After Fishing For 10 Years, I Became A Saint Without Knowing How To Raise Beasts-Chapter 532 - Suicide?

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532 Suicide?
He could sense Hong Yan and Hei Yan’s kindness.

However, he redirected the conversation back to his objective.

“Let’s put the other things aside for now.”

“I am heading to the Sea of Oblivion to take a look around. Do I need some sort of permission from someone to go there?”

Was he in such a hurry?

Hei Yan was a little depressed to hear this. They had originally planned to take Yuchi for a walk around.

“This is your first time coming to the Sea of Oblivion. From now on, we are all friends.”

“Originally, everyone would meet up together and get to know you, but it seems like you’re in a hurry.”

“However, all of this is understandable,” Hong Yan said.

“When we first came here, we also wanted to go in and have a look as soon as we could.”

“After all, everyone is excited to look for clues to becoming a true god.”

“But it turned out that we were being too optimistic.”
“In any case, back to your question. If you want to enter the Sea of Oblivion, you need to ask the old senior.”

“Yuchi, do you still remember us telling you that there was an old senior who had lived for 300,000 years here?”

“Go and seek her out. After the senior takes note of your presence, you can enter.”

Yuchi nodded after hearing this, but he was a little puzzled.

“I remember that you indeed told me about her, but what is the point of telling her that I’m entering?”

Yuchi simply could not understand why he had to seek out that old senior before heading into the Sea of Oblivion.

Of course, he did not look down on her.

After all, Cofuran had already told him not to trust this 300,000-year-old senior.

Hong Yan’s answer was quite relaxed and simple.

“Because there will come a day when we can’t hold on any longer. There will come a day when we will get tired of this world. There will come a day when we will disappear in the long river of history.”

After Yuchi heard this, he fell silent.

Hei Yan continued Hong Yan’s words, “This isn’t because our lifespan has reached its end. It’s because our soul’s will has reached its limit, and we can no longer bear the loneliness of this world.”

“This situation is not rare in the Sea of Oblivion.”

“After many seniors failed to find the way forward, and could no longer see the point of remaining in this world, they chose to end their own lives.”

They committed suicide?

Demigods killed themselves?

Hong Yan continued, “As such, I may still be communicating normally with you today. But tomorrow, I may have already committed suicide. The rest of us are the same.”

“Everyone might still be talking and laughing today, but tomorrow, we’ll suddenly find out that one person is missing from the group.”

“Among us, only this 300,000-year-old senior has been able to stay true to her objective, and has never given up on her desire to reach the true god realm.”

“And so…”

“Everything that happens in the Sea of Oblivion is recorded by this old senior. This is also convenient for future generations to refer to when they come here.”

“After all, we might not be here then,” Hong Yan said jokingly.

Yuchi laughed in a relaxed manner.

After hearing what they said, Yuchi understood.

It was just as Hong Yan had said, simply eternal life was both a blessing and a curse. At some point, everything would seem meaningless, and life as a demigod was very lonely.

This was why the demigods of the Sea of Oblivion were gathered together. If they were living among the myriad races instead, life would quickly become boring.

Yuchi looked at Hong Yan and then looked at Hei Yan. He could clearly feel both their carefreeness and pessimism.

He nodded.

“Alright, when I come back from the Sea of Oblivion, I’d be more than happy to sit around and chat with everyone.”

“It’s as you said. It’s my first time here, so I’m a little excited.”

“If you can take me to this 300,000-year-old senior, I will be very grateful.”

Hong Yan and Hei Yan laughed.

Then, before they left with Yuchi, they gestured to the other demigods that things were completely fine.

The rest of the demigods seemed to be having an easy time.

“It’s just as we thought.”

“Yuchi is a little excited since it’s his first time here. He probably can’t wait to explore the Sea of Oblivion.”

“This is fine as well. Once he’s done there, he’ll join us out here, and we can have a nice chat. It’s been a long time since a new demigod came to our place.”

“Let’s take things slowly and build another building, shall we?”

“Building? How many people do we have now? These houses are enough for 10 million people to live in. Are you guys really that bored?”

“Yeah, didn’t you say it yourself? We’re just bored. What else would we do?”

“Tsk, tsk. If you’re bored, go cultivate.”

“Are you still cultivating? What’s the point of cultivating? You can’t kill me, and I can’t kill you.”

“Haha, what are you saying? We’ve officially become retirees, it seems.”


“F*ck! I’ve cultivated my entire life, living a miserable life, and in the end, I’m just living out my retirement!”


Everyone laughed.

Yuchi was certain of one thing.

He could not tell them about the three materials, or else these guys would whip up a frenzy.