A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu-Chapter 1342 - Fate’s Last Mercy (2)

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Chapter 1342 Fate’s Last Mercy (2)

Not long after, Song Jiqing walked in gracefully.

Ye Lu had already gathered her low emotions and calmly faced Song Jiqing.

Seeing that the inspection hadn’t started yet, Song Jiqing looked at Ye Lu suspiciously, “Did you encounter any problems?”

Ye Lu indignantly pointed at the medical instruments, “My specialty is not in this area, I won’t be able to operate these things.”

“Guessed it.” Song Jiqing walked over with a calm demeanor, “I’ll do it.”

Ye Lu released her hand and glanced at Song Jiqing, “Then I’ll go and work on something else.”

Xu Yuning clearly noticed that the bottom of Ye Lu’s eyes were filled with complexity.

Unfortunately, Song Jiqing had already begun to do his examination and found nothing, just saying, “Go on.”

Song Jiqing was obviously a professional and operated the instrument with ease, so it was no wonder Ye Lu was going to find him just now.

However, Xu Yuning didn’t forget her promise to Ye Lu and kept her mouth shut about the fact that Ye Lu had just gone to Song Jiqing.

Unluckily, Song Jiqing was wondering about this matter, and after a moment, asked in a seemingly offhand manner, “Ye Lu doesn’t know how to operate an instrument, so why don’t you go look for me? Has she been waiting for me here?”

“Yeah.” Xu Yuning nodded without blushing, “She said you should come.”

Song Jiqing thought about it, but still could not help but confirm, “Ye Lu …… has never gone out?”

Xu Yuning was torn.

Should she tell the truth, or should she keep her promise to Leaffall?

Let’s fool Song Ji-Qing first and see how he reacts.

“No, Ye Lu has always been here.” Xu Yuning curiously scrutinized Song Jiqing and asked rhetorically, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” Song Jicheng brought up the subject with a smile, forcing himself to turn his attention back to his work, “Alright, close your eyes and don’t talk.”

Xu Yuning cooperated and closed her eyes as Song Jiqing methodically conducted his examination, but her heart could not be still.

If Ye Lu did not go out, he must not have heard his words just now.

But it’s still weird. What’s going on?

When the inspection was almost over, Song Jiqing couldn’t help but ask, “Yuning, when you and Mu Qi were together, did you …… ever say something that would hurt each other?”

“We didn’t just say things that hurt each other? “Xu Yuning let out a giggle, “We’ve almost stuck knives in each other’s bodies! Oh, Mu Si Jue once pointed a gun at me and threatened to end my life with one shot.”

Song Jiqing unexpectedly didn’t bother to gossip about the love-hate relationship between Mu Sijue and Xu Yuning, and pursued, “What was your mood after saying the words that hurt Mu Qi?”

“……” Xu Yuning mused for a moment, and said only four words, “Cool and painful.”

Song Jicheng felt as if he’d been shot.

Pleasant and painful wasn’t that what he was feeling right now?

He stated in front of Mu Sijun that he and Ye Lu couldn’t take the step of getting married and having children, more like a gambling warning to himself.

After the angry gamble, it’s time to face the facts.

He had no future with Ye Lu this was like piercing arrows to him, one by one whistling through his heart.

So, he’s so upset, it turns out he’s sad.

Song Jicheng suddenly laughed by his own stupidity.

Xu Yuning suddenly felt very insecure Song Jiqing and Ye Lu were both her attending doctors, but today, both attending doctors were weird, and it was really hard for her, as a patient, to feel secure when she was sandwiched between them.

After the inspection, Xu Yuning left, only to realize that Mu Sijun was waiting for her right outside the door.

Muji didn’t use a wheelchair and was on a medical crutch.

Xu Yuning couldn’t be moved in time and rushed up to hold Mu Sijue: “Why don’t you use a wheelchair?”

Mu Sijun was unimpressed, “My injuries aren’t that serious.”


Xu Yuning felt distressed how was she going to persuade Mu Sijun not to be brave?

At this time, Song Jiqing also came out and reminded slyly, “Mu Qi, I advise you to use a wheelchair better, crippled as you are, you won’t look much better with a cane!”

Mu Sijiu narrowed his eyes, swung his cane, and hit Song Jiqing hard with a stick.

Song Jiqing was at least practiced, and managed to dodge this stick, looking incredulously at Mu Sijun: “Do you know that this is an attack on a doctor?”

“It was you I attacked,” Mousse corrected, “whether you’re a doctor or not.”

“Ha!” Song Jiqing let out a disdainful laugh and looked provocatively at Mu Sijiu, “You’re now the sickly, ill-behaved male lead in a costume drama, do you think I’ll be afraid of you?”

Xu Yuning wanted to remind Song Jiqing not to easily mess with Mu Sijun even if he was no longer mobile.

As the saying goes, a skinny camel is bigger than a horse.

A wounded Musashi is still more lethal than the average person, too.

However, before she had the chance to speak, Mu Sijun had already controlled Song Jiqing with one hand.

Song Jiqing had no room to resist, being stuck dead, unable to move, and could only look at Mu Si Jue incredulously.

He couldn’t believe that in such a situation, Mu Sijun could still subdue him.

But the bare|naked|naked truth was right in front of his eyes.

Mu Sijiu looked at Song Jiqing in a good mood, “You think I can’t move you because I’m not mobile?”

