Affinity: Chaos-Chapter 1509 No Longer A Back And Forth Battle

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Chapter 1509 No Longer A Back And Forth Battle

?This time, the Griffin didn't wait for two days before returning, rather, it returned the next day.

Reynolds was there, waiting for its return. And when the Griffin returned, the duo started their battle once again. This time, the Griffin was more ferocious as it attacked with the intent to kill. This made Reynolds even more excited, this war the sort of battle he wished for, and since the Griffin wanted to kill him now, it meant he would be pushed even further.

The longer the fight continued, the better his chances of breaking through, either through battle or the aftereffects of the battle.

Just like the first day, the duo fought to a draw and both parties parted ways after they were exhausted from the fight.

Reynolds was pleased with what was happening, while the Griffin was getting angered. It was a prestigious Magical Beast, one of the legendary Magical Beasts, it wasn't like those everyday Magical Beast, yet it couldn't defeat one human.

This discovery made it very annoyed and it felt like its pride was on the line. It's either he defeated this human or it was defeated by it in the end. From its perspective, there was no way Reynolds would be able to defeat it, so it still had a hundred percent confidence in itself. At most, they would continue fighting to a draw until it took advantage of Reynolds' mistake. It didn't think it would ever make a mistake as it was bigger than that.

Reynolds didn't know what was going on in the head of the Griffin, but he knew that he was slowly getting stronger as the battle continued. If he fought with this intensity for the next five to six days, he was sure that he would get to the Peak of the Venerable Plane. Once he gets to the Peak, then the Sovereign Plane was only a step away. ๐’‡๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“ฎ๐™ฌ๐“ฎ๐™—๐™ฃ๐’๐™ซ๐“ฎ๐“ต.๐’„๐’๐“ถ

After each fight, he would cultivate, using the aftereffects of the battle to strengthen himself.

Since Reynolds' appearance, the Griffin hadn't been able to cause any harm to anyone, nor had it been able to attack the hill where the mine was located. free webno vel

The people who were still in the town noticed an expert was battling with the Griffin, but none of them knew who it was. Some of them walked past Reynolds whenever he entered the town, and they didn't know this young man was the one helping them.

Without the Griffin attacks, the people who were all hiding in the town started to come out. There were few people in the town, but they still numbered over two hundred. Reynolds didn't expect this much would remain here while the others escaped.

Reynolds couldn't be bothered with them, he was stopped by a man in the Late stages of the Venerable Plane, this man was the strongest person here.

"I haven't seen you here before. Who are you?" The man asked.

"No one, just a wanderer." Reynolds replied, not wanting to engage in any sort of conversation with the man.

"You should be careful, there's a powerful Magical Beast in the area, and it attacks this town ever so often." The man warned.

"So I heard." Reynolds continued walking, not stopping as he exchanged words with the man.

The man couldn't sense Reynolds' cultivation stage so he didn't bother with him and continued with what he was doing. Everyone left in the town all either worked in the mine, or their family members worked there.

Reynolds didn't stay in the town for too long and left the place to cultivate. The place he picked for his cultivation was none other than the mine. It would be a waste for him not to use the mine while he was here.

The stones in the mine might not be the best he has seen, but they were enough to make him recover quickly from the exhausting fight, while also making advances in his cultivation. It was like killing two birds with one stone.

No one notices him when he's in the mine, neither do they notice when he steps out of it. He spends most of his time there, and whenever he senses the aura of the Griffin approaching, he would come out and confront it.

After two more days, the Griffin started to notice a change, Reynolds was getting stronger. The battles lasted longer than usual, and during the last fight, Reynolds had the slight edge over it.

From the start of the battle, it has always been the one who has the advantage in each battle. Although it always looked like it ended in a statement, in truth, it always has the advantage over Reynolds. But now, Reynolds was getting the advantage. It was barely noticeable, but this was a Griffin, a legendary Magical Beast that possesses amazing abilities, it could sense it.

The battle was shifting in Reynolds' favor, and if it continued like this, it would be defeated.

On the fifth day of the fight, it sensed the reason for Reynolds' improvement. The human was using the mine it set its eyes on.

This was the height of it. It had very little killing intent towards Reynolds, but after sensing that Reynolds was taking the food out of its mouth, and not just that, but eating it in its presence, it wanted to kill him.

As the duo fought that day, exhaustion started to creep in as usual, and Reynolds wanted to retreat, but to his shock, the Griffin didn't agree to it. It blocked his path of retreat and attacked.

Reynolds was taken aback by the sudden change in the Griffin's attitude. Usually, the Griffin would let him leave since their battle had been going on for some time and they were both tired, but now, the Griffin didn't seem to have any plans of doing that.

'This isn't how it's supposed to go.' He thought to himself as his eyes turned cold. He could sense the killing intent from the Griffin, and to be honest, it was mind-breaking.

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