Absolute Resonance-Chapter 0842: Masters of the Dragon Pillars

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Chapter 0842: Masters of the Dragon Pillars

When the gold light completely enveloped the Golden Dragon Pillar, Li Qingfeng's handsome face became twisted. His resonant power raged wildly, and his eyes were full of fury.

He was angry.

Half a minute was the amount of time he had to work with. That was all the time necessary for his attack to strike and destroy the protection shield created by the gold light. With that, he would have ample time left to chase Li Luo off the Golden Dragon Pillar.

Nonetheless, who would have thought that Li Jingtao had such an ace up his sleeve?

Li Qingfeng had always thought lightly of Li Jingtao all this while even though the latter held a high status as a direct bloodline descendant within the Dragon's Fang Lineage. His performance in the past was considered acceptable but far from exceptional.

There was nothing really impressive among his achievements as a Banner Leader.

Otherwise, the Gold Light Banner led by Deng Fengxian would not have become the top banner of the Dragon's Fang Lineage.

However, all these impressions from the past were completely shattered when Li Jingtao made his move.

His absolute defense was shockingly strong. Li Qingfeng had given his all in his punch earlier, but it was ultimately insufficient to break through the defense created by him.

This was definitely not a coincidence.

Although he did not know how strong Li Jingtao's offensive power was, his absolute defense was enough to give him a headache.

“Why's the Dragon's Fang Lineage so strange? Apart from Li Luo, there is still an oddball like Li Jingtao.”

Whilst Li Qingfeng's face was as gloomy as rain clouds, Li Jingtao simply showed a warm smile as he said, "Li Qingfeng, the Golden Dragon Pillar has its owner now. Why don't you go for the Silver Dragon Pillar instead?"

However, Li Qingfeng felt even more aggrieved when he saw the extremely sincere and friendly smile on Li Jingtao’s face. He had never imagined that the Banner Leader of the Violet Spirit Banner, whom he had not cared much about before, would one day frustrate him so much.

"You have concealed yourself deeply, Li Jingtao. If there is a chance in the future, I would like to experience it for myself and see just how strong your defense really is!" Li Qingfeng said coldly after taking a deep breath.

"No, no, there's no need for that. There's no need to make a fuss—we can talk over it nicely instead of resolving our problems violently," Li Jingtao said with a bitter laugh.

Hearing this, Li Qingfeng's face turned even more dismal. He could not stomach the thought of looking at his smiling face anymore. Although Li Jingtao sounded sincere, he could still sense some kind of ridicule within his words.

Fortunately, he was rational enough not to strike at Li Jingtao any further. Even though he had always ignored Li Jingtao in the past, he now viewed him as a threat.

Li Jingtao would definitely be able to stop him in his tracks with this impeccable defensive art. If he got caught up in such a situation, he might even be restrained from obtaining a Silver Dragon Pillar.

Forget it. He will stay away from Li Jingtao for now. They would settle accounts in the future.

As he thought about this, Li Qingfeng took another look at Li Luo on the Golden Dragon Pillar. He forcibly suppressed the unwillingness in his eyes and then he turned around and left.

Watching Li Qingfeng leave the scene, Li Jingtao could finally heave a sigh of relief. If it weren't necessary, he would not have clashed with Li Qingfeng at all. He would not have revealed his defensive art if not for the risk of Li Luo falling short at such a critical juncture.

After all, he did not think it was worth showing off how he had transformed the Annihilation Fang Art into this.

At this juncture, he turned around and walked towards the outer region of the Golden Dragon Pillar. "Are you okay, Third Brother?" he asked with a smile as he looked at Li Luo within the golden barrier of protection

It was only at this moment that Li Luo recovered from this shocking development. As he stared at Li Jingtao with surprise, he commented, "Eldest Brother, you are the real hidden master in the Dragon's Fang Lineage's four banners."

Shaking his head, Li Jingtao replied, "Hidden master? I’m nothing like that, it's just that I can take a few punches. Moreover, there's not much use to this. I can't push forward in the Fiendish Devil Cave simply by taking more punches."

Li Luo was dumbfounded. There was a need to defeat the Fiendish Devil Leaders in the Fiendish Devil Cave, so there was really not much use in having amazing defensive arts. However... his defensive art would have endless uses outside of the Fiendish Devil Cave.

Perhaps Li Jingtao himself may not be very proficient in attacking. However, he would be able to hold his ground against any genius and remain undefeated with this defensive art of his.

At the very least, he could force a draw against Li Qingfeng.

