A Journey That Changed The World.-Chapter 800 The Plains Of Dracoria

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Chapter 800 The Plains Of Dracoria

Archer reappeared before the mutant and threw a punch at its chest. When it made contact, it caused a loud clap before being sent flying backward, but he didn't let the creature recover as he followed using Blink.

The mutant didn't know what was happening, as Archer was in one place and vanished after attacking, only to reappear somewhere else. He was like a blur, using Blink nonstop while landing heavy punches on the mutant, who was baffled.

If anyone were in the local area, they would have thought continuous thunderclaps would be going off if anyone were nearby. By the time the mutant dropped dead with a dozen holes in its body, Archer was dizzy and swaying on the spoke.

''I need to get used to this,'' he mumbled before everything returned to normal.

The horde was finally dealt with, and Ironpeak was safe for now. Following his recovery, Archer walked toward the fortified town and was welcomed by Darian, who had a relieved expression on his tired face.

As Archer passed through the wooden gate, a solemn reverence fell over the soldiers, each dropping to one knee to welcome him. Upon hearing from Darian that they had lost 1,000 soldiers to the Swarms ambush, anger surged within Archer, and he silently vowed that Cornelius would pay dearly for the loss.

After that, he told the surviving 3rd Legion that he would escort them to Mountainholm using his Stone Men, which made the soldiers smile and thank him even more. Once he informed them, they started to pack up.

Archer laughed as the flurry of activity was like an ant nest, which reminded him of his Monster Army, which he tried to summon, but nothing worked. He would use them when he destroyed the Swarms spell.

He looked around for a place to relax while the Legion prepared and found a wall to lay on. While doing that, he drifted off to sleep only to be woken up by Darian, who informed him that they were ready to depart.

With a nod, Archer stretched before summoning the Stone Men to guide them back to Hammergate. This process took close to eight hours. When they reached the town, everyone was tired and annoyed by the constant Swarm attacks.

But they were lucky as Archer or the Stone Men dealt with them almost instantly. While behind the makeshift walls, Kassandra wrapped her arms around his shoulders before kissing him.

Afterward, she explained that a Sovereign Mage attacked, but she destroyed them and leveled up a few times, which excited Archer as she would be stronger. In the meantime, he scanned her to see her new status.

[Kassandra Tidewater]

[Level 568]

[Rank: Supreme Mage]

Archer gently kissed her forehead and offered his congratulations. "You're strong, Kass," he praised. "I'm proud of you."

His words elicited a radiant smile, and she leaned in to nuzzle his neck, prompting Archer to embrace her even tighter. Following, the two separated, and Kassandra dragged him over to a nearby bench as the soldiers rested.

Just as they sat down, the six Tressyms returned from scouting and informed Archer that the 10th Legion was battling a horde of Ratlings and getting overwhelmed to the west, forcing Archer to rescue them.

He stood up after the flying cats gathered around Kassandra. The Kraken girl ran her fingers through their silky fur with a sweet smile as Archer spoke, ''Stay here and look after the cats; I will be back soon.''

Kassandra nodded as Elara approached him and bowed, ''My Lord, Cornelius has been arrested along with the soldiers your shadows creatures dropped off.''

''Good,'' he replied. ''I will execute them when we return to Draconia.''

Elara looked troubled, causing him to question, ''What's wrong with you?''

She shook her head, ''Are you sure you should be executing people yourself? Being the Draconian King.'' 𝑓𝑟𝑒𝑒𝔀𝓮𝘣𝘯𝘰𝘷𝑒𝓵.𝒸𝑜𝘮

Archer chuckled before speaking, ''The one who passes the sentence should be the one who swings the sword.''

After speaking, he summoned his wings and took off before creating a sonic boom with how fast he flew west, and by the time he came across the battle, it looked like the 10th was suffering heavy losses, causing Archer to fly toward the three giants heading straight for the soldiers.

When he got closer, he transformed into his dragon form before crashing into the closest Giant and biting down on the monster's neck before tearing it off, causing blood to splash against him.

Archer brought it down, and the other two jumped on him. Chaos erupted as he moved like a cat and slipped out of one of the Giant's grasp. Smacking it with his tail sent him crashing to the ground, and he ran his claws down the third Giant, but they put up a good fight.

