Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 91

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Chapter 91 KingKong Fury Ape

Within the undulating mountain range, huge trees with thick vines covering them reached for the sky, and the occasional roar of wild beasts would shake the land .

A ten meter tall KingKong Fury Ape emitted an angry roar that shook the forest, causing streams of leaves to tumble to the ground .

Facing the KingKong Fury Ape was a human who wasn’t even comparable to it in size .

That person was Long Chen who was currently emitting intense fluctuations that made him seem like a celestial emperor .

This location was originally a forest, however now all the huge trees within hundreds of meters had collapsed . The vegetation and rocks had been sent tumbling away, forming an empty land .

Long Chen had received a map from the village chief which marked the dangerous areas . In a particular spot was the location of a second rank Magical Beast .

That would be KingKong Fury Ape in front of him . Back then, the ancestors of the villagers had accidentally charged into its territory, resulting in disastrous casualties .

The villagers both hated and feared this KingKong Fury Ape . When they heard Long Chen was planning on hunting a second rank Magical Beast, it was the first thing they thought of .

However, Long Chen had refused to have any others come with him . Even Xiao Hua wasn’t an exception . He had followed the map by himself, easily finding this place .

As expected, the KingKong Fury Ape’s awareness of its territory was extremely great . As soon as Long Chen had stepped into this region of the forest, he was found and attacked .

“ROAR!!!” The KingKong Fury Ape heavily beat its own chest with its huge fists . The next instant, it charged at Long Chen .

The KingKong Fury Ape was a Magical Beast that specialized in power . But compared to the Burst Bear, it was much more terrifying as it had reached the second rank .

Its enormous body was practically a small mountain . Its speed was also shocking, and it arrived in front of Long Chen in the blink of an eye .

Long Chen formed a fist, and the instant he did, he actually disappeared, leaving behind a wild gale .

He had already been fighting with the KingKong Fury Ape for a full hour . It truly was worthy of being a second rank Magical Beast; its power was extremely great .

According to Long Chen’s estimates, the Burst Bear he had killed before would probably not even be able to take a single blow from this KingKong Fury Ape .

Just a random blow from it had tens of tons of force behind it . If Long Chen hadn’t advanced to Blood Condensation, then just relying on his physical body, he also wouldn’t have been able to beat it .

Having fought for so long on equal grounds for so long, now Long Chen was planning on not wasting any more time .

“Breaking Wind Fist!” Wild gales unfurled and a faint layer of light appeared on Long Chen’s fist .

His fist heavily smashed onto the KingKong Fury Ape’s arm . With a muffled bang, the mountain-like KingKong Fury Ape was actually sent flying dozens of meters away, slamming and breaking over ten huge trees behind it .

As expected, his physical body had greatly improved after advancing to Blood Condensation . Even his control of Battle Skills had improved .

The power of the Breaking Wind Fist was much greater than when he had been in the Qi Condensation realm . Adding on to his physical strength, it was able to force back a second rank Magical Beast .

Long Chen himself hadn’t expected himself to grow so much stronger after entering the Blood Condensation realm . Even his usage of Battle Skills became more skilled .

The KingKong Fury Ape was on its last legs . It emitted a loud roar and angrily glared at him .

It had been the overlord of this region for hundreds of years . This was the first time it had been provoked by a small human, and it was completely unable to accept this .


It smashed the land, and suddenly its black fur stood completely on end . A frightening aura came from it .

Long Chen was startled; he immediately sensed the change and hadn’t expected that this Magical Beast actually had power hidden in reserve .

It raised its fangs at Long Chen and stamped on the ground, immediately charging over like meteorite .

Long Chen suddenly felt an intense pressure . He didn’t dare be careless . His power exploded out and he once more used the Breaking Wind Fist .

But this time Long Chen felt his body shake and he was sent flying when his fist smashed into the KingKong Fury Ape . He only managed to stabilize sixty meters away .

“It was actually able to attack on the same level as a Muscle Rebirth expert . As expected, the body of a Magical Beast truly is frightening . ”

Long Chen shook his slightly numb arm . That attack had been extraordinary just now . If he hadn’t advanced to Blood Condensation, there would have even been a chance his arm would have broken .

Although that attack hadn’t been on the same level as Ying Hou’s attacks, it was only one level weaker . It really was true that humans on the same level as Magical Beasts were not able to fight against them .

Obviously this KingKong Fury Ape had its own hidden trump cards . Only this was its strongest state .

It once more angrily roared and charged at Long Chen . But before Long Chen even made a move, a ray of light suddenly shot past and struck it head on .

That ray of light had been extremely fast, and it had struck the KingKong Fury Ape before it could even react .

But that lightray hadn’t even managed to cut through its skin before being broken .

Long Chen was slightly surprised . At some unknown time, Little Snow who had been hiding in the distance had run up and his mouth was currently open .

“A wind blade?” Long Chen had heard before that third rank and higher Magical Beasts had their own inherited Battle Skills . So it was actually true .

