A Journey That Changed The World.-Chapter 770 Shadow Prince

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Chapter 770 Shadow Prince

?Archer nodded in agreement and brought out some juice he had gotten from Ella, who had made it for him from his Item Box. The drink helped him relax as he tried to forget about the vision Tiamat showed him.

The scene of the girl's death weighed heavily on him, but it solidified his decision to level up before anything bad happened. Lost in thought, Nala rushed over to him and kissed him on the cheek before leaving the room in a happy mood.

Once the lioness was gone, he cast Timewrap around the room to save time for himself to tend to everyone and allow them to prepare for their girls' trip to the festival. Archer waited a little while until the door opened, and Teuila entered.

When she spotted him, her eyes narrowed as she approached him before asking, ''What's wrong with you?''

'Nothing, just overthinking things that annoyed me,' he tried to lie, but that didn't work with Teuila.

The blue-haired girl sat beside him and poured herself some juice. ''You can tell me, Arch,'' she said while sipping. ''Remember, we've known each other for years, and I've come to know you all too well.''

Archer chuckled, but she continued, ''I can see something's bothering you,' Teuila commented while squeezing his hand. ''I'm always here for you and always will be.'

Hearing her words made his heart flutter, and an honest smile appeared as he sighed, ''Well, you're right as usual, Teu; I must say having someone to talk to is refreshing.''

Teuila giggled before flicking his ear, ''You can talk to any of us, you idiot,'' she said with a smile. ''You may be the White Dragon, but you're also a seventeen-year-old who was killed in your previous world and has been thrust to the forefront of the war against the Swarm.''

He smiled upon hearing her words, but she stopped talking and stood up, climbing onto his lap until they were face to face. Teuila continued, 'All of us are here for you when things get hard.'

Archer choked up and realized he had found a girl who cared for him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer before he started telling her everything about the vision and how he watched their deaths at the hands of the Terravian man who slaughtered them all, including himself."

When Teuila heard all this, she smiled before cupping his cheeks, ''Archer, you can do anything you want. You're the White Dragon, Mana's Chosen, and the Shadow Prince, and by my knowledge of history, no being has been blessed as you have.''

She leaned forward and kissed his lips lovingly before continuing, ''It was only a vision it was not meant to be, and we can change that outcome by working together and covering each other's backs during any fights.

Archer smiled when hearing this before nodding as he felt a weight left off his shoulders. With that clarity, he decided to level up his Shadow Prince form to ten to see what benefits he'd get and how powerful he would become.

Once he knew what to do, Archer leaned forward and passionately kissed the Aquarian, who happily returned the kiss. The two shared a tender kiss filled with unspoken emotions and a silent promise of never-ending support.

As the two broke apart, he picked Teuila up and went over to the bed before placing her down and sliding beside her. The Aquarian girl smiled as she pulled him closer and started undoing his buttons.

Archer's hands glided down her toned form, which was reminiscent of Nala's, and he noted the subtle differences. Teuila boasted more curves—her thighs were shapely, her waist slender, and her voluptuous hips culminated in a slender waist.

Her dress barely held her ample chest, catching his attention. When Teuila saw his gaze, a grin appeared on her face. "Like what you see?" she said in a seductive voice. I love it when you look at me like that."

''I don't like what I see; I love it, Teu,'' he replied while his eyes trailed down her body. You're beautiful and have a charm that captivates me whenever I look at you.''

Teuila smiled mischievously as she slipped out of her dress, then gracefully climbed onto Archer's face, positioning herself in a 69 stance, eager to pleasure each other mutually. Soon, the two went out, and hours passed by as they made love to each other in all kinds of ways.

She wanted it rough and then gentle, which brought her to climax many times, causing her body to grow weaker as the sex went on. When the Aquarian Princess fainted, Archer was again covered in sweat.

He noticed their combined fluid leaking out of her pussy as she lay on the bed with her bubble butt in the air while in a pleasure-filled daze. Archer cleaned both of them before teleporting Teuila to her bedroom to rest.

After he tended to Teuila and ensured she was okay, he spent time with the other five girls, expressing his love in many ways tailored to their desires. Halime sought gentle sex, cherishing the tenderness of their love and relationship.

Leira embraced her feline instincts, reveling in wild passion as she spent most of her time riding him into oblivion, and the two of them climaxed so many times that the cat girl's belly bloated.