"Nonetheless, it's really all thanks to you that I was able to obtain the Golden Dragon Pillar." Li Luo thanked him with a big smile.

"No worries, we're family," Li Jingtao replied with a silly smile.

"But, Third Brother, can you help me with something later?" he suddenly asked.

"Just name it, Eldest Brother." Li Luo agreed immediately.

With a bitter face, Li Jingtao continued, "Second Sister had no idea about this art before. However, she should have noticed by now. She will surely give me a good scolding after this battle is over, so you'll have to help me out then."

Li Luo laughed in response. Li Fengyi had always complained that Li Jingtao, as the eldest grandson of the Dragon's Fang Lineage, needed to step up his game. Why was he always making a girl like her compete against Deng Fengxian? However, now she would know that it was all an act. With her hot temper, she would surely explode at him later on.

At this moment, Li Luo pondered for a moment and asked, "Eldest Brother, aren't you going to fight for a Coiling Dragon Pillar?"

Li Jingtao shook his head and replied with a troubled look, "There's no need to fight with others, I prefer to live in harmony. I do not want to cause so much trouble."

Li Luo rubbed his chin for a while and said, "It would’ve been fine if you didn't fight for it before. However, if you still don't go for it after you have revealed your true strength, Second Sister will surely explode in anger when she learns about it. That fight will be even harder to mediate. I think you can expect her to give you an ugly face for the next few months."

Hearing this, Li Jingtao frowned and let out a sigh. That would indeed be troublesome.

"Eldest Brother, I know you do not want to fight with others. But since you can't avoid it now, let's put in a little more effort," Li Luo said in an attempt to encourage him.

Obtaining a Coiling Dragon Pillar was a really rare opportunity. It would surely be useful for Li Jingtao as well. As such, Li Luo felt that he needed to push him on a little more.

"Well… If you say so."

Li Jingtao hesitated for a while before he finally nodded. "I'll give it a try and see if I can get a Bronze Dragon Pillar," he continued.

Li Luo felt really helpless at his response. With the terrifying defense that he had displayed earlier, he was fully capable of securing a Silver Dragon Pillar for himself. Once he got on it and activated his defensive art, no would be able to drive him away from the pillar.

Clearly, Li Jingtao did not want to draw that much attention to himself, so he had chosen to go for a Bronze Dragon Pillar instead.

“Let's forget it. With Li Jingtao's temperament, it's not good to be too forceful with him.”

On the other hand, Li Jingtao turned around after talking to Li Luo and headed over to a Bronze Dragon Pillar without much haste.

As soon as he started moving, the other Banner Leaders caught onto it immediately. Their gazes were fixed on Li Jingtao, and their eyes were full of fear.

After all, he was someone that had forced even Li Qingfeng to retreat. Li Jingtao would surely be the second dark horse in today’s event.

This battle sure was full of surprises.

But to their astonishment, Li Jingtao had not gone towards a Silver Dragon Pillar. Instead, he headed straight towards the Bronze Dragon Pillar on the outside. It was only at this moment that they secretly heaved sighs of relief. The other Banner Leaders fought against each other in the remaining time. Shortly after, there was an owner to each of the Coiling Dragon Pillars.

Li Qingfeng had gotten a Silver Dragon Pillar easily. There was no one that could stand up to him.

As for the second Silver Dragon Pillar, Li Hongli and Lu Qingmei had a fierce fight over it. In the end, Lu Qingmei emerged victorious, as many would have expected.

As for the Bronze Dragon Pillars, Li Jingtao got one for himself easily as no one dared to compete with him after he had made his decision. Evidently, they had understood his immense strength after his clash with Li Qingfeng earlier.

There was no way they could break through that perverted and terrifying defense of his even if they exhausted all their energy.

None of them wanted to provoke such a rough and thick-skinned meat shield.

On the other hand, Li Hongli had gotten a Bronze Dragon Pillar for herself too. However, her face was gloomy without any hint of joy because she had wanted the Silver Dragon Pillar. What a pity. There was only one Silver Dragon Pillar up for grabs after Li Qingfeng's failure earlier, and she was ultimately not strong enough to win against Lu Qingmei.

Lastly, the last Bronze Dragon Pillar ended up with Deng Fengxian.

The six Coiling Dragon Pillars had each gotten their owners.

When one scanned the six owners, it was hard not to be shocked. Who would have thought that half of the six Coiling Dragon Pillars would end up with the Dragon's Fang Lineage? In the past, they were barely able to protect one pillar for themselves.

With that, the battle at the dragonbreath pool came to a conclusion. Without a doubt, the Dragon's Fang Lineage was the biggest winner this time.