Affinity: Chaos-Chapter 1095 A Familiar Foe!

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Chapter 1095 A Familiar Foe!

As people traveled deeper into the ruin, friends encountered friends, while others encountered foes. Within a short period, a lot of people had died in this place, not in the hands of the beasts or traps here, but by the hands of the people that came here with them.

It had been two weeks now since the people entered, and they were already close to the center of the ruin. They encountered buildings more now and saw some things.

Grey hadn't been paying too much attention to these things, he was more focused on learning some things. He had also been opportune and got some books. Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with cultivation techniques but spoke about the lives of the people who stayed there, basically, they were more like gossip.


Entering a building, he saw chairs and then a table, on the table, there was a single crystal laying on it.

Grey picked it up and felt a chill, he tried to study it and soon realized it was actually a form of a book. Unlike the other books that were written down, this one was created with spiritual energy and could be read by people with powerful spiritual senses. Generally, anyone above the Elemental Venerable Plane could read it.

"Looks like the battle broke out abruptly, if not, I see no reason why they would be reading such things in their leisure time." Grey commented after going through the content of the energy crystal.

It was just another piece of gossip. All the books he had found yet hadn't given him anything important, other than hearing about what some Elders in the Faction did, he didn't find out anything else. He was hoping to get something that would help with the arrays in this place.

He searched the building for a while longer before giving up and leaving the place.

"There's something good up ahead." Void said while resting on his shoulder.

Grey pushed him away from his shoulder before looking around, "Let's check it out. We've already been here for two weeks or so, and I haven't gotten anything good."

Void didn't mind Grey's act and came back as he led Grey in the direction of the place where he sensed the treasure.


A group of people could be seen in a large compound, they were all staring at the large garden in front of them. Different herbs were planted there and each one of them gave out a strong elemental energy.

The elemental essence in this place was very thick, almost liquefied.

The group consisted of eight members, one of them was in the Fourth stage of the Elemental Venerable Plane, while of the other seven, three were in the Early stages of the Elemental Venerable Plane while the other four were in the Sage Plane.

They were first stunned by the sight in front of them before inexplicable joy appeared on their faces.

They were about to grab them when they sensed someone walking in their direction. They paused, and only after sensing the aura of the person coming did they rush forward.

When Grey entered the place, seeing the people pillaging the place, he frowned. It was common knowledge that any place that had treasures in this place was heavily guarded. He had heard of a group who were attacked, and almost all of them were killed by some constructs. One of the things he found interesting about the story was that these constructs were made of the light element.

Grey didn't join them as he watched from the side.

"Why does this look somewhat familiar?" He muttered to himself.


Not just him, but Void had a sense of familiarity with the place. Well, not the place, but the setup.

They were still thinking when they noticed something on the ground. Looking down, Grey's expression changed drastically.

"F*ck! How could this be?" He was stunned beyond words, other than that, he was slightly frightened. Now he understood why it felt so familiar… bunnies!

He encountered a place like this years ago when he entered the trial land; that was one of the most frustrating encounters he had ever had. He was chased around by bunnies.

"It shouldn't be the same, right?" Even Void was a little apprehensive. He knew how frustrating this place was.

After it hatched, when Grey grew stronger, he came back to attack the bunnies, but he suffered a crushing defeat. He almost had a mental breakdown at that time. He was tricked, tricked by a cute bunny!

"Are you blind, can't you see the smirk on its face?" Grey saw a familiar expression on the face of the bunny and he almost freaked out.

"F*ck this, I'm leaving." He didn't want to stay here any longer.

Just as he turned around, he heard a familiar squeal that sent chills down his spine. That was not the only thing, with the squeal came a powerful aura. An energy wall rose and trapped them in the compound.

Grey felt like crying, but no tears came out. He was already an Elementalist Venerable, yet he was still instinctively frightened of the bunny.

"F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!" He was no longer calm.

He had already sensed the power of the energy wall, it was not something he could break in a short time. He had tried the space element and he couldn't pass through it, not just him, but Void as well.

Without even wasting any time, he took out his communication device, he was asking for help. He was in danger. That hateful bunny would never let him go.


When the others received Grey's call for help, they were flabbergasted. Grey wasn't calling them because he found a treasure and couldn't take it on his own, rather, he was calling them because he was in danger.

They all stopped whatever they were doing and rushed toward where Grey was located. This was the first time Grey was asking for help, they couldn't sit still. Given how resourceful Grey was, the fact that he asked for help meant that he didn't have any way out of his predicament, and from how he sounded, they could tell that it was urgent.