Llyniel sought an intensity similar to that of the snake girls and wanted a more romantic experience. As for the Kraken Princess, she desired a more primal encounter, desiring the raw intensity of rough passion.

After all the sex, Archer felt tired and walked to the bathroom as the girls who were awake relaxed around the treehouse, but most were asleep. He was lying in the bath as he decided to recheck his status.

[Experence: 2100000>2300000]

[HP: 37200>38000]

[Mana: 37200>38000]

[Strength: 41200>41500]

[Constitution: 40000>40300]

[Stamina: 39700>40000]

[Charisma: 30000>30300]

[Intelligence: 35600>35700]

[Anti-Venom: 1>2]

[Timewarp: 4>5]

Pleased with his status, Archer checked his experience.

[Exp: 2300000/4000000]

'It'll be a while before I rank up, but hunting within Elysium should speed up the process,' he pondered aloud.

Exiting the bath, he employed Mana Manipulation to dry himself, then surveyed the treehouse. Teuila, Nala, Talila, Sera, and Kassandra were engaged in training outside, while Ella, Halime, and Hemera occupied the living room, engrossed in reading.

Archer couldn't find Nefertiti and Leira but soon realized they were in the observatory at the top of the treehouse. Growing curious, he teleported up there only to see the two girls practicing their spells.

The succubus was casting Flame Bolts mixed with lightning, causing an explosion when it connected with the arcane target that Nefertiti had created. Archer continued to watch until Leira stopped firing her spells until she turned around.

Nefertiti was taken aback as the cat girl saw him and dashed forward. Leira rushed toward him, her tail wagging excitedly behind her, and enveloped him in a hug. Archer returned it before placing a kiss on her forehead.

Leira backed off with a bright smile as Neferitit approached, hugging but passionately kissing him. Once the pink-haired girl backed away, she commented after he asked what they were up to, ''I'm helping her get better control over her spellcasting.''

Archer smiled and tried to help out as much as possible, but Nefertiti was a much better teacher. After ten minutes, the two girls ushered him away, causing him to laugh as he informed them of his plans.

''My beautiful ladies,'' he said as they pushed him out the door. ''I will be going to level up, so tell the others where I am.''

''Okay, husband,'' Nefertiti commented while closing the door with a teasing smile.

Once Archer was alone, he cast Gate to Elysium before stepping into the dark jungle as he transformed into his Shadow Prince form and vanished into the shadows. He started hunting by finding a small dinosaur-looking creature.

It was frolicking in a clearing with several others of its kind. Archer stopped moving and sat on a branch that hung over them while he scanned the new creature that resembled Troodons from Earth.


[Rank A]

There were eleven of them in total, and some devoured the corpse of a bear. While sitting in the tree, he observed the Troodon creatures below. Their movements were erratic, and their attention was fixed on the remnants of a bear carcass.

Archer sprang from the shadows with a silent breath, his claws unsheathed, and his teeth bared in a feral snarl. The Troodons scattered in panic as Archer descended upon them, his claws slicing through flesh and bone with precision.

Within moments, the clearing was silent again, save for the rustling of leaves disturbed by Archer's swift movements. Standing amidst the fallen Troodons, he felt the experience pour into him, causing him to smile.

As he stood there, something lunged at him from the shadows, but thanks to his Shadow Prince form, the creature flew right through him, allowing Archer to see the new attacker. It looked like a mix of lion and tiger, causing him to scan the newcomer.

[Bloodclaw Tiger]

[Rank: SSS+]

'Oh, he's strong but not strong enough,' Archer thought before sinking into the shadows and lunging for the Bloodclaw Tiger and biting into its neck before tugging on its throat until it was ripped out.

The Bloodclaw Tiger dropped to the ground like a rag doll. Once everything was dead, Archer collected the bodies by storing them in his Item Box before moving on to find even more creatures.

He did this for hours and hunted thousands of things lingering around in the forest, but not long after that, the monsters respawned in greater numbers, causing him to work harder and mix his Shadow Prince powers with his White Dragon ones.

This let him fire several violet streams that appeared everywhere and took over dozens of creepy-looking elephant creatures that could move quicker than Archer expected. Still, he did find some monsters who wanted to join his army.

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