After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!-Chapter 1356 - The Past

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1356 The Past
“You’re so rich. You can afford to tear it down and rebuild it. At that time, you can ask him to do it for you,” Xia He said with a laugh.

“You can’t spend money like this even if you’re rich! Elder Sister is really biased! However, at least I have Brother-in-law to help me with the factory in the suburbs. It’s not such a pity after all!” Qiao Mei said.

“Come in first. It’s cold outside,” Deng Fan said.

The brown paper bag in Qiao Mei’s hand was particularly eye-catching. Jiang Shu and Deng Rui were seated together. Jiang Shu looked quite good today. As expected, the medicine had been effective. She needed to think of a way to give Jiang Shu a few more bottles so that all her illnesses could be cured.

If Xia He really got married to Deng Fan in the future, and Jiang Shu fell ill one day and became paralyzed in bed like Liang Shu, Xia He would have to wait on Jiang Shu. Qiao Mei could not bear the thought of Xia He going through such an experience and she also did not want anything to happen to Jiang Shu.
“We’ve really caused you trouble by needing you to deal with our family matters and it’s not just once, but over and over again.” Jiang Shu felt very ashamed and tears flowed down her face uncontrollably.

She had never imagined that her good friend from childhood would become the person creating trouble for her family. If she could have predicted all of this back then, she would never have become friends with Ye Xiang.

“Auntie, don’t cry. It’s bad for your health. Since our two families are about to become in-laws, your business is our business. I naturally have to help out in whatever way I can,” Qiao Mei said with a faint smile.

Deng Rui looked at Qiao Mei a little differently. The previous time when he saw this little girl, he only felt that she was quick-witted and was also a kind-hearted kid. When he looked at her today though, he felt that she seemed to have wisdom beyond her age.

Xia He did not say anything. She knew that Qiao Mei was doing this to establish authority in front of the Deng family and telling them not to let Xia He down. She was reminding them to remember the people helping them to resolve the situation today.

Qiao Mei only hoped that the Deng family would not become the second Kong family. Even though Deng Fan seemed to be a reliable man, no one could guarantee the future. Xia He could not afford to go through another round of torture. A daughter of the Xia family did not have to worry about not being able to get married! Qiao Mei must let them know that Xia He was not a pushover.

“This is all the information I’ve found out about the Ye family’s mother-and- daughter duo. You can take a look too,” Qiao Mei said as she placed the information on the coffee table.

Deng Fan quickly picked it up and flipped through it carefully. He did not expect the Ye family’s mother-and-daughter duo to have such a dirty past!

Ye Xiang was a woman who was very prone to jealousy. She was not born in a good family. Ye Xiang’s father often beat up and scolded Ye Xiang’s mother, to the extent that her mother committed suicide. After Ye Xiang’s mother died, Ye Xiang’s father began to abuse her. From then on, it left an indelible scar in her heart.

After she went to school, she met Jiang Shu who came from a good family and had a good character. She was so envious of Jiang Shu’s life.

At first, she felt that Jiang Shu was a nice person and that they could be good friends for the rest of their lives. However, later on, everyone around her laughed at her and said that Jiang Shu only became good friends with her because Jiang Shu pitied her.

Ye Xiang took all these words to heart. She began to be jealous of everything that Jiang Shu had. She originally wanted to influence Jiang Shu to become a delinquent like her, but in the end, she was the only one who ended up mixing around with bad company.

She started drinking, like her father did. In the end, she was duped and raped by a man. Just like that, she gave birth to Ye Lei alone. She did not even know who Ye Lei’s biological father was, but she did not care anymore. He was just a rotten person anyway. Was it so important who the father of the child was?

Ye Xiang started to live a life of debauchery. She was willing to sleep with any man as long as that man could support her and give her a lot of money. She did not care about her reputation at all. She needed an avenue to survive more than she needed her reputation.

She had moved away from her home after that incident and no one knew what exactly happened to the Ye family. They only knew that Ye Xiang had done something shameful. After that, Ye Xiang had come back and secretly went to take a look at how Jiang Shu was doing. She became jealous after finding out that Jiang Shu had such a good husband and wondered why all good things seemed to belong to Jiang Shu.

Ye Xiang started to constantly cause trouble for Jiang Shu and even went to her house to ask for money. Jiang Shu was still the same as before. She pitied Ye Xiang, felt sorry for her and gave her a lot of money. However, Ye Xiang felt that she deserved all these. After all, it was Jiang Shu who wanted to be friends with her back then.


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