“I did think so just now.” Song Jiqing knew that he had blundered and could only admit helplessly, “But now I know it’s wrong.”

Mu Sijun raised his eyebrows, let go of Song Jiqing and led Xu Yuning downstairs.

It had just rained heavily outside, and the dry heat in the air was washed away, leaving a hint of refreshing shade.

The hospital has done a good job of landscaping, and the air is extraordinarily fresh and clean when a gust of wind blows.

Xu Yuning circled around in front of Mu Sijue and looked at him in puzzlement, “What are you bringing me down for?”

“Take a walk and go eat on the way.” Mu Sijiu looked at the time, “It’s already noon, aren’t you hungry?”

If Mu Sijue didn’t say it, Xu Yuning really couldn’t remember the dinner thing.

She pursed her lips and smiled, “I’m in a good mood, I don’t feel hungry.”

Mu Sijun glanced at Xu Yuning’s stomach, “You have to eat even if you’re not hungry.” After saying that, he pulled Xu Yuning towards the restaurant.

There are Chinese and Western restaurants in the hospital, Xu Yuning wanted to eat steak on a whim, and the two held hands and walked into the Western restaurant.

Dining is not a lot of people, on the contrary, there are a lot of family members to use this place as a cafe, open the computer in dealing with the work, light music quietly flow in the restaurant, intertwined with the sound of the keyboard, the restaurant seems to be extraordinarily quiet.

As a result, Leaffall’s lonesome figure was particularly conspicuous.

Ye Lu was obviously not here to eat, with only a cup of coffee in front of him, in addition to a thick pile of information.

“Ye ……”

Xu Yuning wanted to ask Ye Lu to eat with her, and only just as the word “Ye” slipped out of her lips, Mu Sijun squeezed her hand.

She whipped her head around to look at Mousseur in disbelief, “What’s wrong?”

“Ye Lu looks more like she wants to be alone.” Mu Sijiu pulled Xu Yuning to sit down, “You can go find her after dinner.”

“…… It’s okay, just so I have a question I want to ask you.” Xu Yuning stared at Mu Sijun, “Before Ji Qing came to help me with the examination, she was with you, right? Ye Lu didn’t know how to operate the instruments and went up to find Ji Qing. What exactly did Ji Qing say to you, Ye Lu came back disoriented and asked me not to tell Ji Qing that she had gone to look for him. Good luck, Ji Qing was weird when he came back to help me with the examination.”

Mu Sijiu’s action of flipping the menu paused for a moment, glanced at Ye Lu in the distance, and said faintly, “Ji Qing did say something to me, and Ye Lu accidentally heard it, and could be hurt.”

Xu Yuning:”…… “No wonder, Ye Lu and Song Jiqing are both weird today.

Is there anything she can do to help?

Lu Bo Yan, as if he knew what Xu Yuning was thinking, flipped over the menu and handed it to her, “This is between Ye Lu and Song Jiqing, leave it to them to deal with themselves.”

Xu Yuning ordered a steak, she couldn’t drink alcohol, so she had to order another glass of freshly squeezed juice.

The two of them finished their meal, Ye Lu was still sitting in the restaurant, the difference was that she already had a piece of information spread out in front of her, but it didn’t take any guessing to know that she wasn’t even looking at the information.

Xu Yuning thought about it and still felt uneasy.

Mu Sijiu imprinted the corner of his lips with his napkin, “Are you going to find Ye Lu, or are you going back with me?”

“You go back first.” Xu Yuning said, “I want to have a chat with Ye Lu.”

Mu Sijun looked at the time, “Thirty minutes. Don’t stay out there for too long.”

“I know.” Xu Yuning perfunctorily pushed Mu Sijiu out the door, “You go back quickly.”

The dining rush was over, and by this time, there were only a handful of people left working in the restaurant.

Xu Yuning suddenly appeared opposite Ye Lu: “Can I sit here?”

Ye Lu raised her head, which then noticed Xu Yuning and smiled, “Of course! Why are you here?”

“Si Jue and I just finished dinner.” Xu Yuning pointed to the pile of information in front of Ye Lu, “I saw that you’ve been reading something and came over to say hello.”

Ye Lu smiled, not really having a clue, and said, “They’re all special cases from the past. I wanted to look for any similar to yours and find a better way to preserve you and the child.”

“Thanks.” Xu Yuning looked at Ye Lu sincerely, “For my sake, you and Ji Qing have worked very hard.”

“We should do it.” Ye Lu pondered for a moment, “A book I read said, ‘A doctor is not a profession, but a mission and vocation’. Yuning, if we can successfully save you and the child, it will be like making a brand new breakthrough in this field, and also leave a valuable experience for those who come after us.” She patted Xu Yuning’s hand, “Don’t worry, I will do my best.”

Xu Yuning scrutinized Ye Lu and asked tentatively, “So, you’re only thinking about work now?”

Ye Lu nodded with certainty, “I don’t want to think about anything but work.”

When Ye Lu said that, Xu Yuning understood.

Ye Lu obviously knew what she came to say, but Ye Lu didn’t want to bring up that topic.

As it was, she had no choice but not to mention it.

Perhaps, Mu Sijiu was right, this was a problem between Song Jiqing and Ye Lu, and the only people who could solve this problem were Ye Lu and Song Jiqing.

As for her …… Well, why don t you go back and think about what to name the baby with Mu Si Jiu!