Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 86

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Chapter 86 Killing With the Wave of a Hand

In front of Xiao Hua’s horrified eyes, the enormous Burst Bear charged at Long Chen, swatting at him with a huge bear claw .

The Burst Bear’s strongest point was its powerful claws . It could easily crush rock, so a human body would immediately turn to pulp .

That was also why the villagers had never dared place any intentions on the Burst Bear . Their combined forces were unable to severely injure the Burst Bear, while the Burst Bear would be able to kill several of them with a single charge .

BANG! Xiao Hua covered her mouth, unable to believe her own eyes .

That Burst Bear’s terrifying attack was actually stiffly blocked by Long Chen . Waves of Qi scattered and the land shook, but Long Chen didn’t take even a single step back .

Although his figure wasn’t imposing, he was able to easily block the huge Burst Bear which was several times his size . The current Long Chen’s hair was dancing in the wind, and he appeared like a revered god of war .

After blocking that Burst Bear with a single fist, Long Chen coldly smiled . If it was below Muscle Rebirth, then even the Burst Bear which specialized in violence was still insufficient to even enter his gaze .

Long Chen made a couple calculations . The Burst Bear’s attack had a force of over five tons . An ordinary Qi Condensation expert would be crushed to death in a single blow .

And even Blood Condensation experts would have to reach the middle stage first before just barely being able to block that attack . That was just how terrifying a Magical Beast which specialized in power was .

But in front of Long Chen, that attack posed no danger at all . At the same time, Long Chen thought of Aman . If Aman was here, he would probably also block it and then wring its neck .

Long Chen didn’t waste any more time . Taking advantage of the Burst Bear stumbling in shock, a broadsword appeared in his hands and he slashed down .

Blood splattered as Long Chen broadsword slashed right through the Burst Bear’s head . It didn’t even have time to make a single sound as it tumbled to the ground .

Xiao Hua blankly watched it all . She felt as if she was dreaming . It wasn’t that she hadn’t killed a Magical Beast before, but it was the first time she had seen such an overbearing method .

Normally when the villagers killed Magical Beasts, they had to make ample preparations . They had to set snares and traps and coat all their weapons with poison . To handle a single Magical Beast would require close to a month’s preparations .

And despite all those preparations, despite gathering the entire village’s power, killing that Magical Beast had to be done extremely carefully . A single mistake could cost many lives .

Yet in front of Long Chen, that incomparably frightening Burst Bear had been taken down effortlessly .

“How do we handle this thing?”

Only when Long Chen asked her a question did Xiao Hua awake from her stupor . Looking at that huge Burst Bear’s corpse, she said, “How about we return to the village and bring this Magical Beast up in front of the forest divinity?”

“Or how about you keep it to eat, and only once you get some more prey do you offer more sacrifices?” proposed Long Chen .

The villagers were surviving only barely on porridge . That was no way to live or even survive in this wilderness . In any case, killing this kind of Magical Beast didn’t require any real effort from him .

“We can’t! We can’t disappoint the forest divinity’s trust in us . That’s blasphemous . ”

“Fine . ”

Long Chen was helpless . Waving his hand, he collected the Burst Bear’s massive corpse into his spatial ring .

“You… how did you do that? Are you a god?” Xiao Hua looked at Long Chen in astonishment .

That giant corpse had disappeared into thin air, and at the same time, she thought of how Long Chen had suddenly summoned a broadsword into his hands at the beginning .

When they had brought Long Chen back to the village back then, they had also brought along that broadsword . But it was so heavy that it had required two people to carry .

Later they kept it permanently by Long Chen’s bed . Once he had awoken, Long Chen naturally had collected it . Thinking of that, Xiao Hua was completely bewildered .

Long Chen couldn’t help laughing, “How am I a god? This is a spatial ring and can easily store objects . ”

Long Chen rubbed his ring and the Burst Bear’s corpse once more appeared . Xiao Hua enviously looked at Long Chen’s ring, continuously praising it .

Obviously Xiao Hua had never heard of things like spatial rings . Most likely due to how low quality their beast hides and crystal cores were, they were unable to make much money . They were completely unable to come into contact with expensive items like spatial rings .

“Xiao Hua, let me give you a present . ”

Long Chen took out another ring . That ring had been his only harvest from killing Xia Changfeng .

Long Chen had looked over what was inside while being chased by Ying Hou . Other than some money and weapons, the rest was all useless to him .

But there had been one good thing inside . There was the manual that Xia Changfeng had won from the auction, Three Style Parting Wind .

Within the surrounding empires, Earth class Battle Skills were already the highest rank of Battle Skills available . For Xia Changfeng to be able to obtain such a Battle Skill for just five hundred million gold coins was actually quite lucky .

But now that luck wasn’t his, but Long Chen’s . Other than taking out the Three Hit Wind, he left everything else inside the ring .

“No, Long Chen, I can’t accept your things . ” Seeing Long Chen suddenly hand her a ring, she hastily jumped and refused .

“Why not? Didn’t you say I was your man? You don’t want what your man gives you?” Long Chen couldn’t help joking .

