80's Group Pet Blessing Package-Chapter 1508: Holding the hand of the child, growing old with the child (End)

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Chapter 1508 Holding the hand of the child, grow old with the child (End)

When ?? regained consciousness again, Jiang Zhiying only felt pain all over her body.

That kind of pain, like the body is being burned by fire, the pain is piercing.

Jiang Zhiying even wanted to scream, but she tried her best to hold back.

Suddenly, she heard a voice saying—

"Aren't you willing to wake up and face reality?"

Jiang Zhiying was stunned when she heard the words. Reality? What is reality?

"Open your eyes and take a closer look, where are you now?"

Jiang Zhiying suddenly had a very bad premonition, she opened her eyes suddenly, and then she was stunned.

here is…

She looked around blankly, but the more she looked, the more horrified she became.

She was in a huge furnace!

How could this be?

What the **** is this place?

That voice rang out again—

"You've actually been here, have you forgotten?"

Jiang Zhiying was stunned for a moment, and then, countless memories suddenly rolled in her mind.

Her face became more and more ugly.

Yes, she remembered.

This is indeed a huge stove!

is Feng Baozhi!

The woman grabbed her and threw her into this huge furnace, and said that she would refine her origin!

She was in great pain, and then...then she was reincarnated in the end times.

Jiang Zhiying just thought of this when that voice rang again—

"Are you going to continue to deceive yourself? The so-called end times, and rebirth, are just an illusion that you just couldn't bear the pain and wishful thinking.

In fact, you were always here. Before long, you will be refined into the source by this furnace, and you will be completely lost.

And Feng Baozhi absorbs your origin, and can completely recognize the main Shennong space and obtain the inheritance of Shennong. Are you really willing? "

Jiang Zhiying is of course not reconciled!

But she didn't want to just believe what the other party said.

So she immediately sensed the Shennong space, but nothing! She didn't sense anything, as if the Shennong space didn't exist at all!

She was not reconciled, and sensed her own power, but still nothing!

Spaces and abilities are gone!

How could this be?

At this moment, the surrounding temperature suddenly became more and more scorching hot. There was a sudden bang, and a blazing flame appeared around.

Jiang Zhiying felt the terrifying pain of burning her body again. The temperature of the flame was too high, and she even felt that she could smell the aroma of barbecue.

That voice rang out again—

"Don't waste your energy, the end times and rebirth are just your fantasies. You don't have any abilities at all, let alone the Shennong space. Now the Shennong space is still in Feng Baozhi's hands, and you will soon die. You are really willing Was it refined by her like this?"

Jiang Zhiying gritted her teeth and did not speak.

Suddenly, she heard Feng Baozhi's proud sneer coming from outside the stove: "Jiang Zhiying, you are going to die soon, I see how you can go against me!

And your mother who is as fat as a pig! She actually knelt down in front of me just now, begging me to let you go! But how is this possible?

If you don't die, how can I fully recognize the main Shennong space?

But she is really stupid. I told her that as long as she kowtows to me, when I am satisfied, I will let you go. She actually believed it, her head was broken, and she was still knocking there, hahahaha, what an idiot!

You can rest assured, when I completely refine you, I will definitely send her to reunite with you.

Oh, by the way, and Jiang Shixun, he has been getting more and more bad lately, and he actually wants to get rid of my control. Are you saying he's stupid?

If he was good, I might keep him and let him make my mother happy. But he actually dared to resist me! Does he think that I will always tolerate him?

He is not the only man in this world!

I know that you have been reluctant to let him be your father. Why don't you do it like this, you obediently let me refine, and when I successfully recognize the main Shennong space, let him reunite with Tang Yulan, what do you think? "

At this time, the voice sounded again: "Don't you believe her words? This woman is cruel, she will never let your parents go!

If you die like this, she will definitely kill your parents!

Are you really willing?

Don't you want revenge? I can help you! As long as you are bound to me and hand over your body to me, I will help you gain strength and avenge your revenge! "

Jiang Zhiying was silent for a long time, and suddenly asked: "What are you saying is true? Can you really help me?"

The voice ?? said with hatred and hatred: "Of course, what I dislike the most is a sinister villain like Feng Baozhi! Don't worry, I will definitely help you!"

