After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!-Chapter 994 - A Female Star’s Face

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994 A Female Star’s Face

Before getting into the car, Tan Jing still clung tightly to Xia Wen’s car door and shouted at Qiao Mei, “I won’t let the two of you off! Qiao Mei! It’s not over between us!”

After the car left, Qiao Mei’s house was finally quiet. No one had expected Tan Jing to go so crazy to the extent that even the school did not want her to go back to work. It seemed that the Tan family had put a lot of pressure on her, causing her to become mentally unstable. She was not like this in the past.

Or perhaps Tan Jing’s usual behavior was just an act that she put on for them and what she showed today was her real self.

Qiao Mei returned to her room and took out the medicine box. Her medicine box was different from what others had. It was filled with ginseng of different ages and the different types of ginseng juice extracted from them. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this box was worth five million dollars.

“Come, let me treat your face. Our female star’s face is very precious!” Qiao Mei teased.

“Now that you put it this way, I’m getting angry again. I’m someone who depends on my face to make a living! She actually just came up and slapped my face! How does Xia Wen discipline his wife? I’ll go back to grandfather’s place now and show him how my face has been slapped! I’ll get grandfather to back me up!” Xia He pouted and said aggrievedly.

The eldest son of the Xia family only had one daughter. Among the other grandchildren in the family, none of the girls joined the military, only Xia He. Moreover, she was beautiful and was good with flattery. Xia Jun doted on Xia He the most. Even if Xia He wanted all kinds of rare and precious items in the world right now, Xia Jun would think of ways to fulfill her wish.

However, it was better not to let Xia Jun worry about such small matters. It was just a quarrel between the sisters-in-law at home. It was not a big deal and it would not be good to make the family elder angry. The Xia family placed great importance on anything that was related to Qiao Mei, and no matter was too small for them. Even if Qiao Mei wanted to eat tofu, it was also a big deal.

“Do you mean you want grandfather to scold eldest brother? Is eldest brother not nice to you usually? For his sake, let’s just let this matter rest. In a few days, he will definitely give us an explanation after he has dealt with it. Don’t be angry anymore. Come over here quickly and I’ll apply some medicine for you. If you’re still disobedient, then I won’t apply it for you. It’s not my fault if you get disfigured!” Qiao Mei said.

Xia He quickly sat down obediently beside Qiao Mei and closed her eyes as she waited for Qiao Mei to treat her injury. Qiao Mei put three drops of 100-year-old ginseng juice into some water, soaked the towel and applied it slowly to Xia He’s face.

The ginseng juice slowly seeped into Xia He’s skin. Her previously swollen and painful cheek now felt very comfortable and cool, and she hummed a tune out of enjoyment.

Qiao Mei had realized that this ginseng juice had the effect of improving one’s complexion. Earlier, when Zhang Miao went to the hospital for a checkup, the doctor said that she was almost fully recovered. However, Qiao Mei was still worried, so she continued to apply the ginseng juice to the young girl a few more times. She then realized that her own hands were also becoming more and more firm and fair, like hard boiled eggs that had just been shelled.

“By the way, you still haven’t told me how you found out about the evidence against the Tan family. Don’t tell me you’re running some secret organization?” Xia He asked.

“As if I have that ability. It’s just that He Ning found out about Jiang Yi coming to cause trouble the last time. He asked someone to send me the information as a favor to me,” Qiao Mei said.

“He Ning is actually so kind? It’s really unexpected,” Xia He said disdainfully.

Qiao Mei nodded. After she knew about the grudges between the Xia family and the He family, she rarely interacted with the He family anymore. However, it was still a good choice to let the He family work for the Xia family. In the future, if she wanted to continue doing business in the capital, she would have to interact with the He family. She knew very well that harmony was the bearer of wealth.

Xia Jun had also discussed with her about how she could deal with matters related to the He family. Xia Jun said that as long as the He family did not hurt the Xia family’s interests again or hurt any members of the Xia family, then they would not target the He family too.

“Looks like I can’t go out for the time being. I’ll just stay at home obediently,” Xia He said with a frown.

Liu Fen found two capable helpers for Qiao Mei. They were both good friends of the Xia family’s current helper. They had been in this line of work for more than 10 years and had worked for many rich families. They were both very competent and no one could find any fault with them.

Qiao Mei briefly explained what she needed them to take note of, as well as the usual dietary habits and activity hours of all the people living in the house.