The Giants managed to land a dozen blows that broke Archer's scales, sending Him flying backward and smashing into a nearby forest. He collided with a large tree, breaking it in half and hitting the ground with a crash, creating a crater.

'Ahh, my head hurts,' Archer internally complained as he crawled out of the crater while shaking his head.

As Archer got out, he felt the rumbling heading straight toward him and spotted the two Giants charging at him.

He decided to scan them to see what rank they were.

[Mutated Mountain Giant]

[Rank: ----]

When Archer saw this, he didn't know what to think, but he had to help his soldiers, so he summoned his Shadow Army and told them to help the 10th Legion and gather as many hearts as possible.

The shadows vanished after their orders, allowing him to take a deep breath before letting out an earth-shaking roar as a stream of violet fire shot out of his maw and connected with the closest Giant.

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His flames burned half the monster's body, causing it to drop to the ground. The second Giant sidestepped the fire, and Rugby tackled Archer. When its shoulder collided with his body, it took his breath away, but he was able to fight back.

Archer dragged his claws down its body, but it only howled in pain, allowing him to bite down on its shoulders and start ripping at it like a wild animal, causing the Giant to start pounding the side of his body.

When the fists connected with his scales, they started to shatter due to the force of the impacts; Archer ignored the pain that was shooting through his body and continued with his attack by digging his claws into its thick hide.

The Giant went berserk and started punching him even more, causing Archer to bite down even more until he was thrown across the forest like a rag doll. But this time, he landed like an agile cat and charged forward.

Upon witnessing Archer's maneuver, his opponent braced for the impending assault. However, he cast Blink, vanishing from sight and reemerging above the towering Giant. He descended upon it while unleashing a torrent of dragon's breath directly into its face.

This sealed the Giant's fate, as the flames burned it down to ashes because it was so close and a direct attack. After that, Archer stood there, stumbling around and collapsing. 'My body is so weak,but I need to go help the soldiers,' he thought while admiring the gloomy mountain that reached into the sky.

Archer shook his head and rose before returning to the battlefield. There, he observed the Dragon Healers diligently tending to the injured. Without hesitation, he unleashed Aurora, healing the entire Legion.

The spell drained most of his mana, allowing him enough time to revert to his humanoid form before succumbing to unconsciousness due to mana depletion and the injuries sustained in battle against the Giants, even as his Regeneration spell worked to heal him.

Despite the physical healing, Archer still felt the lingering fatigue from the mental strain. Witnessing his collapse, the soldiers of the 5th Legion sprang into action, rushing to protect his unconscious form. They swiftly erected a fort and laid him in a comfortable bed.

After several hours of deep rest, Archer gradually regained consciousness to the sounds of bustling activity outside his tent. As he sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed, he became aware of approaching footsteps.

Kassandra and Elara entered the tent only to stop in their tracks when they saw him sitting up. Archer smiled at the two beautiful women as he commented, ''Where are we?''

''Still in the West, my love,'' Kassandra answered. ''The 5th Legion set up a fortress as they waited for you to wake up.''

Archer nodded in understanding, ''Okay,'' he answered before looking at Elara, who bowed, ''My Lord, the 10th has lost close to 10,000 soldiers due to the numerous ambushes they suffered while returning to Hammergate Town.''

He felt horrible, and it showed on his face, but the redhead dragonkin woman stepped forward before speaking, ''It's not your fault, Archer; they are all happy to die for you and the kingdom after all you lifted them out of poverty and stopped them and their loved ones from suffering. You gave them a purpose in life.''

Archer looked up and saw Elara's striking blue eyes filled with admiration, respect, and something else. But she continued, ''We all know you spent the wealth you looted from the underground city on the kingdom by helping the farmers and families, which these men and women are part of. Don't feel bad as their souls have joined Tiamat in the Plains of Dracoria, where Draconia and their descendants will forever remember them.''

When hearing Elara's heartfelt words, Archer was about to reply until Tiamat's voice was heard, shocking everyone, ''Your people will forever live in the Dracoria, a realm of peace and happiness where they will meet their loved ones until they are allowed to be reborn just like you were my little white dragon.''