Jiang Zhiying frowned: "But I can't even see you, and I don't know what you are."

The voice said immediately: "You don't need to see me, just give me your body."

Jiang Zhiying quickly asked: "Then how do I give you my body?"

"This is a contract, as long as you sign this contract, leave the rest to me."

After that voice finished speaking, a shining contract suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Zhiying's eyes. There are dense characters on it, and each character emits light, which looks mysterious and mysterious.

She subconsciously looked at the words above, but didn't recognize any of them.

What text are these?

Suddenly, the entire contract turned into a light ball the size of a longan, like some kind of treasure.

Then the voice sounded again: "Okay, you swallow it now."

Jiang Zhiying's expression changed: "Swallow? Why?"

The voice asked, "Don't you want revenge?"

Before she finished speaking, Jiang Zhiying suddenly burst out with a strong hatred, and even her eyes turned red.

"You're right, I want revenge!"

"Then swallow it!"

Jiang Zhiying immediately opened her mouth and saw the ball of light flying towards her quickly, looking impatient.

Seeing that it was about to rush into Jiang Zhiying's mouth, Jiang Zhiying suddenly heard a familiar voice—

"don't want!"

Jiang Zhiying's eyes lit up!

is Xiao Rin!

She tilted her head quickly and let the ball of light fly past her cheek.

Almost at the same time, the mysterious voice from before suddenly became furious: "What are you doing! Ah! Stop it!"

With a scream, the whole furnace seemed to be split open by something, instantly covered with cracks.

Then with a bang, the stove exploded instantly.

No, not just the stove, the whole world seemed to explode.

After a dazzling white light, the world suddenly became pitch black, with only a few places of light.

Jiang Zhiying swept her gaze and saw that she was trapped in a complicated big net.

It should be a large formation covered with mysterious runes. The runes glowed, but she didn't know any of them.

More importantly, she found that those runes were very familiar, they were the words on the previous contract!

So, is it really a trap?

Jiang Zhiying hooked her lips mockingly and looked forward again.

I saw that a tall man in a black cloak was fighting against Xiao Rin. Xiao Rin was holding a mysterious long sword in his hand. It looked very ordinary, but it gave Jiang Zhiying a very dangerous feeling!

The man in the black cloak seemed to be very afraid of the long sword and was dodging all the time.

Xiao Rin kept waving the long sword in his hand, and every time he swung it, a black electric light would hit the black cloak.

That cloak seemed to be a good thing, able to block those black electric lights.

However, Jiang Zhiying soon discovered that those black electric lights seemed to have caused great damage to the cloak.

The reason is that when the black lightning strikes the same place on the cloak, a hole will be quickly burned there.

Obviously, although the black cloak is powerful, it is a consumable item, and it can only block one attack of the black lightning, but not the second time.

Fortunately, the cloak is big enough, and the black lightning can destroy a limited range, so it can barely be used.

I just don’t know how many times Xiao Rin can still emit black lightning.

Jiang Zhiying became a little anxious.

She was used to dealing with danger by herself, but she didn't want to pin her hopes on Xiao Rin and wait for him to save her. If Xiao Rin's black lightning didn't kill the man in the cloak, both of them would suffer!

Jiang Zhiying stopped looking at it, but observed those strange runes, trying to break free.

Too bad.

She still couldn't sense Shennong's space and abilities.

Could it be that this is a sealing formation?

No, she can't sit still!

Jiang Zhiying continued to struggle, but without struggling once, she would have a burning pain in her body.

Those runes are doing the trick!

Jiang Zhiying immediately recalled the stove just now, and the more she thought about it, the more angry she became!

Made, the pervert dared to lie to her that the apocalypse and her rebirth were false in order to deceive her! He even used Feng Baozhi to stimulate her!

He succeeded!

She is about to explode with rage now!

Jiang Zhiying gritted her teeth and endured the pain and kept struggling. Wasn't it just burnt by fire? It's not like she hasn't experienced it!

What's wrong with the pain?

As long as she can live, she doesn't care!

Jiang Zhiying struggled desperately, causing those runes to keep flashing.