But the wind blade Little Snow had spat out had been pitifully weak . Of course, just how old was Little Snow? Little Snow hadn’t even reached the first rank yet, but was still able to launch long distance attacks . It truly was shocking .

Seeing that his attack hadn’t had any affect, Little Snow prepared to attack again . But suddenly he felt himself be sent flying .

“Don’t make trouble . ”

Long Chen had thrown Little Snow further away . That little fellow must have thought he had been in danger and wanted to help .

But his little bit of attack power couldn’t even tickle the KingKong Fury Ape . He was afraid Little Snow would be hurt, so he directly threw him somewhere safer .

Looking at the KingKong Fury Ape charging at him, Long Chen coldly shouted, “Come out divine ring!”

Suddenly a ring of light appeared behind Long Chen . It grew to a diameter of three thousand meters . The original cyclones could no longer be seen as part of it . The thirteen cyclones had merged into one, and looking from a distance, it appeared to be a rainbow .

But after the divine ring appeared, heaven and earth trembled slightly . The spiritual qi within an area of hundreds of miles flowed towards Long Chen, causing him to immediately reel invigorated, his whole body full of strength .

Long Chen had realized that after his thirteen cyclones had merged together, the effect was just like when he used to inject some of his FengFu Star’s spiritual qi into his cyclones . However now it was constant . Their efficiency had reached a terrifying level .

At this point, the KingKong Fury Ape had already arrived in front of Long Chen . Without even thinking about, Long Chen punched out .

BANG! An explosion shook the sky as terrifying waves of Qi radiated out . Long Chen’s long hair danced and his clothes fluttered . The divine ring behind him contrasted and complimented him, making him appear like a celestial emperor disdainfully looking down on the Nine Firmaments .

The KingKong Fury Ape’s terrifying attack was actually completely blocked by Long Chen . At this time, Long Chen felt an unprecedented strength within him .

It appeared he had still underestimated this divine ring . The divine ring formed from the superimposition of thirteen cyclones caused his strength to explode by an enormous amount . It was so great that even he felt some disbelief .

He didn’t have much understanding of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art . The combination of the thirteen cyclones was even more effective than when he used his FengFu Star’s spiritual qi to empower his cyclones . It truly was a technique that was endlessly profound and would require continuous exploration .

Long Chen let out an earth shaking roar . That enormous KingKong Fury Ape was shockingly directly thrown into the air by him .

His broadsword then arced through the air, releasing a sword light that cut straight through its body, causing blood to fill the air .

The two pieces of its corpse fell to the ground .

“It really is worthy of being an Earth class Battle Skill . What a terrifying killing strength . ”

Even such a powerful being like the KingKong Fury Ape was cleanly cut in two by the Parting Wind Slash . It seemed he had been looking down on the technique .

In reality, Long Chen was still unaware that it wasn’t all Earth class Battle Skills that could launch ranged attack . On the contrary, most Battle Skills worked by being applied on top of weapons .

It was only by chance that the Three Style Parting Wind was a Battle Skill that used the body’s wind attribute to release Sword Qi that could be used for ranged attacks .

Such Battle Skills were actually quite rare . It also required that the martial artist have wind attribute spiritual qi in order to train in it .

It wasn’t like ordinary Earth class Battle Skills that were attributeless that only required spiritual qi to be injected into the weapon .

Although such techniques were rare, it also had its own flaws . The main one was that those without the wind attribute spiritual qi in their body were unable to use it .

As for Long Chen, he was just a beginner to the cultivation world and didn’t know what this ‘attribute’ meant . Just a careless test had allowed him to successfully train in it .

If such a situation was known by Xia Changfeng, wouldn’t he be angered enough to die a second time?


Long Chen was interrupted from his thoughts by Little Snow running up to the KingKong Fury Ape’s corpse . It actually started to wildly tear at its flesh .

The KingKong Fury Ape’s physical body was extremely powerful and tough . Yet Little Snow was still able to tear off a piece of its flesh for himself . But chewing it was extremely strenuous .

Little Snow seemed to be similar to Aman in that meat was the source of their strength and could allow them to get stronger . As soon as either of them saw meat, they had to eat it .

Long Chen took out a knife and cut off a few pieces of Little Snow . But LittlE Snow ignored that, focusing completely on tearing the KingKong Fury ape’s thigh muscles .

Long Chen helplessly cut a few strips of that part of .

This corpse was to be offered to the forest divinity, but Long Chen presumed that a gentle woman like her wouldn’t be so stingy as to bicker about a bit of flesh .

Little Snow had travelled hundreds of miles for him . Who knew just how much he had suffered? If he didn’t let that little fellow eat his full, Long Chen would feel even more ashamed of himself .

Once the little fellow had eaten his full and his stomach was bulging out, he finally stopped and Long Chen tidied up the corpse, preparing to drag it along .

That was because its corpse was too big and was unable to fit in the spatial ring . The other reason was that Long Chen wanted to keep the scent of its blood outside . He continued deeper into the depths of the forest .

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