, leaving only the hilt .

They were all greatly shocked that Long Chen was able to fend off their combined attack alone . Three of them were at the mid Blood Condensation realm!

“Good, again!”

One of them ordered . Although his voice was suppressed to be quiet, there was something indescribably strange about that voice .

They didn’t need this reminder . They all knew that this was the best moment . They all charged at the unarmed Long Chen .

Looking at those masked black-robed attackers, a ridiculing smile appeared on his face . He lightly rubbed his ring .

Golden light suddenly lit up the sky . A huge battle-ax cut through the sky . It was just like the full moon as it swung through a mournful arc .

Blood and broken limbs flew everywhere . The terrifying strength of the battle-ax dug a huge hole in the ground . Nine of them died under it; now there were only three remaining .

And that was because those three were somewhat slower . When they had seen a huge battle-ax suddenly appear in his hands, they instinctively had slowed down slightly, allowing them to escape death .

But while they had managed to survive, the others were not so lucky . In front of that huge battle-ax, the swords in their hands were no different from toys . All of them had been crushed into pieces .

That huge power had even managed to impress Long Chen . This was the domineering style of heavy weapons . Your power would multiply, allowing you to completely crush enemies head-on .

But one of the drawbacks was that Long Chen needed two hands to hold the battle-ax . That was because the handle was too thick . At the same time, just one hand’s strength was unable to draw out all of the potential power of the battle-ax .

Although that battle-ax was extremely powerful, due to having used too much force, his arms ended up feeling extremely sore .

“Now it’s time to send you guys to hell . ”

He slowly raised the huge battle-ax . Only then did the remaining three react . They immediately fled, disappearing in just a couple blinks .

Seeing the direction those three were fleeing, Long Chen helplessly sighed . He sat himself down on the huge ax, seeming to not have the slightest intention of chasing after them .

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to chase, but that he wouldn’t be able to do anything to them even if he caught up . Due to underestimating the Splitting Mountain Battle-Ax’s weight and power, he had misjudged how much strength to use and ended up dislocating his own shoulder . His raising of the battle-ax was just to scare them off . Otherwise if they didn’t flee, then he would be the one running .

Twisting his shoulder, he popped it back into its socket . Suddenly he turned to some bushes to the side and said, “Having hidden for so long, don’t you think it’s time to come out and say a couple things?”

Those bushes remained silent . Long Chen smiled slightly and suddenly a red medicinal pill appeared in his hand . With a flick of his finger, the red pill fell into the bushes .

That medicinal pill burst apart when it landed in the bushes . Countless strands of red smoke immediately filled the air . The smoke spread extremely quickly, reaching hundreds of meters away .

That was a poison pill . The pills refined from alchemists didn’t just save lives; they also could take lives . Long Chen had kept that poison pill for a long time . Back in the Heroic Assembly House when he had fought against Huang Chang, he was just about to use it when the crown prince had walked in .

That was a life-preserving measure . But now that he had even better medicinal pills, that pill had lost its use .

A figure quickly fled from the bushes, rushing towards the distance .

“I’d advise you not to run . Otherwise in just a few minutes the poison will reach your heart and you’ll die,” indifferently said Long Chen .

That figure stopped and paused for a moment . Perhaps he was considering whether Long Chen was telling the truth or not, but in the end he decided to stay .

“Young master’s techniques truly are worthy of praise . ”

That person slowly walked over and bowed . He appeared to be about in his twenties . He was slightly thin and appeared weak . His face was exceptionally plain, one that would be hard to pick out amongst a crowd .

“Who are you?”

“Reporting to young master, this little one is Chen Fei . I was sent by your father to secretly protect his wife and son,” said Chen Fei .

“My father? Do you have any proof of that?” Long Chen was pleasantly surprised, but he still needed proof .

That person took out something from his robes and handed it to Long Chen . “This is a keepsake . I really am ashamed . I believe that young master should definitely recognize it . ”

Long Chen immediately turned a bit sour when he saw that thing . It was a bamboo sword, the first gift his father had ever given to him as a child .

At that time he had only been two years old . He had been so excited back then that he had wildly brandished it as if he was a great expert .

Back then his father had accompanied him like that every day . He would occasionally give him encouragement as he wildly swung his bamboo sword, and his mother would laugh secretly to the side .

Those were the soft and warm days of their three person family . It felt like it was just yesterday . He seemed to be able to see his father’s strict but pampering expression .

But a child was a child . A toy was something that didn’t remain novel for long . He later became enraptured by real swords and blades . That bamboo sword was lost somewhere he had never bothered with .

Looking at the bamboo sword now, he saw there was a bright shine to it . That was obviously something that could only be left behind by stroking it thousands of thousands of times .

“Master really did wish to see his son and wife over these years, but he was absolutely unable to reunite with his family . But if he learned that his son had reached such a point, he would definitely be extremely gratified,” said Chen Fei .

Long Chen carefully put away the bamboo sword . This news of his father caused him to be even more excited than if he broken through his current realm .

It had been so many years, but his father had never once even sent a letter back . He actually sometimes wondered if his father no longer wanted his wife and child . It would be a lie to say that he didn’t have a bit of a grudge inside him .

Hearing Chen Fei’s words today, that sore point in his heart was finally released . At the same time, he was also a bit ashamed . In terms of trusting his father, he was far from equal to his mother .

“Come back to the estate . I have some things I want to talk about with you,” said Long Chen . He had now understood many things . Although he didn’t know the whole picture, he felt that he was now capable of changing his own fate .

“Young master, you believe me just like this?” Chen Fei was surprised .

“Of course I believe you . That’s because if you had lied just now, the current you would already be a corpse . ”

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