Suddenly, she felt a mysterious power rushing out of her mind, and it soon spread into her limbs. Not only did the terrifying burning pain caused by the runes subside, Jiang Zhiying also discovered that her phagocytic ability had returned. !

Although I don't know what the mysterious power is about, Jiang Zhiying decided to use it first!

She quickly activated the power of devouring and devoured those runes.

The ?? runes kept flashing, as if struggling violently, but it was useless!

Soon, each rune broke free from the magic circle, turned into pure energy, and was swallowed by Jiang Zhiying.

At the same time, the man in the black cloak who was dodging coquettishly suddenly shouted in horror, "No—this is impossible—what have you done!"

These words were obviously addressed to Jiang Zhiying.

Jiang Zhiying raised her eyelids and glanced at him coldly, then continued to devour, even faster, as if saying: I will swallow it for you!

Black cloak man: "!!"

He was furious, and suddenly reached out and gestured with a mysterious hand trick.

Who knew that just halfway through the gesture, a thick black lightning suddenly struck him!

The black cloak on the man flashed violently, and then turned into pieces.

"No—" He roared again, "It's impossible! You... can't withstand such power! Stop it! If you continue like this, you will die!"

Xiao Rin looked at him coldly, with a strong disgust in his cold eyes: "Are you an idiot? How could my brother-in-law kill me?"

Do you really think he just walked through it casually?

Before ?? came, my brother-in-law had already made all the preparations.

However, his previous body really couldn't bear such power, so when this old man was hiding abroad, he didn't rush to take action, but kept waiting and preparing for this day at the same time.

Sure enough, after the Destiny Organization was handed over, the old man lost his temper completely.

In order to seize Jiang Zhiying's house, even the dead old man of the Jiang family took advantage of it.

also created an illusion, tricked Jiang Zhiying into saying that the apocalypse and rebirth were all false, and tricked her into handing over her body!

Does he think Jiang Zhiying is as stupid as him?

How many pits did that girl step on in the last days? How many people have been cheated? You can't count the numbers, how can you be fooled?

Xiao Rin was too lazy to say more, and slashed directly with his sword.

This time the man lost his cape and could only dodge crazily.

On the other side, Jiang Zhiying was greedily devouring those runes.

When the man saw this, he suddenly turned into a black light and rushed towards her!

Since he failed, he would forcefully seize the house!

Anyway, that person is not here, as long as he enters Jiang Zhiying's spiritual sea, even if Xiao Rin has the divine sword given by that person, he can't stop him!

The black light that the man turned into instantly enveloped Jiang Zhiying, but he didn't realize that Xiao Rin, who was holding the sword, not only did not stop him, but also gave him a cold smile.

As for Jiang Zhiying, she sensed the man's breath, and before she could do anything, she heard him suddenly scream in horror: "Ah—how could this be? No—don't—"

After a shrill cry, the voice stopped abruptly.

Jiang Zhiying was stunned for a moment, and after sensing it carefully, she realized that a giant jade-like hand grabbed the black light that the man turned into, and then squeezed it lightly, and the black light turned into countless spots of light.

"I gave you these things, so it's a welcome gift."

As soon as the ?? voice fell, the giant hand suddenly disappeared, leaving only countless black spots of light flying towards her.

Jiang Zhiying: "…"

She was stunned for a moment, and then she felt a little supportive.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, this black world suddenly shattered.

Jiang Zhiying suddenly opened her eyes and found that she was lying on the bed.

Beside ??, Xiao Rin sat cross-legged, her eyes tightly closed.

She was about to say something when Xiao Rin suddenly opened her eyes: "Are you awake? How are you feeling? Is there any discomfort?"

"Xiao Rin, I have to retreat immediately, you tell my parents, don't let them worry!"

After Jiang Zhiying finished speaking, she immediately entered the Shennong space.

She didn't want to do this either, but there were too many black spots just now, and she had to refine it as soon as possible!

When ?? was refining, she couldn't feel the passage of time at all, and Jiang Zhiying didn't open her eyes again until all the black spots were refined.

Then she was dumbfounded.

This is Shennong Space? The change is too great! It's become a primeval forest!

She thought about it carefully and quickly guessed the reason.

It must be that when she was refining those black light spots, her body was also cultivating, so the surrounding plants grew better and better, and finally the entire Shennong space was affected.

