After Transmigration, She Sold Herself to a Man as a Wife-Chapter 163

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Indeed, the married couple Gu Jinchen and Luo Ge had guessed correctly.

Jiang Feng was not the kind of person who liked to beat around the bush. Seeing the couple looking at him, he knew that his thoughts had been seen through. So he smiled and stated his main purpose for coming.

"Actually, I came to see you, Brother Gu, for another matter."

"Please speak," Gu Jinchen nodded in response.

It was well known that Jiang Feng was a person from the capital.

Earlier this year, a foreign country had come to pay tribute and presented our nation with a delicious wine called 'grape wine.'

As soon as this wine was introduced, it instantly became popular throughout the entire capital city. Even the Emperor described it with the four words 'rarely seen in the world.'

After those words were spoken, who wouldn't be curious and yearn for this wine?

But of course, ordinary people couldn't taste the tribute wine. However, this did not hinder their longing for it.

During this period, whenever wine was mentioned, no one could avoid talking about this foreign tribute wine.

Jiang Feng had also sniffed out a business opportunity here, which was why he had come running.

In fact, he only had the intention of asking about it because from what he had heard about Luoge Manor growing fruit trees and making dried fruits, he felt that Luo Ge was quite knowledgeable about things like fruits and their various preparation methods.

And grape wine was also made from a type of fruit.

So he thought he would ask and see if Luo Ge knew about this thing.

He had previously heard from Li Shopkeeper that some of the things Luo Ge knew were learned from foreign lands.

Since grape wine was also a foreign item, perhaps she really did know about it.

If she did know, judging from the reaction to grape wine, he felt that they would truly prosper and prosper even more!

Perhaps they could even use this opportunity to expand their business beyond the borders and distribute it to foreign lands.

"This grape wine is also a kind of fruit preparation. I don't know if Sister-in-law has ever heard of it before."

"Or if you've heard of whether other fruits can be used to brew wine."

It didn't have to be grape wine specifically. If she knew how to brew wine from other fruits, he felt it would work too.

With grape wine leading the way, he believed that if they could make fruit wines of other flavors, he could also make their reputation shine.

From Jiang Feng's words, Luo Ge also heard about the benefits of fruit wine. One couldn't help but say that Jiang Feng was indeed an extremely qualified businessman, with a keen sense for sniffing out business opportunities.

In comparison, she had indeed been a little negligent.

Ahem, but everyone had their strengths, so let's not compare.

After thinking this, she nodded: "I do know a few kinds of fruit wines, but at the moment there aren't any suitable fruits in season that can be used for brewing wine."

"However, flower wines can be tried. This is the perfect time for peach blossoms in full bloom, which is most suitable for brewing peach blossom wine."

Peach blossom wine, osmanthus wine, green plum wine, waxberry wine... she knew how to make all these fruit wines and flower wines. In fact, their methods were not very different.

Previously, when she was a blogger in the modern world, she had recorded a few tutorials on brewing wine, which had received millions of views.

Hearing Luo Ge's words, Jiang Feng was so shocked that he immediately stood up, feeling excited enough to hug something and jump around.

"I knew it, I knew it!"

"It doesn't matter. As long as you know how to do it, if we wait until the fruit season, it won't be too late."

Seeing his unrestrained behavior, Gu Jinchen quickly stepped in front of Luo Ge to protect his wife, fearing that the other party's agitation might harm her.

Seeing Gu Jinchen's actions, Jiang Feng didn't mind and repeatedly patted his shoulder several times to express his excitement.

"Jiang is so fortunate in this life, fortunate to have met you and your wife! What a blessing, what a blessing..."

Seeing his master behave like this, Li Shopkeeper silently covered his face.

Gu Jinchen smiled wryly, while Luo Ge found the scene quite amusing.

After Jiang Feng's emotions calmed down, he recalled the second thing Luo Ge had said and paused again.

"Peach blossom wine?"

"You even know how to make peach blossom rejuvenating wine, Sister-in-law?"

Nowadays, peach blossom wine was already being circulated, but it was not widespread and quite rare.

Because currently, only the Yuan Family Winery in the capital brewed it, and they rarely sold this wine. Only the palace and a few noble families could purchase and drink it.

This wine had rejuvenating properties and was mostly used by the consorts in the palace and noble ladies of high-ranking families.

Seeing Luo Ge and the others looking at him with puzzled expressions after his reaction, Jiang Feng explained the rarity of peach blossom wine.

After listening to Jiang Feng's explanation, Luo Ge nodded: "I do know how to brew peach blossom wine, but it may not be exactly the same as the one brewed by the Yuan Family, but it will have the rejuvenating effect."

Flower wines themselves had some beauty benefits, but the effects were not exaggerated.

"It doesn't matter. We can try brewing it first to see how it turns out. We don't need to follow the same path as them."

He wanted to enter the wine business, but he had no intention of deliberately suppressing the Yuan Family.

Everyone relied on their own abilities, and moreover, he still intended to focus primarily on fruit wines.

"Yes, that's fine." Hearing this, Luo Ge nodded.

Gu Jinchen looked at Luo Ge, then at Jiang Feng, with a hint of annoyance in his eyes.

Now that Luo Ge was in a delicate condition, he was reluctant to let her worry about anything, yet this man had come and would require her to labor for a long time.

Looking at him now, he truly felt vexed.

"Sister-in-law should take care of her body first at the moment. This matter is not urgent, we can take it slowly."

Noticing Gu Jinchen's gaze, Jiang Feng also seemed to realize the situation and hurriedly spoke up.

Indeed, he was so focused on seizing this business opportunity to make money that he had forgotten about Luo Ge's current condition. How terrible.

Although business opportunities should not be missed, since they were now partners, this matter could wait for a while.

It was indeed not appropriate to make her rush and labor so hard during this time.

Hearing Jiang Feng's words, Luo Ge smiled.

"It's alright. You can prepare the necessary things and arrange for someone to come to the manor. I can still move around within the manor in my current condition."

Business opportunities should not be missed. The peach blossom season was only this period. If they missed it, they would have to wait until next year to try again.

According to Jiang Feng, the business opportunity with peach blossom wine could earn them a considerable amount.

Wasting a year's worth of potential income made her wince at the thought.

She felt that her condition was not so delicate that she couldn't even move around. She wasn't a porcelain doll. Teaching within the manor was still possible.

Since she had to teach how to make pastries anyway, teaching one more thing wouldn't make much of a difference.

Hearing Luo Ge say this, Jiang Feng glanced at Gu Jinchen, and seeing that he didn't object, he nodded.

"If that's the case, then I will have to trouble Sister-in-law."

"For this wine contract, let's give you a share that's one percent more than the pastries.

It's the same manpower and materials, we'll be responsible for selling these, and you'll be in charge of teaching them and providing the recipes."

Without Luo Ge, he wouldn't have earned this silver at all, so he was willing to give her the extra one percent share.

Hearing his words, Luo Ge naturally had no objections.

"Then I'll follow the Yuan Family's arrangement."

"Mm, we'll go back and arrange the manpower and materials, and I'll draft the contract and send it over as well."


"Mm, you two don't need to see us off, we'll leave first."

As Jiang Feng said that, he was about to leave with Li Shopkeeper, but after taking a few steps, he suddenly turned back as if he'd remembered something.

"By the way, sister, which fruits do you use to make the fruit wines? I'll have them look for those when I get back, so they can prepare in advance if the fruits are in season."

Hearing his question, Luo Ge told him about the fruits that could be used to make fruit wines.

After listening to Luo Ge, Jiang Feng and the others finally left the Gu Family and returned to make arrangements.