Although he was kidding around a bit, he definitely did have a favorable opinion of how kind and lively Xiao Hua was . Although it wasn’t that kind of romantic feeling, he definitely did want to be friends .

“This… this… . ” Xiao Hua was obviously a young woman longing for love . She glanced at the ring in his hands with a contradicting expression .

She was definitely extremely curious towards this practically divine ring, but she didn’t feel comfortable taking it .

“Just take it . Treat it as my gift . ”

Long Chen placed the ring into her hand . Xiao Hua’s hand was extremely beautiful, however it had a layer of calluses, another mark of her being a huntress and often drawing a bow .

She lowered her completely red head and rubbed the ring in her hand over and over . That was the first time Long Chen had seen Xiao Hua actually show her shy side .

“Here, I’ll teach you how to use it . Gather your focus to the spot between your eyebrows and from that spot, focus your mind on within the ring . At the same time, inject a bit of spiritual qi with your other hand…”

Ordinary people weren’t able to open spatial rings, but cultivators could as long as they had reached the Qi Condensation realm . As long as they could use their Qi and combine it with Spiritual Strength, they would be able to open it .

But Xiao Hua didn’t understand the slightest thing about Spiritual Strength . She needed Long Chen to guide her step by step . What completely surprised Long Chen was that Xiao Hua was extremely smart and quickly comprehended the method in just a few tries .

This made him shake his head inside . If Aman had just half Xiao Hua’s smart, he wouldn’t have to worry so much about him .

Thinking of Aman, Long Chen couldn’t help becoming anxious . He didn’t know if Aman had brought Little Snow back to the capital .

But according to Long Chen’s calculations, having held up Ying Hou, there was no one who would recognize Aman . It was highly likely he would be able to return to the capital .

As long as he did and then went to ask grandmaster Yun Qi for help, that would shield the Long household from worries . But plans could never be completely perfect . He also had to quickly return to the capital .

Of course, before that, he still had to complete two things . One of which was to repay the village’s debt, otherwise with their guileless natures, if they really did go try killing a second rank Magical Beast, who knew how many of them would die .

And secondly, he had to increase his cultivation base . His fight with Ying Hou had made him realize he was still lacking . In front of a Muscle Rebirth expert, he was powerless to resist . Such a feeling was definitely not one he wanted to feel a second time .

“Ah, how much stuff!”

Xiao Hua finally managed to open the spatial ring and saw what was inside .

Inside was a space several meters wide . There was a mountain of golden coins along with many weapons that shined coldly .

It was obviously the first time she had seen such fine weapons . And as for the gold coins, she didn’t have any shock because she didn’t even recognize what they were .

They would only ever send anyone out of the village once every now and then . That journey required half a month to reach a distant town . They would exchange crystal cores and hides for the metal instruments, food and other provisions they needed . They never actually touched money .

As for the coldly shining weapons, only they were truly interesting to Xiao Hua who was a huntress . Looking at those weapons, she almost fainted from joy .

“Spiritual qi is required to open the ring . If you want to take things out or put things in, then you need to use your Spiritual Strength . Try it . ” Long Chen laughed at her excitement .

“Ok . ”

Xiao Hua tried using her Spiritual Strength several times without succeeding . One reason was because her Spiritual Strength was too weak . Not all people had such vigorous Spiritual Strength like alchemists .

And for another, Xiao Hua was a complete amateur at using Spiritual Strength . Trying to use it was an exceptionally laborious task . That had long since been expected by Long Chen and he didn’t rush her . He continuously encouraged her .

If she could use the spatial ring properly, then the weapons inside would allow the entire village’s strength to rise to another level . It would definitely reduce the casualties of the hunters .

Plus they would have it much more convenient whenever they had to go out of the village .

In the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Xiao Hua finally managed to use her Spiritual Strength from the spatial ring . But due to her lack of control, she was unable to control where it appeared and it fell to the ground .

“Wow! Excellent, I can use this divine ring!”

Xiao Hua picked up the sword with one hand and hugged Long Chen with the other excitedly .

“Hey, be careful . You almost ran me through with your sword!” Long Chen laughed bitterly .

She was unable to control her excitement and she chopped the new sword in her hand at a tree around the width of an arm .

With a clean sound, the sword effortlessly chopped through the tree . Its sharpness caused Xiao Hua to exclaim in excitement . Obviously the weapons they could exchange for in the town they went to were unable to compare to such a fine weapon .

Seeing that she had learned the initial ways to use it, Long Chen helped her to take out a spear . To hunters, spears were definitely more useful than swords .

The two of them continued travelling forward when they suddenly ran into a wild boar . It looked to be over a ton . Perhaps the two of them had walked into its territory since it was now attacking them .

Xiao Hua stabbed at it with her spear . The sharpness of the spear made it seem like she was chopping tofu . It punctured right through the boar’s tough hide, pierced its heart, and came out through the other side of its body .

Xiao Huawas incomparably excited . She had been able to bring down a matured wild boar in just a single blow . That was an incredibly great accomplishment to her .

The the of them hurried along their journey . On the midday of the next day, the two of them finally arrived beside a certain pond with an enormous tree beside it .

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