Jiang Zhiying sensed her current strength level again, and then she was dumbfounded.

She... She just refined those black light spots, but when she woke up, her strength was so strong!

By the way, how long has she been in retreat this time? What time is it outside?

Jiang Zhiying panicked and hurried out of Shennong Space.

As soon as she went out, she found that Xiao Rin was still guarding outside.

If it wasn't for him changing his clothes and looking more mature, Jiang Zhiying would have suspected that she had only been in seclusion for a day!

She opened her mouth to ask Xiao Rin what time it is now, but Xiao Rin suddenly came to her and hugged her tightly.

"Beads, I miss you so much."

Jiang Zhiying: "…"

She froze first, then hugged Xiao Rin involuntarily: "I...I miss you too."

God, how long has she been in retreat!

How did Xiao Rin become like this!

Jiang Zhiying quickly asked: "Then... what time is it now?"

Xiao Rin looked at her directly: "You were in a coma for two years before, and then closed for three years, and now it's five years later."

Jiang Zhiying was dumbfounded for a moment, and then she suddenly asked a somewhat silly question: "Then... Then do I still have to go to college?"

She just wanted to give Jiang Nanxing a spiritual suggestion to get him out of the way, but it has only been five years?

Then she is 23 years old this year?

Xiao Rin looked at her strangely: "If you want to go, it's not impossible."

"I don't want to!" Jiang Zhiying said immediately, and then quickly changed the subject, "By the way, what about that old Jiang Nanxing?"

"He's dead, and everyone else has gone back." Xiao Rin said, and told Jiang Zhiying everything that happened over the years.

Jiang Zhiying listened carefully, but did not realize that she was being held in Xiao Rin's arms all the time.

After listening to ??, Jiang Zhiying's mood became more complicated.

She actually missed so many good shows!

Then she asked Xiao Rin, "What are your plans next?"

"The Destiny Organization still has remnants of activities all over the world, how about we solve it together? I heard that there are many sunken ships on the seabed, and there are many good things on board. I think we can salvage them, and then look for the treasures of the pirates and the missing ones. gold."

Jiang Zhiying found it interesting the more she listened, so after gathering with her family, she couldn't wait to follow Xiao Rin around the world.

Two years later, a small country in the northern hemisphere.

Jiang Zhiying and Xiao Rin were lying on the roof, watching the gorgeous aurora in the sky.

In the past two years, they have visited almost every place in the world, not only completely cleared the remnants of the Destiny Organization, but also found a lot of treasures.

Looking at the aurora in the sky, Jiang Zhiying suddenly missed the end of the world.

Although this place is good, Jiang Zhiying always feels that something is missing without those strange mutant creatures in the apocalypse.

However, thinking of her family in this world, she was reluctant to leave them behind.

After ?? that time, she remembered everything.

Feng Baozhi in his previous life did lock her in the furnace, he wanted to refine her, and he said those words to stimulate her.

In the end, the strong hatred made her awaken the power of devouring. She shattered the stove and perished with Feng Baozhi and the 088 on her body.

Later, she was reincarnated to the end of the world and awakened the devouring ability at a critical moment.

Later, that strange and dangerous man wanted to take her away, so someone brought her back.

Xiao Rin specially accompanied her back.

Thinking of this, Jiang Zhiying couldn't help turning her head to look at Xiao Rin, and reached out to hold him: "Xiao Rin, will you always stay with me?"

Xiao Rin smiled and suddenly took out a box. After opening it, there was a ring inside.

"Then will you marry me?"

Jiang Zhiying stared at him blankly, then glanced at the aurora in the sky, thinking of Xiao Rin's suggestion to come here to see the aurora not long ago, she suddenly understood: "You did it on purpose!"

Xiao Rin smiled brightly: "Yeah, I did it on purpose, so are you willing? As long as you marry me, I will always be with you. No matter where you go, we will always be together, okay?"

Jiang Zhiying looked at his eyes, and the aurora was flashing in his pupils. Jiang Zhiying felt that she was bewitched, she stretched out her hand and raised her fingers: "Then help me put it on."

Xiao Rin unsurprisingly picked up the ring to help her put it on, and then heard Jiang Zhiying say: "Let's go back tomorrow, if we want to get married, we have to go back and tell the family, and we have to hold the wedding, oh, there are a lot of things, or else just forget it…

Before she could say the last three words, Xiao Rin blocked her mouth.

Xiao Rin kissed her, then smiled and said, "If you find it troublesome, leave it to me to arrange it after you go back. You only need to marry me, and you don't have to worry about the rest."

Jiang Zhiying was overjoyed when she heard the words and couldn't help hugging him.

Half a year later, the two held a grand wedding on an island.

Only relatives and friends of both parties appeared, and none of the others were invited.

Today, they don't need to be courteous to those unrelated people at all, and they don't need to use this wedding to show off to anyone, so they only invite relatives and friends.

The island was bought by Xiao Rin long ago, a house was built on it, and many mutant flowers and plants that were only found in the end of the world were planted. The island is filled with a light mist, and it looks like a fairy, and it feels a bit dusty.

When everyone came to the island, they almost thought they had come to a paradise.

The wedding was held in the open air, in a sea of ??flowers specially prepared by Xiao Rin.

When the wedding is going on, thousands of flowers bloom quietly, the wind chimes hanging on the branches play natural music, the whole scene is grand and dreamy.

Looking at this scene, even Jiang Shixun, an extremely picky father-in-law, couldn't pick out Xiao Rin's fault.

The people present were fascinated, but when night came, they were stunned again!

There are a lot of strange lights on the island!

There are mushroom-shaped, vine-shaped, and flower-shaped ones.

To be precise, they are not real lights, but mutant creatures that can glow at night.

During the day, they look unremarkable, but when night falls, they will emit a faint light, turning the entire island into a dream world!

"Oh my God, this place is so beautiful!" Jiang Shiyi looked at everything in front of her in shock, and finally glanced at her husband Lin William in disgust, "Look at Xiao Rin! He's better than you!"

Lin William was a little depressed: "..."

Xiao Rin secretly asked him for advice back then, but he racked his brains and gave a lot of valuable advice!

In the end, the kid was so good, he actually crossed the river and demolished the bridge, and even compared him fiercely!

Soon his eyes rolled and he suggested to Jiang Shiyi in a low voice, "If you like it, why don't we bring some back and plant it at home?"

Jiang Shiyi's heart was moved, but she quickly shook her head: "No, the plants here are too special, and I don't know where they got them from. If they are brought back, they will definitely cause trouble for them. ."

On the other side, Yun Xiyue was leaning against Luo Chen's arms, also looking at those mushroom lamps eagerly.

The man in sunglasses at the time was Luo Chen, and he was also Yungui's biological father.

After leaving the restaurant that time, he couldn't wait to go to a highly confidential private institution to do a paternity test. After getting the test report and confirming that Yun Gui was his son, he couldn't wait to find Yun Xiyue again.

Now Yun Xiyue can no longer deny it.

However, the two did not get together immediately, and they experienced some entanglements before finally getting the certificate and getting married.

Unfortunately, Jiang Zhiying was still sleeping and didn't see the excitement.

Yun Xiyue couldn't help but sigh: "It's so beautiful here."

Luo Chen said immediately: "If you like it, I will buy an island and arrange it like this."

Yun Xiyue hurriedly refused: "Isn't that unnecessary? It's too expensive."

"It's just an island." Luo Chen is particularly wealthy. He is not only a movie star, but also the real power holder of the Luo family. Buying an island is really nothing to him.

So after making a decision, he immediately asked Yun Xiyue: "Which island do you like?"

is like a posture that you can't wait to buy an island right away!

Yun Xiyue originally wanted to persuade him again, but when she met his serious eyes, she couldn't say the words of refusal. So, she involuntarily discussed with Luo Chen about buying the island.

Somewhere on the island.

Tang Yulan and Jiang Shixun were sitting on the swing chairs, swaying the swing while watching the fluorescent lights not far away.

Tang Yulan couldn't help laughing: "Xiao Rin has a heart."

"That's what he should do." Jiang Shixun snorted, thinking that his cabbage was picked by a wild boy like this, he was angry, "That boy has been thinking more since he was a kid!"

Humph, he actually started playing with his family's Zhuzhu idea from such a young age!

Tang Yulan smiled and pushed him: "What are you thinking about! What is Xiao Rin thinking? Didn't you find out? Zhuzhu is the only one in this world that can make him care."

Jiang Shixun didn't speak, of course he found out, or would Xiao Rin be able to hook Jiang Zhiying away?

When Jiang Zhiying fell asleep for two years and closed for three years, Xiao Rin has been guarding her, and she has no intention of changing her mind. f𝘳𝒆𝑒𝓌𝒆𝗯n𝗼𝘷ℯl. 𝑐𝚘𝘮

He looked at it, how could he not bear it?

Jiang Shixun suddenly stood up: "No, I have to go and tell Zhuzhu, she can't have a child too early, she is still young!"

Tang Yulan grabbed him and said, "Don't go! They are both married, so what are you doing? Besides, Zhuzhu is not small now. When I gave birth to Zhuzhu, she was much younger than she is now. ."

After she finished speaking, she gave Jiang Shixun a blank look.

Jiang Shixun felt guilty in an instant.

Isn't it? When he married Tang Yulan, he was still under 20.

Not long after the marriage, Tang Yulan became pregnant and gave birth to Jiang Zhiying.

Jiang Shixun stopped talking.

Tang Yulan snorted and suddenly saw something flying in the distance. If you look closely, it turns out to be a Kongming lantern!

I saw that red Kongming lanterns flew towards the sky one after another, like small lanterns, festive and beautiful.

Tang Yulan's eyes straightened when she saw it, and she couldn't help but exclaimed: "What a bright light! Xiao Rin must have put it on!"

Jiang Shixun looked at the bright red Kongming lanterns, and became more and more speechless.

Xiao Rin is really becoming more and more pleasing to women!

Who did he learn from?

Jiang Shixun looked at the Kongming lanterns all over the sky, and suddenly had a very bad premonition: He won't be a grandfather soon, right?

However, it turns out that he thinks too much.

Xiao Rin finally got married to Jiang Zhiying, the world is not enough for the two of them, how can you think about raising a baby?

After three years of marriage, Jiang Zhiying had a baby, and there are three babies! Two males and one female, both are very talented.

Jiang Zhiying has been practicing on the island with Xiao Rin since she became pregnant with the baby.

Because of her special exercises, the plants on the island are growing more and more lush, almost becoming a plant kingdom!

As the plants become more and more lush, the island has more and more spiritual energy, and it also attracts many seabirds to come and settle down.

Even in the nearby ocean, lush corals have grown, and there are more and more fish, shrimp, crabs and shells.

When the children were full-term, Jiang Zhiying was too lazy to go to the hospital to suffer, so she cut open their stomachs and took them out, and then used supernatural powers to heal the wounds.

The whole journey took less than three minutes.

The three babies haven't reacted yet, and people have come out.

They were stunned for a few seconds before they screamed out, so frightened that Xiao Rin hurriedly showered and dressed them.

Jiang Zhiying was paralyzed on the bed with a "weak face", a miserable appearance of having suffered a serious crime.

After Xiao Rin had packed up the children, she suddenly "resurrected with blood", picked up the children and started breastfeeding them.

Although the three children were just born, they all developed extremely well. They were all white and fat, not like the ugly purple-skinned monkeys at all.

Jiang Zhiying became more and more satisfied as she watched. After feeding, she couldn't wait to take pictures of the three children and send them to the family group.

Then the group exploded.

Immediately afterwards, the people from the Xiao family, the Tang family and the Jiang family rushed to the island almost immediately, making the island lively again.

Fortunately, most of them were very busy, so after seeing them, they left in a hurry.

Only Tang Yulan and Jiang Shixun, and Xiao Yan and Zheng Yuru stayed.

Xiao Yan and Zheng Yuru are Xiao Rin's parents. After Xiao Rin returned to Xiao's house, they also loved Xiao Rin very much. It's a pity that Xiao Rin is indifferent by nature and is very precocious. No matter what he can do well by himself, the two of them have no sense of accomplishment.

But both of them have special jobs, so neither has any more children. Now that they are old, they have not given up their work.

If Jiang Zhiying had not given birth to a baby this time, they would definitely not have taken leave to take care of her.

One month has passed, the three babies are full moon, and Xiao Yan and Zheng Yuru's vacation is almost over.

Xiao Rin and Jiang Zhiying took the baby back to Longjing to hold the Full Moon Wine, and then Xiao Yan and Zheng Yuru went back to their busy work again.

Tang Yulan and the others were reluctant to have children, so Xiao Rin and Jiang Zhiying stayed in Longjing with their three babies, and then returned to the island for vacation when they were on vacation.

Another year of Chinese New Year.

In the old house of the Jiang family, a large group of people sat together and had a lively reunion dinner.

Because of Jiang Zhiying's treatment, although Lin Wanyi is not young, her body is still strong and she looks much younger than her peers.

She sat with Yun Feng with a smile, and after the reunion dinner, she started giving out red envelopes to the children.

Three white dumplings who had learned to walk, wearing bright red clothes and trousers, greeted their elders in a crisp way, and then stretched out their little hands to receive red envelopes.

Jiang Zhiying watched this happy scene, she couldn't help but took Xiao Rin's hand and looked at him.

She smiled and said, "They are so nice, don't you think?"

Xiao Rin nodded slightly: "Well."

Jiang Zhiying leaned her head on his shoulder and said, "Xiao Rin, thank you for being willing to come with me."

Xiao Rin clenched her hand: "I said, no matter where you go, I will always be with you."

Jiang Zhiying looked up at him and was about to say something when she suddenly heard a "bang" from outside, it was fireworks!

At this time, three little dolls ran over excitedly.

"Mom and Dad! Let's go watch the fireworks!"

"Look at the flowers!"

"Mom and Dad, set off fireworks!"

The child's little hands grabbed the two and dragged them outside. Jiang Zhiying and Xiao Rin looked at each other, and had to follow them to the yard to watch the fireworks blooming on the sky.

At this time, Jiang Zhiyan and Jiang Zhiwen came out excitedly holding fireworks and lit them with incense.

Just heard the sound of "bang bang bang", and bunches of fireworks rushed into the sky, and then exploded with a bang.

There are also eight big characters flashing in the fireworks—

Happy Chinese New Year, family reunion!

Jiang Zhiying was stunned for a moment, then she leaned on Xiao Rin with a smile, and asked him in a low voice, "This is what you prepared?"

"No." Xiao Rin shook his head, "I prepared something else, I'll show it to you when I go back."

An hour later, Jiang Zhiying stood in her yard, looking at the sixteen characters flashing in the sky, unable to speak for a long time.

Death and life are bound together, talk to Zicheng.

Holding the hand of the child, grow old together with the child.

After a long while, until all the words disappeared, Jiang Zhiying said: "Xiao Rin, after a while, our strength will be stronger, let's go back."

There are family members she can't let go of here, but in the last days, there are also relatives that Xiao Rin can't let go of.

She can't be too selfish, let Xiao Rin stay here with her all the time, send all her relatives away and go back.

That's been too long.

Anyway, their current strength is enough to travel back, but the children are still too young, so they have to wait.

"Okay." Xiao Rin replied with a smile, holding Jiang Zhiying's hand tightly.

He said that no matter where she is, he will always be with her.

Seeing them snuggling together, the three babies also ran over excitedly and hugged their legs and refused to let go.

"Mom and Dad, what are you looking at?"

"Mom and Dad, what was that word just now?"

"Mom and Dad, I want to watch fireworks!"

What else can Jiang Zhiying and Xiao Rin say? The voices of the three babies are so tender that their hearts are melted. Who can bear to refuse?

Xiao Rin soon set off new fireworks.

The family cuddled together and watched the fireworks in the sky with their five heads.

The video camera next to ?? dutifully captured this scene and recorded the happiness at this time forever.

(end of full text)

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The little cutie who has read the previous book should know that the reason for this story is that at the end of the world, a villain took a fancy to Jiang Zhiying's devouring ability and wanted to take her away. Outburst of demons. So in order to solve her inner demon, Qin Jiuxiao sent her and Xiao Rin back to this life.

Now the big devil is resolved, so the two of them are happily together. The story will end here, and I won't write about the apocalypse later, and I won't plan to write any extras, so let's end it here.

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